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By: Jordan Schuetzle, New Product Development
April 21, 2017

How Lawyers Should Ask For The Close

Working in sales is hard. So is running a law firm. But as it happens, the skills needed to close the sale in other industries can work for attorneys just as well.

By: Will Ashenmacher, Legal Marketing Expert
April 19, 2017

Best of the Rest: Marketing Lessons from Other Industries

What marketing tips do non-legal professional swear by, and how can they be applied to law offices and lawyers?

By: FindLaw, Legal Marketing Experts
April 14, 2017

How Law Firms Find Clients in the New Normal

The internet age has made it both harder and easier than ever to reach potential clients. Unfortunately, the new normal is a world where all of your competitors are in the same arena.

By: Will Ashenmacher, Legal Marketing Expert
April 12, 2017

Want to be a rainmaker? Patch the holes in your intake pipeline.

Intake issues you may not see could be causing your firm to lose clients right as they're ready to sign up. Here are a few ways to fix that.

By: Will Ashenmacher, Legal Marketing Expert
April 7, 2017

What Attorneys Can Control in Law Firm Marketing: Part II

Law firm clients do not behave in a linear, easy-to-capture fashion, but there are aspects of the legal client experience you can control.

By: Will Ashenmacher, Legal Marketing Expert
April 5, 2017

What Attorneys Can Control In Law Firm Marketing: Part I

Exercising control over a marketing strategy can seem daunting. Here's how to break it up into bite-sized pieces.

By: FindLaw, Legal Marketing Experts
March 31, 2017

How Can Attorneys Build Real Trust Online?

Building trust between attorneys and prospects online isn't all that different from how it's done in the real world.

By: Will Ashenmacher, Legal Marketing Expert
March 29, 2017

Fractured Market, Common Ground: The Value of Community

As the legal market splinters into ever-smaller and more specific fragments, it's more useful than ever to talk to people who get it.

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