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Mad Hatter & Anonymous Cop

Buy a top hat or cop hat, a little face make up and colored hairspray, grab an old scarf or two and some funky clothes and you have yourself a couple clever outfits!

Dia De Los Muertos

Do a Google images search for the design you like, grab some face paint and get to doodling.  Accompany this with a suit and tie or button up and vest, a hat or super funky hair doooo and your outfit is complete.


Simply dress in black & white & red, tie your hair back with a scarf or bandana, find some funky striped socks to go with old pajamas pants or capri's and a tank top.  Accessories should include rings, bling, fish nets, toy gun or sword, and a brew.


All you need for this one is hair goop so you can slick it back, face make up, fangs, and an outfit to match.

Naughty School Girl or Zoombie Cowgirl

Throw on a mini skirt and heels and tie your hair back in cute pig tails for the school girl and unbutton your shirt and wear fish nets for the naughty.  Zombie Cowgirl is as simple as blue jeans, a flannel or brown jacket, cowgirl hat, low pontytails and face paint. 

LEATHERFACE, oldie but goodie!

Texas Chain Massacre anyone? We had to throw this in for you horror buffs! Dig out an old mask or get a cheap one and cut it down so it covers from forehead to nose. Use your eyebrow pencil or something like wise to give it the stitched on look.



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Sandal Scandal

Summer means some serious face time for your feet. We should sport some sandals sometimes. But beware as sandals can be too clunky, too chunky, too hippie, or just plain ugly. Read these rules and you'll be sporting your sandals in style.

Most of us bois and butches had some Dr. Martens at some point. The chunky black shoe with yellow stitching certainly served it's purpose at times. But summer isn't the time for cumbersome footwear. Instead, choose light and carefree sandals and avoid Docs or other sandals that look like a block of wood on your foot. The bulky uppers with thick foam and rubber-soles are a definite don't.

One of the worst designs in the world of sandals are the ones made for serious outdoor activity. You know the ones, they have those weird cutouts like your foot is in some type of kinky bondage. We don't doubt their comfort or utility with the huge sole and those hideous synthetic materials. However, function should never wipe out style. If you’re going to take a hike, do it in hiking boots.

It’s difficult to track down the culprit who created the sock and sandal combination. However, it’s funny to point out the offenders every summer. If it's so cold you need to wear socks, then don't wear sandals and you'll avoid looking like a stupid tourist.

Unless you’re a soccer player headed to or from a game, leave the athletic slip-ons at home. It may be easy and comfortable to slip into a lightweight foam and rubber sandal, but it’s not a statement you ever want to make outside your sport of choice. No matter how your wear the slide, it will always make you look like you just came from practice. Even Hope Solo can't defend this one.

Birkenstocks and Tevas are really only suited for a 60's sit-in. You probably owned at least one pair of these granola shoes for tree hugging camp and wore them with your baggy femiinism T-shirt, some cargo shorts and a hip hemp necklace. Sorry to say, but It’s time to grow out of your granola dyke stage. A women's sandal should channel casual sophistication, not a bra burning.


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MAC, Lady Gaga and Wonder Woman!

The VIVA GLAM and Lady Gaga collaboration takes off again in Spring 2011 with the unveiling of a hot new limited edition shade in both Lipstick and Lipglass. This seductively pale milky-beige is as enigmatic as the Diva's star persona and is inspired by her personal passions. No Bad Romance here. Every red cent from the sale of M∙A∙C VIVA GLAM goes toward the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund to help support women, children & men living with HIV/AIDS.
Only $14.50 each! It's time to Glam This Way... join M∙A∙C & Gaga's VIVA GLAM online movement today at!

NEW Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick & Lipglass

While you're there, you have to check out the Wonder Woman Collection of Colour, Accessories and online exclusives! It includes ultra femme eyeshadows and lipsticks as well as blush, bags and belts-OH MY!

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Fall Forward Fashion Let's face the facts ladies...fall has blown in and it's about time to check back in with our wardrobes. No more t-shirts, shorts or bikinis until next year:( Let's all go out and buy a few things for the fall to cheer ourselves up!

