Mariana Seoane Naked Pic Leaked on Social Media

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.13.2018 - Mariana Seoane

marianaMariana Seoane is the latest celeb to have a naked pic hacked and leaked on social media.

At a press conference, the actress spoke about the situation, saying “Esas fotos fueron tomadas en el gimnasio, en los vestidores de mujeres. Entonces no tengo nada ni con quien disculparme, ni a quien ofendí, ni nada, al contrario, invadieron mi intimidad, y las sacaron pues ahorita.”

She then jokingly aded “Bueno, pues al menos ya se comprueba que no tengo tres tetas.”

Hey, better to take this with humor than let it take you down.

Maripily Wins Physical Fitness Competition

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.13.2018 - Maripily

maripilyMaripily has been committed to the gym and working hard for a couple of years now.

She took it a step further and entered a physical fitness competition, and she won!

The training paid off and she ended up with five medals. She won first place in the Fit Well ikini Open, second place in the bikini novice and Fit Well bikini over 30 categories, fourth place in bikini over 40, and fifth place in bikini open.

This is her first competition and did great.

Juan Gabriel Set to Come Back

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.13.2018 - Juan Gabriel

juangaJuan Gabriel died on August 28, 2018…or did he?

Accoring to a former manager, Joaquin Muñoz, that was not the case.

“Él simuló su muerte. Está en una casa, está bien, confortable y todo. El mes que entra nos vamos a dar cuenta,” he said.

He went further and gave a date for when el Divo’s return should be expected.

“Está preparándose todo para que pasando el día 15 (de diciembre) aparezca públicamente. Está aburrido de como está, la situación que vive él es horrible.”

This is a very, very strange story and why Joaquin is saying this, who knows, but this is not the first time he makes those allegations.

In a book he published, he made the same claim.

Adamari Lopez Being Treated for Influenza

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.13.2018 - Adamari Lopez

adaAdamari Lopez’s absence from Un Nuevo Dia continues.

The reason has been revealed.

The co-hosts of the show explained that she is being treated for influenza and that she is very thankful to all of those who have expressed their concern and well-wishers.

Some had speculated that she was expecting twins and that’s why she had been admitted to the hospital, but that is not the case.

Hector Sandarti said she is responding well to the treatment and Rashel Diaz reminded Ada how much she’s missed.

Maluma Names Sister Director of His Organization

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.12.2018 - Maluma

malumaMaluma has officially given his sister a big job.

He named her director of his foundation, El arte de los sueños.

Manuela Londoño will oversea operations and fundraising activations for the organization.

She spoke at the event thanking her parents for raising her and Maluma.

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