Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Apple demonstrates iOS 11 on the iPad with 6 useful videos

Apple demonstrates iOS 11 on the iPad with 6 useful videos. New Dock, File app, multitasking on iPhone and iPad, hand gesture and more

Apple’s official YouTube channel is refreshed with 6 new how-to videos showing some of the major new features coming to iPad on iOS 11.

The video tutorials, each running 1 minute long, also highlight iPad multitasking gestures, an enhanced Markup feature that’s now available in more places, a new document scanner in the Notes app, an overhauled task switcher, and an improved Control Center. Here they are.

Harnessing the power of the new Dock

Getting more things done more quickly with multitasking  

Getting the most out of your hands with gestures  

Marking stuff up with Apple Pencil  

Effortlessly scanning, signing and sending a document  

Manage and fly through your files with Files app

iOS 11 will release as a free upgrade in September. Read our latest post about the iPhone 8 Release date.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

iPhone 8 Release date: Apple Introduce New iPhone 8 Color Blush Gold

iPhone 8 release date, specs and prices. iPhone 8 to cost more than $1,000. $1,200 128GB. Specs: OLED...

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8, tipped by some to arrive as the 'iPhone Edition' or 'iPhone X' will be Apple's 10th-anniversary smartphone and looks set to be the first to debut wireless charging tech, a curved AMOLED display and an unusual vertical dual rear-facing camera.

If rumours are to be believed, the so-called 'Edition' will launch alongside the less-impressive iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. We've rounded up everything we know about the iPhone 8 so far and will update this article as soon as we hear more.

iPhone 8 Release date 

The iPhone 8 is likely to be announced in September 2017, marking 10 years since the firm launched its first smartphone. However, one report claims that it might not be available to buy until the fourth quarter, noting that the iPhone 8 may be available in limited quantity only. A note by analyst Timothy Arcuri from Cowen and Company has added weight to this and claims that production could be delayed due to issues with its Touch ID sensor.

Another report suggests the iPhone 8 may not arrive until 2018. A research Deutsche Bank, picked up by Business Insider, claims the smartphone won't make it onto shelves this year due to supply chain issues and "technical challenges". As if just to confuse matters more, Digitimes is reporting that mass production of the iPhone 8 is on schedule and that the smartphone will see a release in October.

iPhone 8 Price

If it's anything like Apple's new MacBooks, next year's iPhone will be more expensive than this year's release, and some are claiming that the highest-spec model will be the first iPhone to cost more than $1,000. A new report at Forbes claims that pricing could start at an eye-watering $1,100 to $1,200, with Apple to offer the handset in 128GB and 256GB configurations only.

iPhone 8 release date, specs and prices. iPhone 8 to cost more than $1,000. $1,200 128GB. Specs: OLED...

iPhone 8 specs

 - 5.8 in 2.5D OLED edge-to-edge display
- New design with an 'all-glass' construction
- 71x143x7.4mm
 - Wireless charging support
 - Apple A11 chip
 - Rear-facing Touch ID sensor
 - iOS 11 with improved Siri, P2P payments
 - Face-scanning technology
 - Vertical dual cameras on rear
 - Support for LTE speeds up to 450Mbps

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - Mobile Scheduler App review for iPhone and Apple Watch

Meetings at work, picking up the kids, going to the gym - when you have a busy life there are a lot of things you have to juggle at the same time. To make life easier, your very own personal assistant Kono can help you schedule everything you need to do.

Kono’s taking over

There are literally tons of schedule and planning apps available online. However, Kono sticks out from the crowd because the app itself will give you suggestions when and where to meet! Not only that, Kono will even automatically send invites to your guests.

Getting lunch with myself

Kono needs some input from you in order to make an accurate schedule. You start by having to connect with Google or Facebook. For some reason I can’t connect with Facebook - Google it is. After synchronizing with my phone’s and Google’s calendar, I’m given my Kono calendar which shows all up and coming birthdays. Makes sense because I don’t use my phone or Google to plan anything. I’m an old fashioned paper planner girl. There is a green plus button at the bottom of my Kono calendar. Not to my surprise, it’s the make a new event button. I think it’s time to have lunch with myself. I hope I can make it.