Hudson Earl Signature Bootcut Retail $165
Dark denim is essential for your fall wardrobe. These can be found @, but better yet, look at your local outlet store and get em for half off;) Hudson's look effortlessly cool in midnight blue. Fitted low rise that hugs and flatters like no other, you’ll want to wear these jeans every day. Perfect day or night, they’re destined to become the hardest-working jeans in your wardrobe.

French Cuff Shirt $28
Time to pull out the long sleeves again. This tailored yet comfortable shirt retains its sexy shape, while it stretches to conform to yours. Hidden button front and slight shirttail hem. Imported cotton/spandex. Find it @

Pinstripe Engineer Cap $16
Add a little class to your traditional winter hat with this cool cap. Made from a blend of wool and polyester to keep your head extra warm. Accented with a simple hat band with metallic button to hold at both ends and a pinstripe along every fabric to give it a more authentic look. Get it @ 

Women's Neon-Trim Knit Scarf $12.50
This super cute & comfy scarf pops beautifully against neutrals to add some fun to your fall.The cozy knit is super warm too:)  Buy it

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Quick and Clever Halloween Costumes Still not sure what to be this Halloween? Check out these easy costume ideas; so easy anyone can do it! Whatever you decide, just have fun with it. Don't take yourself too seriously...that's scary!


Simply dress in black & white and apply black & white makeup to your face! duh;)


Everyone has raggedy old clothes on hand! Take your scissors to them to create a pirate motif. You can also wear a collared black shirt and spice it up a bit with a cloth sash. Go ahead and make it yourself.


This is pretty self explanatory. Someone break out the Cheez Whiz!


Borrow an old suit or dress or go to the thrift store if you don't have one. Finish with ghoulish makeup and a dead bouquet. Congratulations!


Texas Chain Massacre anyone? We had to throw this in for you horror buffs! Dig out an old mask or get a cheap one and cut it down so it covers from forehead to nose. Use your eyebrow pencil or something like wise to give it the stitched on look.



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Tattoo Tips

Thinking of getting a tattoo sometime soon? Here are some tips to consider before you get inked!

Tattoo Do's
1. Always seek advice from others like your girlfriend, friends, and even family but make the final decision is all yours.
2. Look on the internet and in magazines for inspiration but your tattoo should be as unique as you are.
3. Choose something you think you will like many years from now as it's still going to be there when you're 80.
4. Carefully choose the tattoo artist. Make sure you examine their past and present work and that you are comfortable with her.
5. Be patient. It takes time to choose the right type of tattoo, the placement, the colors and the size.
Tattoo Don'ts
1. Don't do your girlfriend's name. You may think it's forever but don't ever do it!
2. Don't pick a tattoo off the wall. It's not you and it's not cool.
3. Don't start off too big or too bold. You can always add more later.
4. Don't get intoxicated in any way, shape or form. This is not the time for liquid courage. It's not only stupid; it can be dangerous!
5. Don't hesitate to make sure it's perfect before it's inked. After all, it is permanent.

Click Fashion Lush for more tips!

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Summer Styles It's finally & officially summer, and that means we all have license to walk around showing a little more skin than usual. For us ladies, that's particularly great because hey a) we have much better clothes than men do, and  b) it's totally socially acceptable for us to show off a lot more.
Let's face it—skirts are cute, but they're just not practical all the time. Shorts are the far more flexible and heavy-duty option—you can bike & run in them, swim & surf in them, you can do just about anything in them—and they're the staple item of summer. If you like the board short trend and hate short shorts,  this pair by Carve Designs has the best of both worlds ($60, Zappos).

Don't forget to show off those sexy feet, ladies. Other women have a great eye for shoes, so don't disappoint. For an everyday standby, try something like the Hush Puppies Leda. You can't go wrong with hand-burnished, softly milled full-grain leather and a cushioned memory foam footbed ($40 ,!

Feeling a bit showier? These are the Rusher by Fergie. Absolutely gorgeous fergilicious and will definitely elongate your legs ($99,


Although we're showing off our summer skin, we need to remember to cover up too! Every woman needs at least one hat to help ward off the sun and up her daily fashion quotient. A great fallback that will go with almost any outfit is a nice fedora, like this Zig-Zag one ($14.95, American Eagle Outfitters).

