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Is Legal Funding a Loan?

When many people are involved in a lawsuit, they may need funding for certain expenses while they are awaiting the outcome of their case. In these instances, one of their best options may be pre-settlement funding, also known as a lawsuit advance. However, since this is an area of which few individuals have much knowledge, their first impression is that these advances are in fact lawsuit loans. Yet with additional research, they discover this type of funding is in no way a traditional loan.

Rather than a loan, legal funding is an asset purchase. By this, the lawsuit advance is instead an advanced payment the plaintiff or their attorney will receive at a future date if the lawsuit has a favorable outcome for the plaintiff. And most importantly, this method of funding can apply to lawsuit outcomes that happen due to either courtroom verdicts or out-of-court settlements.

In these instances, one of the first questions people have is wondering if these advanced funds will need to be paid back at a later date. While with any type of traditional loan the money paid out is expected to be paid back to the lender, legal funding does not work in … Read the rest

Why you need a tax attorney in your life


You are probably familiar with tax accountants and how they work, but you might not know what tax attorneys can do for you. An attorney that works with taxes may be able to help you do things that a simple accountant cannot. A professional Riverside tax attorney from IE Tax Relief can help you navigate the complexities of tax law. We’ll take you through a few reasons why a tax attorney might be an important consideration for you.

Taxable Estate

If you think you might have an estate that is worth enough to be taxed, you might need the help of a qualified tax attorney to deal with all the particulars. Your attorney can help you with a strategy that keeps you below the current threshold for exemptions and keep a big part of your estate from disappearing as taxes. Without the help of a Riverside tax attorney, up to 40 percent of the total value of your estate might go to taxes.

Starting Your Own Business

You might have a basic idea of the kind of business you want to start. However, there are many legal things you’ll need to keep in mind as you set up a

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Everything You Need to Know About Bail Bond

There are times that you can find yourself on the wrong side of the law. You will definitely get arrested and then presented to a court of law in Orange County. Since you don’t want to stay in the jail as the case or investigations are underway, you need to apply for the bail. The judge of the court where you were presented will organize for a bail hearing. This is the hearing that will determine whether you should be released on a bail or not. It will also determine the exact amount of bond that you should be given.

A bail bond which is sometimes referred to as a surety bond is simply a written promise that a defendant or a person representing him signs to pay a certain amount of money that has been set by the court. It is simply a financial guarantee that you pay to the court. In most cases, families and even friends are usually involved in posting the bail bond.

In most cases, judges usually give you a high amount of bail and you may end up struggling to raise. In such cases, you have an option of hiring a reliable OC bailbondsman.Read the rest


Federal tax forms under a magnifying glass.

Filing your tax returns is very vital in. You should make sure you pay the right amount of tax according to the set rules and regulations. The taxation process is a bit complicated and this is why it is always important to involve an IRS tax attorney to help you. With a good attorney, you will not go through a lot of stress because filing your tax returns will be easy. There are a lot of attorneys in the area, but not all can offer you the best services. Follow these tips as you select the best Orange County IRS tax attorney.

Number of years in the field
Just as you do when you are looking for any other professional,
it is vital you check the number of years that your potential tax lawyer has
been in business. You do not want to work with new ones in the field because
they might not have mastered some taxation issues effectively. To be guaranteed of the most satisfactory services, look for an attorney with more than six years dealing with taxation issues in Orange County.

Reputation among clients 
There are IRS tax attorneys that … Read the rest

We Are Expert In Lemon Law In Los Angeles.

Do you have any problem with your car, SUV, RV, motorcycle, trailer, boat as well as other types of vehicles? Well, you are in the right place. At Joseph Farzam law firm at farzamlaw.com, we are here for your help. We turn lemons into lemonade and bring smiles to our esteemed clients’ faces that have no voice to rise against this vice.

