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By: Michael Wallevand,
December 9, 2016

Bart, Lisa, Homer and Your Law Firm

Law firm marketing requires a long-term view with a consistent message, delivered repeatedly to the audience you desire. The Simpsons understood this and so should you.

By: Mark Jacobsen, Senior Director, Strategic Development & Thought Leadership
December 7, 2016

Things To Know About The Legal Consumer In 2017

Each year, FindLaw conducts our U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey. While this year looked to be more of the same from legal consumers, there are a few big questions to consider.

By: Aaron Hareid, Director, Digital Marketing Strategy
December 2, 2016

Watch Caddyshack, Then Watch Your Law Firm’s Performance

Ty Webb didn't measure himself against anything, really. And when asked about his golf game, he mocks the very idea of evaluating his performance. You, I’m afraid, have no such luxury.

By: FindLaw, Legal Marketing Experts
November 30, 2016

Is Your Law Firm The New Normal?

Face it: the legal landscape is changing, and it isn’t going back. Welcome to the new normal. There are higher expectations from clients, competition and the economy that can’t be ignored.

By: Tina Johnston, Product Innovation Manager
November 23, 2016

Three (Unexpected) Tips for Your Holiday Card

The law firm holiday card is a tradition that isn’t going away, and for good reason – it’s a chance to offer a personal touch in what can be a very transactional, needs-based business.

By: Michael Owen Hill, Product Portfolio Manager
November 18, 2016

The Medium and The Message

Different platforms have distinct user bases, often with their own set of expectations. When considering what to say, make sure you're accounting for both the medium and the message.

By: FindLaw, Legal Marketing Experts
November 16, 2016

Taking The Sales High Road With Your Legal Blog

A well written and maintained legal blog gives you a platform to reach out to online consumers who need an attorney. A blog addresses their issues while enhancing your SEO campaign. Here’s how.

By: Sean Sands, Digital Marketing Expert
November 11, 2016

Don’t Turn Your Social Account into Junk Mail

If you haven't used social media much, it can be hard to figure out where to start. But sticking to canned responses and generic "likes" won't get the genuine interactions you're hoping for.

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