Create Hotmail account easy

If you are an entrepreneur and want to have all your emails organized in one place at the best professional level, Hotmail will be the ideal email service for you, so here’s how to create Hotmail account. The now called Outlook is the ideal email and calendar service for businesses and entrepreneurs. With it you can keep all the work organized in one place and become more productive. If you do not already have a Hotmail account or want to create a new one, we’ll show you how to do it below.

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Create account is really easy

create hotmail account

Create new Hotmail account

Hotmail has been with us for a long time, but over time has undergone some changes, but of course, still has the great things that made it the best, and adds many new things. Now Hotmail is called Outlook, and is the second best email service after Gmail. The new features Outlook brings make it the ideal inbox for businesses as it is organized, professional and easy to use to avoid distractions. It brings a very good calendar program that you can synchronize with your mobile device to have all your tasks up to date and configure alarm notifications for appointments and appointments. It is an excellent choice to install on your phone or tablet.

Create Hotmail account is very simple. Just go to the official Outlook page here. On the homepage you will see two options in large letters, ‘sing in‘ and ‘sing up‘. To create an account you must select the option ‘sing up‘. Or also you can go to the top right of the screen to the ‘create an account‘ option. Both options will take you to the same Outlook registration form, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

This form to create Hotmail account is really easy. You must enter your first and last name, create a username that will be your email address and a password that must have at least 8 characters, combined between letters and numbers. You must also write your birthday, country, region and a phone number to make a confirmation. When completing the form you will have to accept the terms and conditions of use.

This is how easy it is to create Hotmail account. After registering you can access your inbox whenever you want, download the mobile app and synchronize everything to your phone. This will be the best option to keep all things from work in one place in order.

Create Hotmail account easy
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