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And on Friday, in PUBLIC ENEMY ...

... I had to get that news, a few weeks ago, on the fossil of two cells practicing coitus (which was addressed in an edition of the radio THERE LIFE IN Markl) and give it an exciting visual translation.

Tomorrow, THERE IS LIFE IN Markl (8:25 a.m.) ...

After provoking anger in scouts, pupils and Pimpinhas, maybe tomorrow will be the turn of the devout followers of Pope Benedict XVI yearn for the times that were burned in the beautiful Palace Square. The report from the Vatican about homosexuals. Dissected.

It was to these films that invented the sessions of midnight!

The film is out on DVD (with the silly title ZOMBIES PARTY - A NIGHT OF DEATH, or something like that), but it is a good initiative of the Horror Film Society of Lisbon, this show at the Cinema King, in sessions of half- night on Friday and Saturday, the amazing SHAUN OF THE DEAD. The film Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg (double that made ​​the series SPACED) is one of the best British film comedies of the post-LIFE OF BRIAN and can make you laugh (tears) and still show that Wright and Pegg have a lesson well learned George Romero when it comes to using zombies to unsettle the viewer and make him think about the state of affairs. Now it was handy was that Malta's Film Society of Terror did the same, in the next week-end, with LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN APOCALYPSE, which seems an increasingly unlikely debut in Portugal. If you have not seen SHAUN OF THE DEAD and are in Lisbon on weekend, do yourselves a favor and afiambrem to this session ... It's not every day you see people fighting zombies with vinyl records of Dire Straits.

Is this what he gets.

I'm in a great fezada Manuel João Vieira . I think he'll get the signatures, and without anyone knowing exactly how, starting with himself, will be the next President of the Republic of Portugal. It was cute. Ahead: once again, I apologize for the delay in the "updates" but I have only managed to slow down in the evening! The text of 8:25 a.m. today because already in place and can already hear, in the space of 9:25 a.m. edition of this blatant "cover" a Portuguese artist named Luis Manuel made ​​the great classic of Modern Talking, "Brother Louie." It is an essential file in your mp3tecas, I tell you.

Come to me, I'll explain.

The virtue of the joke "The Aristocrats" is - besides being an irony, as observed by Teresa - not particularly funny. True to my theory about the extra attention that lends itself to the "punchline" (the Monty Python has argued that the joke should never be at the end of a "sketch", but all the way to get there, drive all one " sketch "for a final sentence that often can never be as funny as the rest of the text is limited, so it is that they despised the" punchlines "and poked" sketches "of FLYING CIRCUS each other). The anecdote "The Aristocrats "is, as Eric Idle in the movie, very bad (for those not realized, the thing comes down to the description of a number theater where family members carry out a series of grisly acts with each other, ending this description incestuous, brutal, rugged, wanton, frivolous, grotesque, frightening, eschatological with the information that the name of that number is "the aristocrats" - or, in some versions, "sophisticated"). This is therefore the best joke for dozens and dozens of the best comedians in the world fill the part number with a description of its copyright and trademark to see how varying styles and authorship of a description to the other, especially when you have to deal with issues such as incest, unbridled sex, eschatology and other taboo subjects in America that the Bush administration does that is increasingly politically correct. There are shorter anecdotes, incisive and, in short, better than the joke "The Aristocrats." But these - precisely why - are told in a straightforward manner. That they adiantariam the idea of the authors of the film The Aristocrats?

The change in SIC HERMAN.

I understand that there was a meeting of opinion between the direction of Herman and SIC that was operated for this change of tone ... Incidentally, if you remember the interview that Herman gave to Antena 3 months ago, he addressed the possibility (and some will) to do a different program. And the conversations I had with him - for example when he wrote the foreword to the CD "best of" and he did the interview is the promo single "You're So Good" - I realized he was not concerned that the continued SIC HERMAN to be a full program of Kings and bonecreiras Beautiful breast (though there was something fascinating about a lady who is a puppet skit using their own, and huge breasts). What was there was instructions to create a specific product, competitive with other channels and audiences without fear of pulling the popularucho and shock. Not having that plan now, the SIC HERMAN follows new path ...