For beach wear, though, nothing beats a good sun hat. Try something like this. It's corduroy appearance makes it extra trendy.( only $20 @
Happy summer !
This post was contributed by Sara Bimmel, who spends her non-fashion-obsessing time writing about Halloween costumes over @

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Prep your Bikini Kitty for Summer!

Summer is here and the days of getting away with not shaving if you’re not having sex or not wearing a bathing suit are coming to an end. This is bikini season and full blown Spring Fever season for us lesbians! Time to shave on the daily ladies.

I am one of those women that do try to shave everything, everyday. However  I tend to get bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation no matter what shave lubricant I try. So it’s a daily isuue; do I have unattractive stubble today or do I shave again and have irritation, redness and ingrown hair? 

I’m sure I’m not the only woman who regularly deals with this. I thought I’d write a quick review on this topic as I recently tried a friend recommended product by Bikini Kitty that actually helped with some of these issues.  

Bikini Kitty’s Clean-Up Kit boasts to be a targeted body shave kit for the bikini and underarms which are definitely areas where ingrown hair are an issue for me.  I have to admit that when I first looked at the kit with all the different items it included and the lengthy instructions, my ADD kicked in and I was a bit overwhelmed.  I get in and get out of the shower as fast as possible, so the thought of adding a bunch of steps to my rushed routine was a bit of a turn off.  But don’t let this scare you off. This is a great product and you need to give it a chance! 

The kit includes: Bump-Free Exfoliation Brush, single blade Razor, Everday Magic Spray, BK Shave Gel, and BK Razor Oil. The recommended start-up schedule for your new shaving routine is a 7 day process.  Day 1–Trim & Spray.  Day 2–Brush & Spray.  Day 3–Shave.  Day 4–Brush & Spray.  Day 5– Brush & Spray.  Day 6–Shave.  Day 7–Brush & Spray.  After the first week, you should be able to shave as frequently as you wish.

I found that the Body Brush definitely provided bump-free exfoliation by stimulating and bringing any ingrown hairs to the surface.  It is a bit rough the first time if you’re not used to exfoliating those areas, but it does work and your skin gets used to it after a day or two. I also found that the Shave Gel and Razor Oil worked wonders when shaving the bikini area, underarms and my legs too!   I didn’t feel the need to over lather or continually reapply more gel as a very small amount covered an entire area.   I was able to get a very close, clean shave without feeling like I had to press hard or go over the same areas multiple times.  One soft and light shave stroke and I was good.  I am not sure if the Everyday Magic Spray is actually magical or if it’s the entire process as a whole, but after shaving on Day 6, my skin was super soft and smooth.  It’s a total self confidence boost when you don’t have to worry about bumps and redness in a bikini or panties. Another thing of note is that it’s been my belief, thanks to wonderful marketing by razor manufacturers, that the more blades the better the shave.  Well when reading the shaving tips provided by Bikini Kitty I realized that these multiple blade razors I have been using for years could be causing all of my ingrown hair issues.  Razors with 2, 3 or more blades are designed to pull the hair up out of it’s follicle, cut it, then let it snap back below the skin.  While that may be good for the closest possible shave, it’s definitely a major cause of ingrown hair.  I have officially made the switch back to a single blade razor.  Thank you Bikini Kitty

If you are unfortunate like me and plagued with continual ingrown hair issues, you definitely need to give this product a try. All Bikini Kitty’s products are made with spa quality, paraben free, non-toxic, cruetly-free, organic, vegan skin care ingredients.  Safe and safely tested:)