So, should I try It's available for iPhone and Apple watch. Meetings at work, picking up the kids, going to the gym - when you have a busy life there are a lot of things you have to juggle at the same time.The app checks the schedule of my invited guests after which it shows me options for a meeting place. Kono is correct in suggesting establishments in the Netherlands, but misses the mark by

suggesting Amsterdam. However, I realize I haven’t given Google or Kono any precise information on my location. My mistake. After randomly choosing a place and time, Koni sets up an invitation, sends it after my confirmation and lunch has been put on my calendar. It still has the pending status so I confirm and now it’s time to see if my guest does too.

Considering I’ve invited myself, I immediately go to my other email account to see if I received the invitation. No, bummer! After everything went so smoothly, I’m disappointed I have to wait 25 minutes before I receive my invite.

What else can Kono do for me?

I played around a bit after planning the appointment. I changed the time and immediately got an email telling me the event had been updated. You can add your home and work address. The more information you give and the more plans you add to your calendar, the smarter Kono will be. For example, when planning an appointment, if you have meetings back to back, Kono will never plan the next appointment 15 minutes later when your travel time is 40 minutes. You will receive notifications when it’s time to leave or when you are going to be late based on your location and average travel time.

Are the guests you’re inviting also using Kono? All calendars will be automatically compared to pick a perfect time. Everyone not using an app will get an email like I did - but remember that could take up to 30 minutes.

So, should I try

The apps looks good and I always enjoy an app telling me Good Night or TGIF it’s almost the weekend. The process of planning an appointment went well and I like the fact that Kono does a lot for you. You only have to make few choices. Unfortunately, you can’t synchronize Kono with any other calendar then Google’s or the one on your phone. If that works for you, Kono won’t disappoint! is available for free in the App Store (iOS8,3+, universal, Apple Watch supported).

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Nintendo is working on a Game Boy emulator for iOS iPhone and iPad!

Is Nintendo finally getting it? Would it be possible to play Game Boy games legally on iOS? There is hope: Nintendo has filed a patent that makes it possible to play games on tablets and smartphones.
Nintendo is working on a Game Boy emulator for iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! From now it is possible to play games like Super Mario on your iPhone!

Game Boy emulator

Currently it is possible to play Nintendo games on your iOS device without jailbreak via an unofficial app. GBA4iOS is a popular app that lets you play Game Boy games on your iPhone/iPad and iPod touch device. But, because the app is illegal, it isn't available in the App Store. The Japanese developer Karen Stai has found a way to make Nintendo games playable via an emulator in Safari. She has succeeded to build such a system in a mobile browser, without jailbreaking the iOS device. Same as the Netflix-like torrent streaming service ''MovieBox'', which also came available via Safari.

GBA4iOS has shown that Game Boy games work fine on iOS devices via an emulator. But of course, we would like to play Nintendo games from an official app from Nintendo itself. There is a glimmer hope for Nintendo fans, because the Japanese company has filed a patent, which describes that Nintendo wants to emulate Game Boy hardware. The software (games) would have to operate on mobile devices.

Nintendo is working on a Game Boy emulator for iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! From now it is possible to play games like Super Mario on your iPhone!


Nintendo made again an operating loss. This is mainly duo to the poor sales of the Wii, which is currently defeated by Playstation 4 and Xbox One. And not only by the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, everyone who owns an iPhone or iPad device, don't need an 3DS, because why would you? For years are people saying that Nintendo should create Nintendo games for iPhone and iPad. And now it's probably finally time.

It is also very strange if Nintendo will great such a system for iOS devices, who will than buy an Nintendo 3DS, if you can play Nintendo games on an iPhone. It isn't very logical, but for us, it is great news!

Let us know what you think about this in the comment section down below.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Apple iOS 10.2 Update for iPhone and iPad

Apple iOS 10.2 Update for iPhone and iPad. Whats New, Release date.