Aristocrats arrive in 2006!

Today I had the confirmation that the distributor risk and LNK will premiere the documentary The Aristocrats rooms in Portugal in early 2006. The risk is twofold: first, continue to be rare documentaries that make money in theaters this land, then the aristocrats brings a reputation as possibly the most explicit film (in terms of language) and brutally humorous History Cinema. The idea of the directors, Paul Provenza and Penn Jilette (they also comedians), was to ask all the great American comedians of today (and by "everyone" read "almost all the same") to tell what is considered - by least in America - the more nut joke in history, precisely the one whose title is "The Aristocrats." The film shows the various ways that can take a joke risky, depending on the comedian's account, making it not just a comedy that many people say is the most hilarious recent years, but an interesting study on approaches mood and manner of dealing with sensitive issues. Look at some of the participants in the experiment filmed by Jilette and Provenza: Jon Stewart, Robin Williams, Jason Alexander (aka George Costanza), Hank Azaria (the voice of 80% of the Simpsons), Lewis Black (one of the most charismatic elements of the DAILY SHOW ), veteran George Carlin, Susie Essman (Susie outspoken of the Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I saw in New York on Conan), Whoopi Goldberg, Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Richard Lewis, Michael McKean (one element of the eternal and Spinal Tap one of the classics of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE), a pair of South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Paul Reiser, Andy Richter, Chris Rock, etc., etc.. And for those not familiar with the legendary anecdote ... Here it is (a version curtinha and standard, which is what is in Wikipedia): A man walks into a talent agent's office, and says, "We're a family act, and we'd like you to Rep us." The agent says, "Sorry, I do not Rep family acts. They're a little too old-fashioned." The man says, "But, this is really special." The agent says, "Okay, well what's the act ? " He replies, "Well, my wife and I come out on stage and she Begins to sing the Star Spangled Banner while I take her from behind Roughly. After a minute of this, my son and daughter come out and begin to do the same, but she's singing the original To Anacreon in Heaven lyrics while my son performs anal fri on her. " The agent looks uncomfortable, but the man continues, "Just When my daughter hits the highest note in the song, my son and I switch partners. He turns around and my wife Gives her a Dirty Sanchez before HAVING her perform oral on fri hin. When the song's over and we're getting close Both, we all stop and lay down on the stage. " The man smiles fondly the he recalls, "This is the best part, our dog then eat out on the stage, and he's Trained to lick each one of us to orgasm in turn. He just goes right down the line, looking to happy as can be! We all get up and take a bow. " He looks at the agent and says, "Well, that's the act. What do you think?" The agent just sits in silence for a long time. Finally, he manages, "That's a hell of an act. What do you call yourselves?" And the father says, "The Aristocrats."

Forgive the extended absences ...

But no, I abandoned this blog, however. It's my second home. Simply show a panoply, a myriad, a - like this English word - plethora of new and exciting projects for which I'm throwing my head ... Among them - and I think this is the news of the day, here in my little estaminé - return to writing sketches and other material for the comic Herman and his company, at a time when the SIC HERMAN, by will of the Herman , changes direction and tone for something that might be closer to the time HERMAN 98 and 99. At the same time, you know me well out of this closed universe much about myself is that THERE IS LIFE IN Markl and to do something I love and being in the shadow that is writing for other people and other matters. We'll see if I'm not perro. In writing new material for the SIC HERMAN, I will again team with my fellow creative destruction in VISCERAL HATRED, Francisco Palma (aka Orlando Panhões), this time as the scribes. And trying not to break or set fire to anything. Unless figuratively.

Comrades, I tracked ...

... but not for anything else, except fatigue. I've been all day filming in SIC and mount the next VISCERAL HATRED. Fiasco is public or not, we do it with dedication - and today we made ​​a showy fall from the top of a building followed by trampling, which does not happen every day. Tomorrow I update the blog and news story ... I go to sleep!