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Lesbian Ladyscaping
While lesbians can forgive a number of shocking fashion faux pas for the right girl, there are some mistakes no lesbian can bear.  A bit of attention to ourselves and some ladyscaping, where needed, should do the trick.  Here we highlight some lesbian grooming mistakes that instantly make the ladies lose interest.
Women have a very sensitive sniffer therefore your aroma is of the utmost importance. If  B.O., or even worse V.O., prevents her from coming within two feet of you, trust me-the two of you won't be getting any closer. Thankfully, there are a number of products out there that can keep you smelling shower-fresh all day long;) We recommend the Body Shop for great flavor & fragrance varieties. If you break a sweat easily, make sure to purchase a long-lasting deodorant and a heavy-duty, clinical-strength antiperspirant too. Consult your gyno if your "girl" smells or feels off in any way.
Nail No-No
No woman wants to imagine your hands over or in her if she notices visible dirt underneath the fingernails. For those employed in industries that involve getting dirty on the daily, spend a five spot on a nail brush & scrub underneath your nails whenever you wash your hands. Also, please take care to clip your fingernails evenly, avoid biting and deal with hangnails promptly. Neatly trimmed toenails are also a must. No one I know likes to get stabbed in the shin in the middle of the night by a jagged toenail!
Witchy Woman
When women spot even thin hair above the lip, it makes them think of men -- need I say more? Lesbians don't want to date a woman with chin hair like their grandma's either! Not bothering to deal with lip and chin hair suggests that you're somewhat lazy in the grooming department and may be falling short in other departments as well. This is easy to fix though!  Purchase a tweezer and a personal groomer, if you don't already have one. We recommend Tweezerman. They are reasonable priced, work fabulously, & available @ most drug stores! Pluck every one you can get out with the tweezer; they won't grow back as quickly. Then use the groomer to buzz the rest off. Follow with Witch Hazel to cleanse and soothe the skin.
Happy Trail
Another huge grooming goof is the fine hair that some woman have running from their belly buttons to their mons. Getting up close and personal with this hair is about as enticing as getting it on with a gorilla. If the amount of hair on your belly is in any way noticeable, you need to wax it or take a razor to it asap.
Lady Flake
It's always a major mistake when running your hands through her hair starts a snowstorm. Healthy hair is imperative to a healthy social & sex life. Your first step in combating dandruff is to head to the drug store to purchase a specially formulated anti-dandruff shampoo. We recommend Neutrogena T-Gel. Use it regularly until your problem subsides. For chronic dandruff accompanied by an extremely itchy or irritated scalp, consult a dermatologist immediately.

Remember: A clean, natural scent, white teeth, freshly shampooed hair & proper grooming are all signs you're ready to go;).

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Salon with a Cause Good Deeds

Static Salon of Long Beach not only provides outstanding hair service and skin care, they also have a passion for giving back to the community in which they do business. Every month, Static staff organizes a  fundraiser in order to assist others in need. Over Christmas, the all female staff raised enough money to provide 183 families of the Long Beach Womens Shelter with toys for the holiday. In January, they collected money for a local family whose house burned down. This month, Static is accepting $1 donations for Cut it Out, a program of the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund dedicated to mobilizing salon professionals and others to fight the epidemic of domestic abuse in communities across the US.Static will match the contributions dollar for dollar. Static Salon owner, RaChelle Daniels says she strives to teach the staff to give back and to work as a team in order to benefit clients and the greater community. This is a unique approach considering the typical cut throat world of stylists we are accustomed to seeing. Despite her perfectly coiffed, short platinum hair, RaChelle is no Tabatha.

A Cut Above

The staff is a bevy of beauties that actually take pride in customer service by putting your needs first and the salon environment is definitely welcoming whether you're lesbian, gay, straight, or otherwise oriented. It is also conspicuously clean and marvelously modern. RaChelle says they like to upgrade regularly with a fresh look to keep up with the ever demanding standards of the industry... Obviously! Whether you need a cut, color, wax or tint; Static will take good care of you. And you get to feel good about doing something for yourself while simultaneously doing something for the community. It's a win-win really:)
Exclusively for members: Static is offering a whopping 25% off any service when you mention They also offer gift certificates...perfect for Valentine's Day. Sign up for their mailing list & receive even more special offers. StaticSalon&Spa

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Fall into Fall

I don't want to admit it either, but the summer sizzle is over and the fall is finally here. With the inevitably change in season comes the unavoidable transformation of our skin, hair, makeup and wardrobe. Here are some tips to get you hip for the season.

Skin. Pay attention to any changes going on with your complexion so you can adjust your skincare routine accordingly. If you live in a mild fall climate, you can likely get away with using a regimen similar to what you did in the summer months. Once the cooler air blows in, you’ll have to upgrade to more hydrating formulas. Oily skin will become combination skin, and dry complexions will get more parched. Keep a couple of different moisturizers on hand so you're prepared.

Hair. At summer’s end, make sure to pencil in a trip to your stylist. Have those summery highlights darkened and those frizzy, salt watered, chlorined ends trimmed. Giving your hair a richer and more even color and your cut a snappy edge, will jumpstart your fall look.

