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At Optum, Healthier is our passion and our purpose. We are 80,000 health care experts, turning years of medical data into smarter decision making.

We uncover insights that lead to better outcomes for hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, health plans, employers and the millions of lives they touch.


See how people with MS, like Ginny, get better results with OptumRx Specialty Pharmacy

Expert support from OptumRx helps people with MS manage this potentially disabling disease. Read our Multiple Sclerosis Insight Report to learn strategies that help improve adherence and lower costs.

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OptumRx Multiple Sclerosis Insight Report: Search for a cure
While MS treatments cannot cure MS, they do help reduce the severity and frequency of flare-ups and may delay disease progression, delay disability, and increase longevity. Recently, there is new progress toward therapies that may work to reverse the damage caused by MS.
The value of integrated care for Medicaid programs
Learn how Medicaid programs are seeing the value of integrated care.
White Paper: The four steps of population health management
Big stat, small state. What did one Connecticut health insurer see after restructuring its referral network?
Predictive analytics: poised to drive population health
Why today is the tipping point for predictive analytics in health care.
Driving health ownership
Reap the benefits of higher productivity, improved population health and lower medical spend.
5 minutes on reducing health risks with corporate wellness programs
Health risks can have a substantial impact, and left unaddressed, the burden of these health risks continues to grow and can even weaken our workplace cultures.
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