What's new in iOS 10.2

Apple devices are internationally popular and people wait eagerly for new launches and updates of Apple iOS. Apple has recently allowed almost everybody to download the recent iOS 10. However, we're now beginning to see a whirlwind of updates, with the release of iOS 10.1 and now the primary indications of iOS 10.2 launch is also in its way. The iOS is not exactly the same or different from the previous version. But, there are a couple of updates that are worth consideration and worth knowing about.

New Features of iOS 10.2

* Video application: Showcased near the new MacBook Pro release, Apple's new Video application works crosswise over both iOS and Apple TV. It's another method for finding content crosswise over iTunes and other streaming applications. It's US just for the present, and it lacks the Netflix support. However, it seems to be a decent update over the last one.

* SOS: Presented in beta 2, another SOS feature highlight will call emergency services when the power button of iPhone is pressed 5 times. You can obviously turn this button off.

* Wallpapers: Three new awesome wallpapers have been included in iOS 10.2. The extra choices, each of which was utilized as part of Apple's promotion for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, have a dark foundation and coasting sphere in the center. We're certain that they're intended to bring the best out of more extensive color range displays on the iPhone 7, and they do look better than average.

* Updated emoji: Complete bunch of brand new mojo have been included in the main iOS 10.2 beta including a croissant, clown, owl, shark, butterfly and obviously an avocado. A significant number of old fashioned emoji have likewise been redrawn to look more current and modern, with so much more profession-based emoji now accessible in both male and female.

* Videos gadget: Like the Netflix gadget, the new Videos gadget demonstrates to you the program or film you're viewing, and with a tap, you can hop straight again into it without opening up the application.

* Save your camera settings: There's currently a choice that gives you a chance to save your past camera settings. This allows you generally hop straight into "square" photograph mode, stay with a similar channel or keep Live Photos turned off, liable upon your inclinations.

Nothing huge, however, 'Bug Fixes' is obviously recorded. So, ideally some of those irritating glitches will have been stamped out. There's likewise another celebration impact in iMessages and star appraisals in the Music application.

iOS 10.2 release date

iOS 10.2 is now available to enlisted iOS developers through the Apple Beta Software Program, and expectantly we'll see a release soon for open beta testers. We wouldn't be shocked to see iOS 10.2 get its last release when Apple's new TV application is prepared to be launched later in the year. iOS 10.2 doesn't have a solitary fundamental component like Portrait mode in iOS 10.1, however, it offers a few feature changes.


iOS 10.2 beta 3 expels the Videos application in the United States, formally supplanting it with the TV application, and it dispenses with the SOS feature that was presented in the second iOS 10.2 beta. Beta 3 likewise incorporates another "Send With Love" Screen Effect in Messages and new TV application settings.

The TV application serves as an Apple-outlined TV guide that is intended to simplify the overall experience of watching TV and find new TV shows and pictures to watch. TV application will soon be accessible on both iOS gadgets and the Apple TV.

Apple has called iOS 10 its "greatest release ever" for iOS customers or users, with a patched up lock screen, a Siri SDK for engineers and developers, a redesigned and updated Messages application, a committed "Home" application for HomeKit users, new facial and object recognition capacities in Photos, and redesigned Maps and Apple Music applications.

This article is written by Surya Kumar. Read more about him on our Staff page.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Diversity helps sport take over app market

Diversity helps sport take over app market
"iPhone" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by renatomitra
Sport and mobile technology have enjoyed a fruitful relationship since the rise of handheld devices over the last decade. We could argue that no sector has better used the mobile platform to enhance their audience’s experience. Seemingly almost every sport has a host of apps available, providing extensive coverage and also using the technology to offer new insights and features to users, especially in online betting markets.

Watch goals through an app

An example of how the app platform has taken the sporting world by storm is the fact that this season goals from the Premier League can now be viewed on mobile devices before they are aired on television. Licensing laws in the United Kingdom prevent 3pm matches from being shown live on TV, with the earliest opportunity to see highlights coming only in the late evening, on either Sky Sports or BBC’s Match of the Day.

The Sky Sports and Times app have given football fans the opportunity to view goals right after the 3pm kickoffs have ended, meeting a huge demand for impatient followers of the Premier League. Should the system continue to be a success then it might not be long before games are streamed solely on apps, which has already occurred in the NFL. For the 2016 season Thursday Night Football has been streamed on Twitter in collaboration with the league and CBS. Although the matches on a whole have failed to attract the same ratings as the last campaign, the results from Twitter have been a success.

