Stress and Anxiety Around The Holidays

Dealing With Anxiety Around The Holidays

Many families find that they are dealing with anxiety during the holidays. Between extra people visiting for the holidays, and the children being home from school and bored, many face anxiety during this time from the added responsibilities and the excitement. Here are some great ways to deal with the anxiety and get through the holidays with your sanity still intact.

Plan Ahead For Children With Activities

If you live in an area where this is snow, have the children have a snow man making contest with a promise of the first cup of hot cocoa to the winning team. This will get the children out of doors and in a physical activity that will hopefully wear them out for awhile.

If you don’t have snow, then plan another activity that they can do such as cookie baking or decorating or even ginger bread house building. Divide them into teams if you have enough kids and let them have fun. Don’t worry about the mess. The kids won’t be in the way to help clean up anyway, they’ll be off watching a movie or something and you can cherish the fond memories of while they were young.

Children could also enjoy some crafts such as making decorations for the tree or even making decorations for the elderly. Keep them busy with ideas and the time will fly.


Use low lighting when guests arrive and you won’t have to worry so much about the house being spotless. Give the feather duster to a young child and let them “dust” to help keep them busy while you ready for the guests. Enlist older children in helping to prepare snacks. If guests are overnight, make simple accommodations and remember to keep things simple. Enlist guest help (guests are generally relatives anyway) in preparing and cleaning up after meals. Use paper plates and reduce dishes.


Many are on anxiety medications normally, some only need them in crowds or during the holidays with large gatherings. There is nothing wrong with medications being taken to get you through these times. If they can help reduce your anxiety by all means talk to your doctor and request them.


Take some time to relax. Regardless of being on medications or not being on medications, be sure to schedule in some “me” time. Sip a cup of hot chamomile (or some other soothing flavor) tea and relax for at least 15 to 20 minutes twice each day. You may need to sneak off to do this but schedule it in and relax. Read a good book, soak in the tub, take a walk or whatever you need to do but take a break of some me time and you’ll feel more prepared to deal with your children and the guests.

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Learn to find simple ways to enjoy the holidays. Take the stress out of the holiday by pre planning or at least having some great ideas at the ready for kids and guests. Before you know it, the holiday will be just another memory and you’ll be eagerly anticipating the next holiday get together.

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Outdoor Decorating in Arizona

Outdoor decorating ideas in Arizona

The outdoor becomes your indoor when the temperatures are high. If you want to enjoy the sun during the day and the sky during the night in Arizona, then you need to be outside. To be able to enjoy and relax while outside, you will need to make the outdoor more appealing as you would the inside of the house. Therefore, the outdoor also needs decorating just like the indoor. The ideas are not the same and will vary according to personal likes and the desired effects. You may do this as a family affair or you can involve the services of an outdoor designer.

outdoor decorating ideas - flagstone patio coatingThe outdoor décor ideas will vary across the board and are not restricted but here are some easy and affordable ideas to use when decorating your homes in Arizona.

Lighting – light up your outdoors! Use of lighting can transform your yards to make them look spectacular. I light up garden is usually a sight to behold at night; very romantic and welcoming. Outdoor lighting is available in many colors, sizes and styles. They can be joule or solar powered. Adopt different styles of lights for different areas in the compound. For example you may use pillar lights to light up a pathway or hanging lights to light up your patio. You may also use lights to direct the attention to a certain feature or structure in your compound for example lighting the path to the gazebo. The ideas here can go wild, just be creative with the lights and see your compound transform.

Water fountains – they are created in very many designs, styles and sizes. They are also made of different materials like aluminum, concrete, stone and many others. Water fountains are available for purchase in many stores in Arizona or can be custom made to suit your needs. They are combined with stones, pebbles, soil and water bring a water fall effect to the home and some mystery. They make the compound cool by blowing water around if they are big enough. Always ensure that the water is changed as regularly as it should be to avoid clogging and foul smells in the compound.

Ponds – you can create a pond to take your outdoor features to another level. In the pond you will include water plants and maybe a waterfall accentuated well by the water fountain. Check the pond for water animals and remove them if harmful. If not you may leave them to make your pond more natural. Ensure though that the pond is safe for all your family members. You can make a bridge on top of the pond or if big enough a gazebo completely surrounded by the water. The ideas here will vary with your desires and how creative you can get with your garden. Water is always relaxing to look at therefore properly maintained ponds will help you unwind when you get home.

Furniture – outdoor furniture is made to be able to resist the wrath of the weather outside the house. There are those made of metal, reeds, wood, bamboo sticks, plastic and many other materials. Choose the furniture that complements your outdoor theme and completes the look that you want to achieve. For example for a natural look, plastic chairs or metal would not be the best, rather bamboo chairs would complete that look well. Outdoor furniture is available in different sizes, styles and shapes just like house furniture. Get furniture that is easy to clean and store when it is not in use, maybe during winter.

Plants – there are very many plants that can be used to decorate your compound. Also get the plants when they are in different sizes. This helps to bring out the effect of growth and progression in your home. If you plant some plants yourself, buy others that are bigger or smaller than the ones you have. Also use pots and vases that will help decorate the area. Pots and vases are available in many forms and styles. Choose the ones that blend in well with your theme.

Statues – they are made in different sizes and are of many different things to bring out the ideas and thoughts of an artist. Get the statues that fit in well in your outdoor design so that they bring out the right message for your visitors.

Concrete Resurfacing – Concrete surfaces are mostly the last surfaces to be considered for improvement with outdoor decorating options. When chosen wisely, surfaces can be improved with concrete staining in Arizona or concrete overlay products to simulate natural stone finishes.

These are just some of the ideas you may incorporate in your outdoor décor.

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