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Here’s How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud

Bad guys are happy to watch Republicans waste time finding ones and twos, while the real action takes place by the thousands -- invisible to these batch, latency-prone systems.

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Election Integrity Network Releases Extensive List of Discrepancies Reported in Maricopa County Midterm Election, Slams Officials for ‘Misinformation’

The Election Integrity Network has issued a mind-blowing report on voter disenfranchisement and suppression incidents observed by 96 people in Maricopa County. One man was clearly wrongly turned away from the polls by pol

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The GOP and Sinema: A Love Story

Is Kyrsten Sinema considering coming over to the GOP?

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Couldn’t Be More Wrong About New York Police – More Does Not Mean Less

Veteran police officer Michael Letts discusses the latest – and confusing – words from the New York Democratic representative.

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How can woke warriors command an unsurpassed fighting force?

When leaders succumb to unwarranted pressure to diversify their workforce, time-honored guidelines and standards are inevitably waived or eliminated, and the organizations they lead becomes weaker, not stronger.

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Missouri Western District Court of Appeals and Secretary of State Ashcroft Apparently Parties to Amendment 3 Election Fraud

Court records demonstrate that Missouri's Amendment 3 marijuana legalization ballot initiative apparently involved petition signature "fraud", with the Missouri Secretary of State and Western District Court of Appeals inv

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Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer’s Founding of Partisan PAC Raises Ethical and Legal Questions of Possible Misconduct

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer is coming under increasing scrutiny after the botched election in Maricopa County, leading some to question his founding and operation of the Pro-Democracy Republicans PAC, whose st

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Thought Criminals: How Maricopa County Disenfranchised and Suppressed Voters With Election Fraud

IC Editor and Newsmax contributor Ralph Benko discuss the extensive anomalies that occurred during the Maricopa County midterm election, which needs to be fixed by holding a new election.

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China and America: The Wicked Witches of the East and West

After rewatching The Wizard of Oz, the author thinks he knows the real identities of the Wicked Witches of the East and West.

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