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What is Krita?

Krita is a FREE digital painting and illustration application.

Krita offers CMYK support, HDR painting, perspective grids, dockers, filters, painting assistants, and many other features you would expect. Check out the gallery to see what other artists have done with Krita

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The Krita community is very open, welcoming, and supportive. There is always a lot more work than our small core team can handle.

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Interview with Marty Kulma



Interview with Marty Kulma
Would you like to tell us something about yourself? I only paint digitally.  Even though I love the way traditional paintings look, I haven’t painted traditionally.  A #2 pencil was my first tool for drawing when i was a child, and is still my favourite.  I’ve tried various pencils, c...
Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that.
Well, Marley might be dead, but Krita ain’t! So, here’s what’ll be the last beta build of Krita before the festive season really breaks lose. Apart from building, the Krita hackers have had a pretty good week, with lots of deep discussions on animation and coding safety, too. Oh &#...
Krita and KO GmbH
This might sound boring with all the excitement around our first beta for the 2.9 release, but in the interest of being an open project, it’s an important message. From January 1st, KO GmbH will no longer be involved with Krita. Until now, the Krita maintainer, Boudewijn Rempt, was employed at...
Krita 2.9: First Beta Released!
Last week, the first preparations for the next Krita release started with the creation of the first Krita 2.9 beta release: Krita 2.9 Beta 1. This means that we’ve stopped adding new features to the codebase, and are now focusing on making Krita 2.9 as stable as possible. We’ve come a lo...
Interview with Sylvia Ritter
Would you like to tell us something about yourself? I’m a digital painter, illustrator, concept artist and game developer, currently living in Dresden, Germany. In January 2008 I started drawing and painting regularly. I went from fineliner drawings to vector art, pencil drawings, sculpting, paper...
Interview with Esfir Kanievska
Would you like to tell us something about yourself? I’m a freelance commercial illustrator and artist, living in Kyiv, Ukraine. You know, that odd kind of girl that takes a sketchbook to wherever she goes and sketches whatever she sees. Do you paint professionally or as a hobby artist? I’d say, ...
Last two weeks in Krita — and development builds!
Lots and lots and lots (and lots) of new stuff! We’re getting really close to the 2.9 release freeze, which is currently set for December 10th. That means that the current builds are full of fresh code. In other words — they need testing. Now is the time to report bugs and issues! Kickst...
Last week in Krita – Week 45
UI Scott Petrovic revamped the UI of the transform tools for better readability and usability, and is now heading towards changing around the brush-settings. Boudewijn  changed around the way background colour works: now Krita uses white as the default transparency-fill colour. You can set this fro...
Interview with Eo Fenstalker
Would you like to tell us something about yourself? I’m Andrea, better known as Eo Fenstalker anywhere that it matters. I’m a freelance artist in my 30s living in Melbourne, Australia and I primarily focus on animal and fantasy related artwork under the name Toast Weasel Illustration. Do...
New Development Builds
It’s been about a month since we last published new development builds… And a lot has happened in the meantime. Now, before everyone starts downloading, a warning: THIS BUILD IS REALLY EXPERIMENTAL And we mean it. Not only does this build include a month of Dmitry’s work, but we al...
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