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  1. Weird dream states: 3/5/2011

    March 5, 2011 by Jason Vertucio

    Ok so in my dream my kitten companion was named Julian (or Julienne, I’m not sure). S/he was a grey short-haired cat with a White streak looking like a scar across her face from left eye down past the right side of her nose.

    Or his, I swear my dream didn’t even make that clear.

    The house was laid out like my old one, now my brother’s house. And Julian hid under the dining room table a lot. During a party, I tried to convince Julian to go into the basement, which was empty. By the time I coaxed him to the door, my brother opened it quickly, scaring off the kitten.

    And then the only other part of my dream I remember is walking outside in what looked like a quiet part of Brooklyn, on one of those quests like in Dragon Quest where I had to find and return a medallion or something.

    I don’t know if I found it, by the way. I only remember walking and looking around for it.

    Sometimes my dreams are so weird. So weird.

  2. Hey I helped shoot a video

    February 16, 2011 by Jason Vertucio

    I am going to post a link once it’s posted and online. It’s an advert.

  3. I just wanted to see what happens

    by Jason Vertucio

    … when I have more than three posts on the front page.

  4. To-Do List

    by Jason Vertucio

    1. This Website
    2. The Other Website
    3. Zombie Voice Over
    4. Dockmaster audition for video game
    5. T-Shirt Design
    6. MSCP podcast
    7. a12m podcast
    8. NoTR podcast
    9. Get properly organised.

    What else have I got? Oh yeah. Stop spelling like it’s Canada.

  5. Your Secret Identity

    by Jason Vertucio

    Do you like music? Then go listen to Jason’s music project, Your Secret Identity. On the Bandcamp site you can listen to and download two albums, By the Way EP and The Sun Goes Down, for whatever price you want. Or for free!

    Seriously. Go and listen. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Hello world!

    February 14, 2011 by Jason Vertucio

    This is the first post on this site. I will be using the new WordPress MultiSite to put together the separate sections of Jason Vertucio: Musician, Web Developer, Voice Over/Podcaster.

    You can stay tuned here for more info.