I think what is happening in my office with the fun flood (and the game need to use jars and bowls to catch the waterfalls) turns out to be a metaphor of what this country in various areas - and there we go back to that said on television. So there may be good ideas in this land (for example, build an annex in the back yard as a working area - was or was not a great idea?), But the performers of these are possibly the worst in the world. Seriously I still unaware how Portugal has carried out the Discoveries. Each time I am more convinced that it was a tremendous number of mistakes: Vasco da Gama was responsible, in fact, discover America, while Pedro Alvares Cabral was actually a mission to discover the Moon

LOST IN THE ETHER updated (and fixed link Episode 3)

Pals, Patricia Furtado - who came this week-end of London to spend a few days here for the borough - have you noticed the link to Episode 3 of the radio drama LOST IN THE ETHER (the website of Radio Infinite Universe ) and is updating the site so that they can also hear Episode 4. It should be about. Listen to Episode 4, since it was he who led me to rediscover the great classic Dino Meira "Zum Zum Zum Zum". Besides allowing me to make one of my favorite pastimes: recreate the environment of local radio stations ... like that where I picked up the phone addiction and went by the name Voice of Benfica.

Today, in Antena 3 ...

... at 21h in the program will be ANTENNA HAS 3 of Gonçalo Castro, passing an hour of music chosen by me. Fiona Apple, Ben Folds, The Divine Comedy and other fine artists can be heard along with a conversation about life. Moreover, this "post" is to recover that which was once alien mascot Antena 3 and I always inspired esteem.

The Great Chain of basin.

You'll have to be. Once, though not yet have this house a year ago, she was already giving all sorts of problems (works live in Portugal!), From bad air conditioners installed at an office where it rains almost as in the street, tomorrow I will launch at 8:25 a.m., a humanitarian initiative Markl NATION TO HELP basin. Seriously, I do not have bowls that come to my office. Relief.

Now is that nobody stops me.

I came to the TIP OF THE WEEK. Thanks to Leonel Martins photography. And by ... hint. Ah ah ah ah ah ... (Freeze - and executive producer credit.)

The mystery of the towel color pink.

I took turns to head in seeking to create a myth, mysterious plan around the door and towel (not robe) color pink can be seen after the end of the show generic FNAC. One hypothesis could be: it is a tribute to Douglas Adams and the need to always walk with a towel. Or is the initial plan of a porno bonus. That door would open and would arise an army of Marklettes and ... Unfortunately, I came up with nothing at all, so ... It was really a test regardless Pedro Palma did with the camera and here it was.

The 100MB better employed in your life!

Dear friends, is with unrestrained joy that I announce that the mini-show release of NO LIFE IN Markl, just as happened in FNAC in the past 27 days of October, is now available for download ... ... here ! The bad news: it is an MPEG 4 with 100 megs in size (or almost, in fact is 98 and anything), but they are always 20-minute show. As I said at the time, I was very happy with this mini-event. The actors - Teresa Tavares, Telmo Nunes and Andrew Benedict - have made ​​a splendid job. Andre Nunes - who plays Markl within the "sketch" - became one so young I almost unsettling. I saw myself in there, even trying to do the "robot dance". And there to applaud Ana Galvao, who agreed to make that change but showy role with great class and beautiful gloves, feathers, mini-skirt and fishnet stockings. This can be a sketch for anything else (the so THERE LIFE IN Markl television • A theater show longer?). I know that I loved working with them and who was born here a small theater company. The recordings were made ​​by Peter and by José Palma de Pina, woven in a position of lack of space, light and sound decent ... But Peter has made ​​an efficient assembly and improved quality of picture and sound here and there. I think it was a good "souvenir" of what happened in FNAC that evening. Hope you enjoy.

Speaking at the event FNAC ...

... the good news is that there is a serious chance of him coming to be in these parts, available in video, in all the splendor of its 20 minutes. Palma and Pedro José de Pina filmed - in poor conditions, it should say so! - Mini-autobiographical show played by me, by Andrew Nunes (my "double"), Teresa Tavares, Telmo and Ana Galvao Benedict, Peter mounted the filmezinho and he is likely to appear soon in these parts to give absent from the celebration to an idea of ​​what happened there - and, apparently, will be remade on December 7 in Clinic in Alcobaça.

