Jaime Camil Gets Cheeky

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.20.2018 - Jaime Camil

jaimeJaime Camil is shooting a movie, My Boyfriend’s Meds.

He’s not one to get bored on set and during the film, that was not the exception.

He posted a photo where he shows off his tushy and simply said we’d have to watch the film to understand the image.

We’ve got the popcorn ready!

Horacio Pancheri Debuts New Hair-Do

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.20.2018 - Chisme

horacioHoracio Pancheri has changed his look.

Not drastically, but definitely something different for the actor.

Maybe now that he’s newly single he wants to explore a new image.

Do you guys like it?

Fernando Del Solar Not Friends With Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.20.2018 - Fernando Del Solar, Televisión

fer+solarFernando Del Solar clearly did not get along with cohosts Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo on ‘Hoy.’

He left the morning show after just three months, because he had only been hired for that trial period.

There was talk that he didn’t click with Andrea and Galilea – and he is confirming that now while at the same time saying ‘El Negro’ Araiza is a true friend.

He said “Como todo equipo hay con quien tienes más afinidad que con otros, son dos grandísimas conductoras tanto Andrea como Galilea, bueno “El Negro” sí es un amigo, es un amigo neta, los demás son grandes compañeros.”

That definitely sounds like things were just not cool with the ladies of the show.

William Levy Joins Cast of Star on FOX

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.20.2018 - Televisión, William Levy

williamWilliam Levy has joined a series on FOX.

The actor announced that he has joined the cast of ‘Star’ – and he thanked Lee Daniels for bringing him on board.

William will be working once again with Billie Woodruff and Queen Latifah.

He had been off the map for a minute so we’re glad to see him back in our faces!

Shaila Dúrcal Has Finger Partially Amputated

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.20.2018 - Shaila Durcal

shailaShaila Dúrcal has gone through some tough days recently.

She had an accident in which she lost part of her right index finger.

The singer said it hadn’t been easy, but was praying to get through this with her family.

Due to the recovery, she had to cancel a scheduled presentation. She thanked everyone for their support and said she was gaining back her smile.

That’s the right attitude, Shaila. Wishing her a speedy recovery

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