Make-Up. Your skin tone is obviously deeper in the summer than it is the rest of the year so make sure the foundation you’re using matches your new autumn complexion. Simply apply your foundation and inspect your face in natural light. If you look like a pumpkin or like you fell in mud, it’s too dark. If it looks kind of ashy, well then it’s too light. If you can’t really see the foundation, then it’s perfect. Having two foundations in your stockpile is recommended; one for the peak of winter and another for the zenith of summer. In between seasons, go ahead mix the two together.
Don’t fret you can still look tan, sunny, and gorgeous long after the summer rays fade. Sweep powder bronzer across your cheeks, forehead, down your nose, and on your neck. This creates the healthy glow that you just can’t get from working late at the office.
Quick tip: If your makeup reminds you of sorbet, save it for next summer. Pastel makeup looks out of place in the fall. Instead try neutral colors like plums, grays, and browns.

Wardrobe. Put away the shorts and the lite brite colors. The change in season necessitates heavier, more toned down textural clothing to look chic and pulled together. Go with tones of plums, grays and browns in your attire too, even if you don’t wear make up. Black is also a staple of the winter so make sure you have plenty of it. You can add flair by introducing a more colorful scarf or other accessories, just don’t overdo it.

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Top 10 Fashion Tips  

1. Shave Baby, Shave!
This means your entire leg, your pits & your bikini area
2. Slick, Tactful, Toe!
If you’re scared of color, slap on some clear or neutral polish to those toe nails
3. A HA Accessories
Tasteful earrings, a necklace or bracelet makes you look like you got it together.
4. Tweeze Please
Tame & shape your brows. A little pluck can make a huge difference.
5. Match, Match, Match
Be prepared. Your socks, bras & panties should all match each other & your outfit.
6. Marvelous Makeup
Even a little lip gloss or bronzer brings out the grrr in the girl.
7. Tooth Truth
Whiten your teeth. It’s a cheap & effective way to brighten your appearance.
8. Hair Affair
Update your cut. We’re not living in the 80’s anymore.
9. Fashionable Fit
Too big or too tight is just too tacky. If it doesn’t fit, just don’t do it.
10. Wardrobe Renovation
Buy a few new & different pieces every once in a while to modernize your look.

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Summer Melt Down  lesbian_shaving_tips

We all love the summer but with the heat comes some particularly icky problems. Here are some remedies for the most common summer melt downs.

Problem: Stubble Trouble
Not sure we can help you with this one, girlfriend. You can try waxing or (nasty) Nair, but your best bet is to shave everyday with a fresh razor & some kind of cream. If you exfoliate with a scrub before shaving you may get longer results.

Problem: Wet Tit
Some girls simply swab deodorant beneath their breasts, but if this sounds strange to you, just use a lightly scented dusting powder with cornstarch which absorbs sweat & smells sweet.
Problem: Makeup Melt
There are a few, relatively easy ways to get makeup to stay put in the summer;you just have to be willing to buy some new stuff. The first is to use water-proof mascara & the second is to prep your lids with an eye makeup primer which will prevent shadow creasing & liner smudging.
Problem: Funky Feet
Try these tricks. Soak your feet in a little tub of hot water & epsom salt (or take a bath).  After soaking your feet, gently (or roughly) exfoliate using a pumice stone then MOISTURIZE your feet every day to whip those barking dogs into shape.


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Hot Panties   Woman Owned Lingerie Web Store wins 2009 Undie Awards.


We took a peek at their underwear and picked a few we liked to show you.

Take a look today.  Free shipping if you spend $70 or more. ;)


Diesel AEDNCFE Silky Stretch Culotte Panty

Stretch Silk boyshort with contrast stitching. Large Diesel logo on waistband-great for waist line exposure in jeans. Men's inspired foux front fly. Full coverage on the back and sides. Fit is true to size, but if you are between sizes you should size up. 


Diesel C7A1LWA Cotton Stretch Boyshort Panty


Diesel boyshort panty has sporty wide elastic logo'd waistband. Cotton/Spandex blend provides great stretch recovery. All around comfort combined with fashion from Diesel.



