Taking the hospitality industry to a whole new level

Ixpander specializes in making hospitality businesses more successful by helping them improve brand awareness, marketing ROI and generate more revenue via their websites.

Our clients gain impressive growth in internet sales, discover new ways in e-marketing, while expanding and improving their online sales goals.

Your Success is driven through the following technologies:

We share our secrets with you on how to:

  • Enter new markets & establish new sales channels
  • Increase RevPAR, ADR & Occupancy Rates
  • Successfully shift traditional online sales to your own web site
  • Transform your web site into your most lucrative sales channel
  • Attract new guests and turn them into loyal customers

SaaS services in cloud

Comprehensive suite of Hospitality Technology, where any demands of any chain size are covered.

WDSL & Distribution Solutions

Powerful, scalable, flexible and fully customizable Distribution Solutions of hospitality products & services.

Web site Design & developement

Hospitality centric Web Development Services backed up with strategic online marketing & best practices.

Mobile applications development

Mobile Web sites, SMSC gateways integration, connectivity with GPRS and other locations based services

SEO / PPC / .Netmailer

Providing all necessary services to get your hotel brand seen and remembered by your ideal prospects.

Internet Marketing

Streamlined in identifying and turning prospects into guests. Then, turning them into repeat customers.