Joanna May - Den Sessions 1 - July 2015

I'm starting a new concept which is "Den Sessions" and they are what it sounds like: devotional worship sessions from my den after my kids go to bed. I'm expecting to be able to do maybe one a week, not sure how long they'll be, but I'd love to have you follow along.

This first one has some real awkward moments. I'm a little rusty and there are also dynamics like wearing headphones. In this 30-minute segment, I struggle a bit. I don't have a music stand, so I loose all my papers. Twice. I didn't get a good seat on the keyboard and my right hand starts cramping after a while. It's also hard initially to get in a prophetic flow of worship by oneself. I struggle for words and phrasing, and am also noticeably out of practice for spontaneous singing.

But despite all that, I really enjoyed it. I felt the presence of the Lord, and was really ministered to. I didn't quite get out of my mouth what I was receiving from the Lord very articulately, but it's along the lines of:
We ask the Lord to refine us and make us holy as He is holy, and then life happens to us. (In my case, I was thinking about career, the chaos of children and household maintenance, etc.) and we somehow think that that 'life happeneing' is either an indication of our personal failure or a confirmation that Lord didn't hear our prayers, when in actuality THAT is His method to bring about His purposes within us, to refine us, to make us like Him. It doesn't come in the grandeur, it comes in the mundane, the exhausting, the disappointing, the enduring.
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