In addition to what was said ...

I 'm not traumatized by the fear of another fiasco. As I said, fiasco is my middle name ... And rather proud, in some cases. He gave me joy to make the first VISCERAL HATRED and give me that line will grow with all the potential it has. So do not misinterpret my words typically fatalistic mode and Portuguese. I'm not whining nor sulking ... Unfortunately, in the Internet age, it seems that we can no longer accurately interpret what is written without putting "smileys"! STINK CAT results by a brilliant combination of factors: the meeting of four of the best comedy writers around here that we (I say this in-depth knowledge of the facts because I wrote hours of "sketches" with all of them, in Fictional Productions for radio and television Herman), the fact that, while not professional actors, they all have a bestial agility and interpreters of his material and that rely on a director, Teotonio (who worked in the last series of PERFECT FREAK) that has not only "feel" for the thing, as has the humility to listen and translate, in practice, intention of the authors. When you combine all these factors and, moreover, a project ultra-personal, is a marvel. One of the projects I've been working with a small group of unselfish players, coaches and writers, is the creation of an IS LIFE ON TV Markl, adapting, in a tone of sitcom, some of the texts of radio and cartoons PUBLIC ENEMY. My idea for the first time in my life is to have total control over all steps of production: an independent production, dirgida by a director I trust, with his professional camera and assembled by us somewhere between the Avid, which he has, and my trusty iMac (whose wonderful iMovie allows you to create professional-quality projects - look what happened to Tarnation). It will be my debut as "executive producer", which is always a fine thing, even to impress girls. And also like unlocking the conversation: "Did you know that I'm executive producer?"

Making TV in Portugal can hurt.

PRELIMINARY NOTE: Do not watch this my "post" as a shaking water from the coat. Except the part where I talk about the PERFECT FREAK, I am referring to the television production in general and not to any program in which I have participated and that has failed, OK? It made ​​the "disclaimer" ...

There is much analysis and observed that the Noble Savage is the national television production. Often the goal, "ambition" is to have a program done, not a good program. However, my experience with the channels of the SIC, led me to discover creative and committed directors as Francis Penim or Ricardo Palacin, driven by the stimulus to create innovative television. The problem is that there are so many factors as decisive, so complex and so likely to fail for a program to transform what was imagined (especially when aiming for very high and very different) that often, the thing has no way satisfactory result. The most serious problem: the lack of resources. There is the romantic idea that the lack of resources stimulates creativity and the creative forces to invent funny resources to solve the problem. To some extent this is true. But there it is: to some extent . Here comes the dilemma: there is no means to do that with which we dreamed, the dream lay off or move it? Probably the smart thing was to get the idea in the drawer and wait for more prosperous times (which may never come ...). But if you believe in an idea with fervor, the tendency is to not let it die, or that there is little budget to do it. "Case in point": THE PERFECT FREAK. The original concept created by Fernando Alvim was amazing, of course, all we can do to around 1% (and sometimes with difficulty) everything that was proposed in the epic Alvim wrote. Another common problem in the implementation of TV programs Portugal is a short training / technical creativity of some. We have brilliant technicians, who is a pleasure to work and realize exactly where you want to go, but we have many others with tremendous difficulty to understand and implement ideas that escape the "four plates" (and sometimes with tremendous difficulty getting even make the "four plates"). It makes me confused to find people who work in progress, editing, cameras, and that, for example, have strict no movie references, or particular interest to have. Like many creative professions in Portugal, there are many people with the old vision of civil service / work in auto body shop in an area that needed a more creative and spirit worship. It obviously does not generalize. But the truth is that it is complicated to explain that if you want a "freeze" to Soderbergh and Robert Rodriguez to an assembly in the El Mariachi professionals still believe that the only valid and effective comic effect is to accelerate the image to the Benny Hill ...



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