Angelica Maria No Biographical Series Due to Lack of Scandals

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.16.2017 - Angelica Maria

angelica+mariaAngelica Maria says a series about her life won’t be made due to lack of scandals.

The actress would love a biopic based on her experiences, but she realizes that it won’t be made because the networks want juicy stories and controversies, which she has avoided her whole life.

She told Notimex “Es difícil que las empresas se interesen en hacerla porque yo no fui una mujer de escándalos; sin embargo, mi vida ha sido muy difícil y llena de cosas terribles. Mi vida ha sido una lucha constante, y de momentos complicados al lado de mi madre y de mi hija, cuando las tres luchamos para salir adelante, pero eso no es interesante para las televisoras”.

Angelica says even when she had cancer she didn’t make it a big deal, so she doesn’t expect a plt to be written about her.

Miguel Bose Being Extorted Over Pics of His Kids

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.16.2017 - Miguel Bose

miguel+boseMiguel Bose is being extorted and it all has to do with his kids.

Someone has reached out to the singer demanding 60,000 dollars in exchange for not publishing pictures of his four children.

Miguel has purposely kept his kids out of the limelight and prohibited anyone from taking pics of them and posting them anywhere – their privacy is his main concern.

The pictures are from a trip Miguel took to Disney with the family. He had posted a shot from that day but with his kids strategically facing away from the camera.

Miguel has reached out to the authorities.

Lupita D’Alessio Not Proud of Things to be Shown in Series About Her

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.16.2017 - Lupita D'Alessio

lupitaThe series based on the life of Lupita D’Alessio is set to debut in just a few days, and she says it’s not all going to be pretty.

The series, to be broadcast on Televisa, will showcase her life and career from 1963 to current times.

Lupita opened up to producers and writers – sharing that she got married so many times to try and fill voids in her life.

She says “Hay muchas mujeres que están pasando por lo que yo pasé. Verán lo oscuro, lo fuerte, lo intenso, los excesos y peleas muy fuertes entre parejas, hijos y mamá.”

Lupita also admits that she hasn’t been the best mom, adding “Fui un mal ejemplo como madre y no me enorgullece lo que van a ver, pero creo que es necesario para que no cometan muchas mujeres el error que yo cometí.”

That alone makes us want to see!

Cristian Castro Ex Evelyn Vela May Stay Behind Bars For 20 Years

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.16.2017 - Cristian Castro

evelyn+vegaCristian Castro‘s ex has been arrested in Miami on serious charges.

Peruvian TV host Evelyn Vela is being accused of attempting to smuggle in 20 thousand false US dollars into The United States.

Apaprently, she was detained along with other members of a group dedicated to credit card cloning and falsification of money.

Evelyn is currently behind bars and, if charged, she could be sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Eugenio Polgovsky Dead at 40

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.16.2017 - RIP

eugenioEugenio Polgovsky has passed away.

The Mexican Institute of Cinematography confirmed that the Mexican filmmaker died at the age of 40 in London.

He received three Ariel awards for his work on “Trópico de Cáncer”, “Los Herederos”, and “Salto de Vida.”


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