Diversity helps sport take over app market
"Schlupp on the ball" (CC BY 2.0) by Ronnie Macdonald

This will no doubt have caught the attention of the NFL and sporting organizations across the world. It would be no surprise to see other sports follow in their lead, which could see events like the Champions League final feature on social media app in the near future.

The rise of fantasy sports 

One of the leading activities in sports fandom is fantasy gaming. The majority of football fans in the UK and the USA will be part of a fantasy team, whether it’s the Premier League or the NFL. As a result, the demand has been met through several apps, but the official products from both leagues have proven to be extremely successful.

Fantasy is all consuming to passionate supporters, as displayed in the television show The League. Having the opportunity to monitor your team on the go and be aware for pickups on the waiver wire has made it an ideal match for mobile users, while it has also included video features to track players on your respective team.

Arguably the biggest area of sport that has benefitted from the revolution of mobile technology are betting companies. Customers are able to gamble on the go on events they may be attending themselves. A punter with a good knowledge of how the match is faring will be tempted to reach into their pocket and have a bet just because it’s readily available.

New features such as cash-out lend itself perfectly to this market, which enables the user to take money that is on offer in a live bet. If a user was simply on a home computer the idea may not be as enticing as they may have to leave the house, potentially missing out an opportunity of a win.

The different facets of sport allow diverse apps to be produced, which is why it has become so entrenched across mobile technology. Expect the trend to continue as further developments are made on portable platforms. Streaming services may soon overtake traditional television with the rise of Netflix and Amazon, which could change the sporting landscape and Sky's dominance of almost all sporting events, especially the Premier League.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Top 10 of best Cydia Apps for iOS 9

In Cydia, there are countless stunning apps and tweaks, many with costs thereof. The majority, however, is free. 10 of the best and free Cydia apps we have compiled the following for you.

1. YouTube Essentials

With this free Tweak gives full control of the official YouTube app. So you can pick, for example, of the mobile limitations and consequently also upload videos in HD quality over the wireless network. In addition, the age restriction can disable the video playback in the background enable (If YouTube app is running in the background), block advertisements and use a little icing on the cake, white iOS 7 keyboard.
Top 10 best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod! YouTube Essentials, Fascy, TapTheAt, InstaEnchancer, ClockFirst and more!

2. Fascy

8 out of 10 apps and web applications for smartphones based on lists designs. Facebook? List of status messages. Twitter? List of tweets. YouTube? List of videos. Mail? List of e-mails, etc. Everyday we scroll us a wolf and a god forbid if you want to quickly get to a content at the end of such a list or a website. Man wipes, wipes, wipes and wipes merrily. In the same time the German team already shoot 3 goals again.

With the small and free open source Tweak Fascy it scrolls in Web views much smoother and faster. Instead of wiping example 7 times, you have to do it only 1 or 2 times. Settings brings Fascy at least in this version, not with.
Top 10 best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod! YouTube Essentials, Fascy, TapTheAt, InstaEnchancer, ClockFirst and more!

3. TapTheAt

TapTheAt is a useful tweak that allows you by tapping and holding the @ button on the iOS keyboard automatically receive an e-mail address (preferably your own) can quickly and easily paste into a text box
Top 10 best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod! YouTube Essentials, Fascy, TapTheAt, InstaEnchancer, ClockFirst and more!

4. InstaEnchancer

InstaEnhancer is an add-on for the instagram app. With this tweak can be saved instagram photos, change font size and more.
Top 10 best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod! YouTube Essentials, Fascy, TapTheAt, InstaEnchancer, ClockFirst and more!

5. ClockFirst

This tweak is aimed at users who listen to a lot of music on your iOS device. With ClockFirst the big clock instead of the playback control is also displayed during music playback on the lockscreen.
Top 10 best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod! YouTube Essentials, Fascy, TapTheAt, InstaEnchancer, ClockFirst and more!