Fruit Of The Loom DC24004 Ladies Cotton Low Rise Hipster Panty- 3 Pack


 This Fruit of the Loom 3-Pack Cotton Stretch Low Rise Hipster is made from cotton blended with just enough spandex to give it the perfect stretch. This Fruit of the Loom boyshort panty features a comfortable, rollover elastic waistband and a heat-transfer logo to eliminate tag chafe. Low Rise styling offers moderate rear coverage. The packs are assorted and we can't guarantee what colors you will receive.


Hanky Panky 491031 Bridesmaid Low Rise Thong


A favorite lingerie piece among celebrities due to its all day comfort. This thong is the perfect bridal gift for your bridal party. This all over stretch lace thong features a wide elastic stretch lace waistband that won't dig into your hips. "Bridesmaid" Swarovski crystals detailing at left hip. Seamless stretch lace lies flat. Transparent stretch lace adds to its allure. So light and comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing underwear. O/S = pant sizes 6-12. 


Tommy Hilfiger 13M045TH Freedom With Lace Boyshort Panty


An everyday, essential seamless Tommy Hilfiger boyshort panty. Decorative lace trim accents the leg openings. Knit-in TH logo at left hip. Ruched center back provides separation for a more defined look. Elastic waistband is smooth under clothes and provides a comfortable fit. Tagless for added comfort. Seamless, low rise styling provides moderate rear coverage.


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Lesbian Chic hot_lesbian_fashion

If you want to become more style savvy you must ask yourself  a few things:

Have you had the same hair cut or style or  been wearing the same clothes for 3 years in a row? Are you always wearing the same damn colors?

First you must begin by caring more about what you put on. Rather than wearing the same shirt & pants, vary your combinations girlfriend. Notice gals who dress well & take note of which colors, cuts & styles they wear. Fashion savvy lezzies strive to be different from everybody else and are rarely conservative. Instead, they like to set themselves apart by buying new clothes that no one else owns or has seen yet.  Flip through magazines& browse exclusive stores to note what is new that you like.Try watching popular television shows for fashion ideas.Get to shopping in order to refresh & revitalize that boring wardrobe.Purchase at least one or two new pieces of clothing every season. Being stylish won't necessarily mean being expensive if you adapt what you see to your budget. By combining an avant-garde piece of clothing with one of your more conservative items, you'll soon find ways to look very stylish without having to buy clothes all the time. Start by being more receptive to new styles and you'll be chic before you know it.

 Remember lesbian chic isn't  necessarily those girls with pink hair and baggy pants. Remember you can be stylish and classy at the same time. Trendsetters don't necessarily wear crazy or ridiculous clothing. They simply adopt new fabrics, colors and cuts regularly. Now go, go now!

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Coupon Crazy  Check out these sites for deals on fashion. 
 is an easy way to find online coupon codes. Enter these codes at the checkout page of participating merchants for instant discounts. is a bargain site that lists deals, sales and coupons on thousands of everyday products. is a search engine that allows consumers to discover deals on thousands of products by aggregating deals from popular bargain hunting websites. helps consumers save money by offering easy-to-share coupon codes and printable coupons for a wide variety of major retailers. is a listing of free coupons, coupon codes, sales, and special deals for online shoppers.

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Fashion Trend Setters These out & about lesbians set the bar in fashion for us regular janes.
Pick up a pointer or two from these lesbian fashionistas.

Samantha Laurito

Samantha is a 23 year old openly out lesbian fashion model of all things. She is based in NY & has done many shoots including Gap and Benetton. Check out the hair color, curls and makeup in this one. She’s rocking it without going over the top. Fabulous for day to day casual looks. Take note girls.



Portia de Rossi
Portia plays Veronica in the new comedy Better off Ted on abc. Her suits are as sharp as her wit and her blouses are always tailored to fit. She accessorizes with the most whimsical of scarves. If you have to be a part of the 9-5 rat race, at least you don’t have to look it. Go ahead and stand out in the office crowd.





Kristanna Loken
Kristanna is a 30 year old actress and model known mostly for her roles in Terminator 3 and the L word. Take a peek at her sexy bed head, edgy necklaces and torn tee in this hot little shot for maxim mag. Subtle sexiness; perfect for clubbing or a concert without being too trashy.





