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Are you looking for professional translation services? We are the right for the task. For years, we have been providing high-quality human translations to individuals, governments, companies, and corporates in the various languages of the world. Our translators are native speakers from different parts of the planet with years of experience. Some of them have field-specific training, making them useful whenever you need accurate translations within a specific field (law, medicine, IT, etc.) We are available 24/7/365 to ensure that you get our solutions right when you need them.
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The Importance of Human Translation

Human translation is about converting information from a source to a target language by a trained professional in both languages. Its main difference from machine translation is, thus, the human touch. With human translations, you can communicate to audiences from any part of the globe in a more natural dialect.

A human translator is way better than a machine developed for the same job. They understand the subtle nuances in languages, for instance, need, intention, and tone. As such, they are capable of capturing these aspects in their translations, thereby communicating a message the same way it was in the original language.

When compared to machine translations, those by professional linguists communicate cultural elements way more effectively. It is because a human expert will convert the meaning of a specific text, and not provide a mere exchange of words. Whatever you target language, human translators will understand the context, and use correct grammar and syntax.

Our translation agency guarantees you accurate human translations of:

  • Medical documents
  • Legal papers
  • Business texts
  • Certified papers: immigration documents, birth certificates, academic credentials, police reports, marriage licenses, patents, and so forth.

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We Only Work with Native Speakers Translators

Wisetranslation offers translations by native speakers, who are trained professionally as translators or interpreters. Being an experienced translation agency, we understand that with native experts, we will manage to capture and communicate appropriate context and terminology in each language. All of our experts use the dialects of their expertise frequently. In fact, it is common to find them using one of the languages in the dialect pairs that they specialize in everyday communication. For this reason, they are well-conversant with the latest expressions and intricacies of the language you want to convert your message into.
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Services We Provide

We offer an array of translation services. Take time to learn more about each.

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High-Quality Online Translation Services

When it comes to communicating with your clients and other stakeholders efficiently, there’s no room for errors! You can take advantage of our excellent translation services for any document in any language. We have scaled up our competence by bringing on board expert writers who have reputable track records. We maintain the format of your documents unless specified otherwise, so you don’t have to worry about the layout.
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Why Trust Our Services?

You could be asking why to use our services and not others? We’ll tell you why!

  • people-powered translations
  • over 96% customer satisfaction rate
  • prompt delivery
  • native speaker translators

The fact is that many online translation services out there use AI and algorithms to do the translating. The case is different with us. All projects are worked on by real humans, meaning that there is no room for errors. We have a stunning 96%+ customer satisfaction rate, with millions of words already translated. Taking of efficiency, we are the best. We have thousands of translators working in different time zones, so you can be certain that we’ll work on your document immediately you place an order and deliver it on time. Worth mentioning, based on your language requirement parameters, assigned translators are native speakers, and so you can be confident of the quality and accuracy of our translations. When it comes to legal translation services, we pride ourselves in our competency, as we have worked on thousands of legal documents with utmost excellence. Why not give us a try today! Place your order.

We Specialize in a Variety of Languages and Services

Our translation agency provides solutions in a lot of language pairs and offers an array of translation services. By covering many dialect pairs, we help you attain the power to reach out to a global audience with your message. If you are in business, our professional translation services can assist in boosting the presence of your brand in new territories on the planet. When it comes to the types of language translation services we offer; here is what we can do:

  • Website localization
  • Content services: proofreading, SEO, interpreting, copywriting, etc.
  • Transcription
  • App localization

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any guarantees that translations provided will be professional?
Our company has gathered the best professional translators that have not just extensive industry experience but who are the members of ATA or American Translators Association. This professional association promotes highest level of expertise and constant career development. ATA membership is an acknowledgement of translators’ qualification and great skills and language fluency. Each of our translators have already completed hundreds of translation and are knowledgeable in different industries and know 100+ languages. They possess all the experience needed to provide the highest quality translation that will be precise, accurate and will completely correspond to the original text. After the translation is completed, the content will be carefully revised by the editing team to ensure everything is impeccable.
What will be the price for my translation?
Translation costs usually varies depending on the target language as well as on word/page count of the original document. Also, different types of translation will also vary in price. In case you need a technical translation it will cost more than general translation. In case you need your translation to be completed urgently, it might also require an additional payment. You can contact us and send electronic copies of your documents so we can tell you the estimated price for the translation.
What are your payment methods?
You can make payments with your credit or debit card as well as with your PayPal account. Also we accept bank transfers. Keep in mind that before our translators tackle your order you have to complete the payments first.
How long does it take for my translation to be done?
Time required to complete your translation will depend on multiple factors. First of all, the target language and the amount of words/pages matter. Usually, up to 4-5 pages can be performed during 1-2 days. In case you need more complex specialized translation more time might be needed as this type of translation require additional time to provide the accuracy. You can order urgent translation and in this case your document will be split up between different translators to be completed in time. Make sure to contact our support team in advance to ensure the smooth collaboration between translators to provide the highest translation results.
What qualifications do your translators possess?
All our translators have passed through thorough check and language tests to make sure they are fluent in foreign languages. Each of our translators has tears of relevant experience, education, certifications and are knowledgeable in different industries to provide specialized translation. Most of translators are members of ATA.
What languages do you translate?
Our service offers a wide range of translation services from over 100 foreign languages. You can check out the list of languages here.
Do your team uses machine translation tools?
We offer high quality professional human translation services from native speakers. We care about the quality of each translation and thoroughly check each order. That’s why we don’t use machine translation tools. Both translators and editors make sure that the original text is fully translated to the target language.