6. Duplex Clock

With Duplex Clock allows two clocks of different time zones in the status bar of the homescreen. Ideal if you are traveling a lot and relatives and friends abroad has.
Top 10 best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod! YouTube Essentials, Fascy, TapTheAt, InstaEnchancer, ClockFirst and more!

7. Alkaline

Alkaline is a small, cosmetic tweak, with the appearance of the battery icons can be changed. Unlike many other tweaks Alkaline does not require Winterboard. So you do not install a full theme engine. What Zeppelin for Provider logo is for Alkaline battery icons- just not as extensive.
Top 10 best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod! YouTube Essentials, Fascy, TapTheAt, InstaEnchancer, ClockFirst and more!

8. JellyLock7

With JellyLock7 the locks creen is functional. So you can specify up to five shortcuts for apps that you want to boot from the lock screen directly and also still assign a different camera instead of those of the iOS camera icon. In addition, the appearance of the Lock screen JellyLock7 and generally can be changed.
Top 10 best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod! YouTube Essentials, Fascy, TapTheAt, InstaEnchancer, ClockFirst and more!

9. TinyBar

TinyBar reduced the notification banner of iOS 7 clearly. This tweak, but also brings with various settings. So you can define, among other things yourself, how big or small the notification banner and how long it should be displayed. Does the notification more text than a small banner can display at once, scrolls the text in the desired speed as with a marquee.
Top 10 best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod! YouTube Essentials, Fascy, TapTheAt, InstaEnchancer, ClockFirst and more!

10. Priority Hub

Is it largely satisfied with the default lock screen, but would a bit more order, Priority Hub is the tweak of choice. He sorted notifications for apps. A tap of the respective app icon opens the notification for just this app. This tweak belongs in the category "The Apple should integrate directly into iOS".
Top 10 best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod! YouTube Essentials, Fascy, TapTheAt, InstaEnchancer, ClockFirst and more!

Let us know what you think about these Cydia apps in the comment section down below.

This article is part of our series Jailbreak. See also: Cydia tweaks of the week, and Top 5 best Cydia repos.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Tim Cook talks: About Apple TV, Jobs and Beats. Apple TV coming?

You can be so important, earn so much money and be a successful CEO, but in the USA it only counts if you've sit at the large round table at Charlie Rose. This journalist and host of his own talk show on the American PBS has interviewed everyone that matters. Now it's time for Apple CEO Tim Cook, and so it happened.
Tim Cook speaks in a interview with Charlie Rose: about Apple TV, Steve Jobs and the purchase of Beats. Apple already planning to make an Apple TV

After unveiling the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple's own payment system and the Apple Watch, Tim Cook moved on to Rose for a long and candid interview. A remarkably energetic Cook talks about Steve Jobs how he changed him, Beats Music and how the television market has stood still the past 40 years.

About Beats 

The acquisition of Beats was one of the biggest events of 2014, where Apple usually purchase small unknown companies, it was this time a large and very popular brand. Tim Cook tells Charlie Rose what he saw in Beats and the people behind it.

Tim Cook didn't says anything about what Apple will do with the headphones and the music service of Beats exactly, but the passion in which he talks about Beats is that it will be integrated much closer with iTunes.

About Apple TV

In recent years, many people asked Tim Cook about Apple's plans in the television market, and so it is now. Cook starts with the answer in which he always give namely; Apple is interested in the TV market. At the same time, he indicated that the experience of watching TV in the past 40 years hardly improves; ''The interface is terrible, I mean it’s awful''.

Rose than ask the question to Cook: ''So, Why don’t you fix that''. Unfortunately, the answer is less stunning that we would hope. Cook says that Apple is already taken steps about Apple TV, but he can’t say anything about Apple's future plans.

About Steve Jobs

As Apple's plans in the television market will Tim Cook get in every interview the question about his predecessor, Steve Jobs. Charlie Rose asks him how Steve Jobs still is recognizable in the company and Apple products. Then Cook replies that he is still in his heart and that he still thinks every day about Jobs.

He also reveals that Steve's office on the fourth floor of Apple's headquarters in Cupertino is still intact, including his name on the door.


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