We are the best and most sorted out lemon law lawyers in Los Angeles. But despite that we are the leading and first growing law firm in Los Angeles, our clients are the first priority in whatever we do. We are here to protect you and make sure automobiles and their dealership does not take advantage of you. If you have purchased a defective motor vehicle don’t go silent and carry the burden. Reach out to us since we have professionals and experts on Lemon Law who understands the tactics used by car manufacturers as well as the Lemon law process.
At Farzam law firm we represent you regardless of either you purchased used or new vehicle since regardless of the vehicle being new or used, its components must do what they are supposed to do. We … Read the rest

Appraisals Needed for Divorce Division of Assets

When a married couple is contemplating a divorce, if there is jointly owned property, an appraisal will almost always be necessary to determine how to divide the assets fairly and equitably when the divorce is final. There are professional appraisers to evaluate the property, as well as any and all other types of possessions the couple may own.

Partners should utilize the services of a certified or licensed appraiser. Usually your family lawyer will be able to handle this, however, business, real estate, estate planning & dispute resolution lawyers can also assist with and consult with your family lawyer to find accurate measures. When real estate type of property is to be valued, it is wise to use the services of a local appraiser who is familiar with economic evaluations, assessments, etc. Your attorney or CPA can usually suggest a good reviewer for you. Again, this can also be assisted with a business and estate lawyer or divorce lawyers.

The law(s) regarding the division of property and assets differs from state to state. Many people believe that all of the assets will be equally divided between spouses in a divorce process, but in fact, this is not necessarily the … Read the rest

How to handle an injury at work

Being injured on the job can leave you struggling financially with medical bills and loss of wages. Worker’s compensation laws exist to protect you, the worker, from financial ruin due to a work related injury. When making a worker’s compensation claim, it is important to know your rights under the worker’s compensation laws to ensure that you are treated fairly and get the compensation you deserve. Following friendly tips how to handle an injury at work (Worker’s Compensation) will make sure that you are prepared when making your worker’s compensation claim.

Worker related injury lawyers should be contacted as soon as possible especially for severe cases requiring surgical repair from overuse injuries, sudden snaps or tears and so on, however, first thing is first. Report your accident or injury immediately to your supervisor or employer. You need this documented and on record as soon as possible. You should make a report even if you do not require medical attention at that time. There are instances where an injury or accident can have long term affects that may not be recognizable at the date of injury and failure to report it at the time of injury can keep you from making … Read the rest

DUI laws in California

A law book with a gavel – DUI Law

DUI is driving a vehicle while drunk alcohol or taking other drugs. In most of the countries, this is considered a criminal offense. Skyler Grant with DUI Lawyers in Orange County shares numbers, “Statistics show that each year here in California there are approximately 200,000 arrests for DUI. We have cases where people are in trouble and confused all the time. Get a lawyer.” As a result of this, certain California criminal lawyers have a great experience in defending persons facing these charges.

DUI (Driving Under Influence) laws in California are quite complex and vary from state to state. The DUI statutes of a particular state determines the punishment for the DUI charge. Each state has set a legal limit for blood alcohol content. If it is proved that the offender’s blood alcohol content is above the fixed limit, an arrest and penalty will usually follow.

If you are suspected of driving under influence of intoxicants, your blood and urine are first tested. A breathalyzer test is made to measure blood alcohol concentration – the quantity of alcohol found in your blood. Driving while drunk leads to loss of license, time … Read the rest

Get the best deal with a worker’s comp lawyer

filling up a work injury claim form

A Workers Compensation Law firm will give advice to all people who are in need of help. These specialists are very well trained professionals, who have dealt with many lawsuits. Most cases are related to road traffic accidents, accidents at work, tripping accidents, assault claims, accidents in the home, and holiday accidents. Although the field in which these attorney activate is not necessarily limited to these areas, these are the most common claims.

Whatever accident you may have suffered in the last three years that was not your call then call Worker’s Compensation Lawyers that can help you with your claim. The Accident Claim Company appointed lawyer will do all the work for you, it won’t cost you a penny to claim compensation & you keep 100% of the award for your injury claim when you win. For the many thousands of people genuinely injured or killed each year as the result of someone else’s negligence, then financial compensation awarded for their injuries, pain, and suffering is rightfully what they deserve.

The most common thing which happens with these lawsuits, is that almost all of them never make it to trial, but settle. That … Read the rest