Ask Action Corps, a new lunchtime webinar, starts December 20th!

by ioby
December 9, 2016

Our new lunchtime webinar series, Ask Action Corps, is focused on addressing the challenges leaders sometimes encounter on their way to making positive change. The series is a conversation with ioby Action Corps (beta), our recently-launched initiative to connect project leaders with a network of experts for advice, support, and resources to help implement projects.   […]

Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge 2016 Update!

by ioby
December 1, 2016

This summer we partnered with the New York State Health Foundation to create the Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge, which promotes community health and wellness in nine neighborhoods and cities in New York — spanning 16 zip codes — including East Harlem, Hunts Point, Brownsville, Lower East Side, Mott Haven, Claremont and Clinton County. Through this first […]

Meet our new Pittsburgh Action Strategist, Miriam Parson!

by ioby
November 15, 2016

As we wrote to y’all last year, ioby began as a hyperlocal organization with a mission to support neighborhood leaders and residents making positive change happen where they live. Since our founding in 2009, we’ve become a national organization (meaning that anyone in the U.S. can use our platform and services), but we’ve also been […]

AWESOME PROJECT: The greatest water engineering model you’ve never heard of is getting a new lease on life

by ioby
October 28, 2016

Never heard of the Mississippi River Basin Model? Neither have most people, which is a real shame, because it’s a piece of world history, and it is magnificent. It’s a beautifully exact, awesomely gigantic, hydraulic model of the entire Mississippi River Basin (that’s about 40% of the US, for perspective), built in a 200-acre park […]