What if Churchill had accepted Hitler’s 1941 Peace Offer Carried by Rudolph Hess?

World War Two historians have shown that Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler never wanted war with Britain or France and that he took pains to avert one. As noted in Patrick Buchanan’s excellent treatise, “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War,” Hitler feared the outbreak of a Second World War and made clear he never wanted a […]

Arizona Governor’s Office Was Warned About State Vendor Who Allowed Woman in Vegetative State to Be Raped and Get Pregnant

Hacienda Healthcare of Arizona is under local and national fire after a San Carlos Apache womanin a vegetative state gave birth to a child a couple of days after Christmas. Hacienda Healthcare CEO Bill Timmons resigned a […]

Video: History of 357 Magnum Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the 357 Magnum ammo cartridge is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you. […]

Game Over: The World is Finished. Democracy Can’t Help Us Now.

As John Randolph of Roanoke, the conservative cousin of Thomas Jefferson, noted, “Providence moves slowly, but the devil always hurries,” where all utopian designs for radically transformed societies built into secular paradises have time and again succeeded at engineering an undemocratic “terrestrial hell”, whose population learns to love an enlightened despot. But now, what once seemed ‘politically impossible’ to Friedman is most certainly ‘politically inevitable’, and we understand well that “Man being imperfect,” wrote Russell Kirk, “no perfect social order ever can be created.” Therefore, ‘The American Dream’ can no longer afford the luxury of ‘turning the other cheek’ if we are to obey Christ’s greatest commandments: “2 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:2-17) Otherwise, it’s game over. Democracy cannot help us now. […]

Progressive Socialist Agenda for the Wall

The progressive socialists in our government have turned a deaf ear to the anguish of the American people. The deaths whether from murders by the illegal immigrants who they welcome and protect into our country or the deaths from drug overdoses coming over the border are ignored by the progressive socialists looking for anything […]

Progressive Socialist Lies About the Wall

It took a couple of weeks, but after all the temper tantrums of the leftist politicians, the babbling bobbleheads on the fake news media, and ignorant celebrities virtue signaling to their friends, President Trump took his agenda directly to the American people. When President Trump decided the American people needed to hear from him […]

LEAKED: Facebook’s Draconian Secret Rulebook for Regulating Political Speech

Facebook is trying to control political speech, but it’s doing it inconsistently and arbitrarily. A Facebook employee has given The New York Times over 1,400 pages from its rulebook on regulating political speech. He said he feared Facebook […]

In Roy Moore’s Senate Race, Democrats Copied Russian Election Interference Tactics

Democrats have been pushing a massive probe into whether Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election through fake social media activity. They claim to be horrified at the idea that someone tried to manipulate our elections. […]

The Factors of Failure

Mankind is worse governed than it needs to be. Attribute that, besides man’s inherent limitations, to the fact that we like to believe in stupidities and often follow those who lead us by telling the lies we wish to hear.

In every age, certain, devoid-of-reality prejudices are unthinkingly shared as facts. These truths-by-acclamation appear to […]

How the Allies Could have Prevented the Rise of Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust Part 4

This is Part 4 of a 4 series. Part 3 can be accessed here.

No Pacific War between the US and Japan

In actual history, following US President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s July 1941 imposition of the crushing US-UK-Dutch oil embargo that, had it been continued for over a year, would have left Japan unable to […]

How the Allies Could have Prevented the Rise of Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust Part 3

This is Part 3 of a 4 series. Part 2 can be accessed here.

Hitler and the Nazis Never Come to Power

It is universally acknowledged that the single most important by-product of the much-hated Versailles Treaty was the ascension to power of a certain Bavarian corporal named Adolf Hitler. Herr Hitler once remarked that […]

How the Allies Could have Prevented the Rise of Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 4 series. Part 1 can be accessed here.

Honor the results of plebiscites for territories the Allies sought to separate from Germany

One of Wilson’s Fourteen Points was the principle of self-determination for all of the people of Europe. However, this was one of a number of the Fourteen […]

How the Allies Could have Prevented the Rise of Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust Part 1

There is virtually no outcome in history that was unavoidable. History has shown that both World Wars were eminently avoidable as was, of course, the rise of Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, and the Jewish Holocaust which he perpetuated. Both world wars were begun, to a large extent, as the result of miscalculation or mistake. In […]

The Democrats’ Fluid and Cynical Immigration Policy

“Monolithic” is one word often used to describe the Democrat Party.  Whether it’s universal health care, abortion, or opposition to President Trump, Democrats invariably stand united.  But even loyal party members must find it hard to tow the party line on immigration, when the party line continuously changes.

Time to Start Imagineering a Post-Ayatollah Iran

A concerted effort on the part of Iranian citizens rioting, backed by cyber warfare, American air-power, and Israeli counterintelligence operations, would succeed in taking down the brutal Iranian regime. The hour of truth is now. It’s time to start imagineering a post-ayatollah Iran.

Over the years, I’ve written […]

Celebrities and the Progressive Socialists

Of all the groups of pantywaist soy boy progressive socialists, there is none more irrelevant than the celebrities who pontificate about the political leaning of their little socialists’ cabal.  Our President has stated many times that the acts and threats of physical violence must end. But it is obviously too much to expect a […]

India’s Narendra Modi’s Sinister Policy of Religious Intolerance in the World’s Largest Democracy

India’s Volatile Religious Atmosphere under Narendra Modi

My wife Pamela and I were sponsors of a young Indian girl via the auspices of Compassion International, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to the […]

Video: History of 357 Sig Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the 357 Sig ammo cartridge is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can also check it out on our 357 Sig ammo caliber page, on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on these Second Amendment video sharing sites: UGETube and […]

A Stream of Predictions for 2019

We can’t predict the future, you say? We can’t. But we can make some educated guesses. Some trends in 2018 make it possible to predict what will happen in 2019. Here are myeducated guesses.

Hillary, […]

10 Biggest Fake News Stories of 2018

President Trump tweeted over 200 times in 2018 about fake news. But it wasn’t all in regards to him. The left-leaning media showed plenty of bias towards people and issues on the right.

I’ve been hosting a weekly show on fake news […]

A Look Back at the Demise of the Mainstream News Media in 2018

One prevalent theme of 2018 was the further deterioration of the mainstream news media. The meltdown began in late 2016, after President Trump won the election. The media went into full assault mode, bashing Trump […]

Examining Private Prisons

Statistics on prison population

Private prisons make billions of dollars every year from overcrowding and selling goods and services. […]

The History of Police Militarization

Heavily armed police prepared for combat

The History of Police Militarization from the Prohibtion Era to present day. […]

Media and the Progressive Socialists

The news as it is today follows a familiar pattern. You wake up turn on the TV and hear about the latest “bombshell” of some supposed Trump malfeasance. All day and into primetime it Is blared throughout the world as the honest truth by those talking heads in the mainstream media. Sometime around 10 […]

Civil Asset Forfeiture Is Big Business

Stacks of hundred dollar bills

Civilians are being targeted by law enforcement in order to have assets seized without due process. […]

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