Remembering Imam al-Mahdi, the Imam of our Time

Every year, a special day comes to meet us–it comes bearing gifts, promises, and chances for new beginnings. We meet this day in return with wide open arms, gleeful at

The Tears of Palestinian Children

The tears of Palestinian children The prime minister of the Zionist regime, I mean Israel, walked in a unity march against terrorism You could feel the 2200 murdered Palestinians turn in their graves Each drop of their blood boiled when they felt the intensity of the irony How can you

Access to Education and the Muslim World

Education is one of the most indispensable issues for all social reformers and policy makers. No breakthrough is possible without educating man and making him capable of acquiring basic cognitive and non-cognitive skills necessary to think logically. The objective of school education is to equip people with the range of

Ornament of the Worshippers

While sitting amongst a group of companions, Imam Zain ul-Abideen (as) remarked that a believer possesses five characteristics. A companion named Tawus ibn al-Yaman asked the Imam to mention them, and the Imam replied, “[The epithets of a believer are five, and they are] piety in private, donating charity at

Abbas – Champion of Chivalry

It is very rare in history that a human being is created for the sake of another person and for the purpose of serving the cause of another human being.  However, this is the story of Abul Fadhl al-Abbas (as), the brother of Imam Husayn ibn Ali (as) and the

Is Freedom of Speech Absolute?

One of the rights which civilized communities and societies agree that every individual must be able to enjoy is the right for freedom of speech. What exactly is freedom of speech and should limits be placed to this right? Is it an absolute right guaranteed for everybody? It is natural

Unwise Conduct in Islam

Sectarian violence has been on the rise in the past few decades across the Muslim world. There has been an increased effort to create sectarian divisions and instigate mischief between the two major schools of thought in Islam, Sunni and Shia. Takfiri (a Muslim who accuses another Muslim or an

The Enduring Patience of Imam al-Kadhim (as)

Imam Musa al-Kadhim (as) is reported to have said, “Have patience in obeying and in not disobeying God, because this world is only a short period of time; you don’t feel the happiness and sorrow of what has passed and don’t know of what hasn’t come yet. Therefore,i have patience

Benefits of Quran Memorization – Part II

Read the first part of this article We live such busy lives that it can be hard to find time to fit in our basic obligations, like praying five times a day, let alone find time to memorize Quran. However, contrary to what one would think, it is quite possible

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The Orientalist in His Ivory Tower

For over a century, Eurocentric orientalists, living in ivory towers, decided to take up a sustained interest in Islam. These men labored diligently for decades, studying, researching, and writing tons of “scholarly” books and articles about Islam. Finally, they arrived at the most ingenious revelation: the Islamic tradition was a