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            Student portal system for college/ educational institutions Websites/ Portals for Colleges/ Educational Institutions Student Portal System (Ideal Colleges, Educational Institutions Website Solution) Today's education scenario is rapidly changing and demanding. The system demands greater levels of communication between college, student and faculty members to have optimum use of resources. Today's industry talent demands are soaring with more and more skills requirements in all fields. Colleges and institutions generating creative students' needs focused approach on such talents and industries so as avail best of benefits to their candidates passing out. Team SANTRONIX is proud to present student portal system fulfilling these demands and enacting as a bridge of communication amongst industries, students, faculties and colleges. Student portal system is a portal website for colleges or institutes to offer facility to their students & faculties for creating & maintaining their own web pages (profiles) which anyone can view online by visiting the website. The features rich portal system offers many more facilities for students, faculties and administrator like upload of self photograph, images(jpeg file) and articles(doc file) with which everyone can enjoy the thrill of world wide web and experience the feel of globalizing their identity (online profile). This helps institutes in achieving best of communication levels and avail global exposure to their students. This system also offers free 1GB email-ID to every student, faculty member on the same institute website for ease of communication in between college, faculties and students and to that of external world spreading college brand identity by means of e-mail. This student portal system enriches administrator, students and faculties with a variety of features as follows.