Staying ahead of fintech disruptions,

is #Digitaligence at work!

Precision execution at every store, every time,

is #Digitaligence at work!

Delivering a seamless experience from click to brick,

is #Digitaligence at work!

Creating a contextualized experience for every guest, across all channels,

is #Digitaligence at work!

Customers tweeting their satisfaction 36,000 feet above sea level,

is #Digitaligence at work!

When automation, intelligent tools and a connected ecosystem power Manufacturing,

it's #Digitaligence at work!

Riding the digital wave to new revenue streams,

is #Digitaligence at work!


Leading industry experts globally are recognizing ITC Infotech’s ‘digitaligence’ – a validation of enhanced value delivery by the company. The company’s reputation as a long term, sustainable technology partner is built on a solid foundation of trust placed by leading global companies in ITC Infotech. Various awards & recognitions are further consolidating the company’s positioning as a formidable technology solutions & services provider.


ITC Infotech & British American Tobacco (BAT) were finalists in the category ‘Collaboration’ for the 2016 Paragon Awards by ISG – for demonstrating ground-breaking and inspirational approaches to sourcing.

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