Barreira Script Lettering Workshop - Joan Quirós

Barreira Script Lettering

El próximo mes de junio impartiré un taller de script lettering en Valencia. En este curso de 12 horas de duración estudiaremos el lettering desde su perspectiva más ligada y continua a la vez...
Takk Oslo! - Joan Quirós Calligraphy

Thank you Oslo!

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I’m back to the studio after spending some days teaching Copperplate in Oslo, we had a great time between pointed nibs, ink and paper! It’s been a great experience for me, teaching for the...
Copperplate Workshop in Oslo by Joan Quirós

English Roundhand in Oslo

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I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be in Oslo next April teaching English Roundhand calligraphy, also known as Copperplate. This 16 hour course will take place at Kulturhuset i Oslo and we’ll study the basis of...
Happy New Challenges - Joan Quirós calligraphy

Happy New Challenges

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We’re consuming the last hours of the 2016 as I’m writing this words and, at this time of the year, lots of people are already thinking about their New Year resolutions, a kind of...
2016 Accomplishments - Joan Quirós Calligraphy

My 2016 Accomplishments

I’ve always been attracted by the possibility of doing an extensive revision of the year we’re leaving behind in order to analyse what happened in the last 365 days on my career. Usually, it’s...