What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format for distribution of content. RSS feeds allow your favorite news, topics, products, blogs and more to appear in your RSS reader as they are posted, without having to visit the Web site.

RSS feeds require an RSS reader tool to function. Most readers are free and only require downloading and installation on your computer.

How can I get an RSS reader?

Below are a few popular standalone applications or Web-based options you may find useful.

List of RSS readers:

How do I establish an RSS Feed? PennWell and Law Officer offer a variety of RSS feeds with headlines, descriptions and links back to the Web site for the full story.

Once an RSS reader has been installed on your computer, click the XML RSS link next to the category you desire. Then follow your RSS readers instructions to insert the RSS feed. In most cases, the process is very easy and may only require a few steps to activate. However, the process may vary from reader to reader.

In addition, you must abide by the Terms of Use.

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