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CTO , founder, software developer, strategist, sportsman, grammarian, coffee-addicted insomniac. Views are mine only!

London, UK
Joined February 2010


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  1. Mar 12

    Queue for the tube this morning at London Bridge!

  2. Feb 25

    Nothing better than cooking, eating and cleaning the house at 10pm on a Monday night! Er, wait, wtf...

  3. Feb 22

    Day 2 of going well... Here with the team! Some great talks from and on microservices, as well as good chats with sponsors and the teams!

  4. Feb 21

    Thanks again for wasting 25 minutes of my life trying to connect to your utterly shocking WiFi service! About as good as the home broadband service which they’re incapable of fixing in a timely manner!

  5. Feb 7

    In Spain with the old man, and we’ve been hitting the bars already!

  6. Jan 7

    I can never understand why managers try to rest players and win the match by starting them on the bench! Much better to have them start and get you ahead rather than chase the game later... Crazy

  7. 7 Nov 2018

    Item 28 seems an odd inclusion here - Although I suppose if you're struggling with the other 29, then maybe this is exactly what you need... 30 Powerful Habits That Encourage Happiness and Mental Strength

  8. 1 Nov 2018

    New out, nice work team!   - Whatever you're printing, we print it with passion.   via

  9. 13 Aug 2018

    Come on web team - get your act together, we as supporters and I’m sure his teammates too don’t want to see in an shirt on the site or the pitch!

  10. 7 Aug 2018

    Finally, the AI technology gets the green light... Beta time!

  11. 26 Jul 2018

    burned 555 calories doing 63 minutes of Aerobics, general

  12. 17 May 2018

    Another example of ... This white van being allowed to park on a dangerous junction corner, blocking the drivers' view and ability turn right safely, causing/helping the ! Everyone is ok thankfully

  13. 11 Apr 2018

    What is your point ? Why ask about non-personally identifiable data? The Facebook "pixel" can mainly only be linked to a person if they have an account. This is the problem with the forum, you guys don't understand the technology

  14. 11 Apr 2018

    There is a clear educational issue in the American government and with users of the Facebook platform, not necessarily a data privacy issue, people simply don't understand how these things work or differ to other non-tech services!

  15. 11 Apr 2018

    Stupidly structured and poorly planned sessions on the but the disrespectful questioning and over-talking by was a sign of a bully. Clearly these "congress-people" have no or very limited technical understanding of how these things work

  16. 31 Mar 2018

    Keane, dreadful. Scheiderlin, dreadful. , deluded. What on earth did he say to you to make you play so bad too? Where’s the creativity, passion and grit gone ?

  17. 19 Mar 2018

    Try - their print quality is amazing! My link gets you 20% off everything:

  18. 24 Feb 2018

    How about you play attacking creative players from the start you boring idiot! We deserve to lose, and you deserve to be sacked Allardyce

  19. 3 Feb 2018

    No Rooney, no Sigurdsson, no Tosun, no Baines... Big Sam, no brains... watching now! Seriously, what sort of proper manager puts a new defender straight into the team against good opposition???

  20. 3 Jan 2018

    This morning at the station, commuter “Oooh, is this the new timetable? Looks good”, attendant “Yes, but it doesn’t have the cancellations in, that one is too big!”


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