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Great Lesbian Online Shopping


Jewelry: is the first high-end online destination for people who believe in equality, diversity and tolerance.  Their jewelry collections include engagement, commitment, wedding and anniversary rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, watches and other accessories for women and men.  They donate 10% of the net proceeds from all of their jewelry sales to non-profit organizations making a difference for the lesbian and gay communities as well as organizations who help create a society that is truly diverse and tolerant.  See if they are offering any discounts today by visiting any of our recommended coupon sites.

If you or your girl are sterling silver lovers but can’t afford designer price tags, is an affordable yet stylish online shopping spot to check out.  Nothing we have purchased from this site has been a disappointment to date.  From engravable jewelry to stand alone stylish silver, you will find multiple options for any budget.  Sign up for their email newsletter to receive sales notifications and discount codes including the ever-so popular free shipping from time to time.  We do!  See if they are offering any discounts today by visiting any of our recommended coupon sites.



Whether you are buying for you or for her, is our favorite online shopping recommendation for anything from tees to blouses, dresses to slacks, swimwear to lingerie, beauty products to pjs.  Sign up for their email newsletter to receive sale alerts and discount codes including regular free shipping offers.  We do!  See if they are offering any discounts today by visiting any of our recommended coupon sites.

For great tees, hoodies, socks, and boy shorts is the online shopping resource for you.  Although a little pricey for the average budget minded lesbian at $20-50 a tee, well worth the money.  Their styles are both trendy and comfortable, but not too flashy as stand alone pieces for the more boish lesbian.  See if they are offering any discounts today by visiting any of our recommended coupon sites.



Although you may be immediately distracted by their wide variety of sexy lingerie and fun “role play” type costumes, actually has a fabulous shoe selection.  From platform sneakers to mary jane flats, from fetish shoes to thigh high stripper boots, and from 3” heels to fuck me pumps, this online catalog is sure to intrigue even the most conservative lesbian. Shipping in So Cal is super fast.  See if they are offering any discounts today by visiting any of our recommended coupon sites.



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Affordable Basics

Ever wonder if you’re doing it right? Well here’s a bevy of affordable basics to get you started in the right direction.

victorias_secret_haltervictoria’s secret beach sexy®sliding halter top $15

comes in solids, dots, stripes, whatever you like. These itsy-bitsy bikini tops are at a itty-bitty price. Top has light removable padding to increase your bust or go au natural. Lined cups provide modesty, with double lining in the white for no worries when getting wet. Ties at neck & back for a perfect fit. Really flatters the flat chested. Imported nylon/spandex. Sizes XS-L.victorias secret low rise bikini bottom $14.50.



victorias_secret_bottomvictorias secret low rise bikini bottom $14.50

match or mix with your vs halter top; pick your top & bottom (ha) sizes & patterns & colors separately. with all the choices and such reasonable prices we can go crazy here! The bottom has moderate back coverage for a modicum of modesty and sits straight (pardon that) across the hips, very complimentary. Fully lined; white is double lined for, well you know. Imported nylon/spande.


aerie_plaid_boyshortaerie plaid boyshort $7.50

update your undies for spring and show off those girlie curves in this super low rise boyshort in plaid print. boyish and fun yet sexy in soft stretchy cotton 93% cotton, 7% spandex. Imported, machine wash

aerie_cherriesaerie cherries boybrief $7.50

yummy cheery, cherry print with pink color blocks. Honesty, who among us doesn’t love cherries? super low rise accentuates the hips for us girls without curves. 93% soft, stretchy cotton and 7% spandex. Imported, machine wash

aa_femme_briefamerican apparel jersey boy brief $13

A sexier, femme version of a classic men's brief. Super comfy with authentic fly. Comes in tons of cool colors. bois like it! Also available in a 3-pack of select colors at discounted cost of $30. 95% Cotton/5% Spandex Jerse

aa_deep_sexy_vneckamerican apparel unisex short sleeve deep v-neck $22

indeed, it’s the softest, sleekest, most figure flattering V-neck available anywhere we’ve looked. Looks absolutely fab with jeans or with just your undies. Comes in 20 cute colors. 100% Fine Jersey cotton with durable rib V-neckband. It’s unisex size so us girls may prefer to order one size smaller than usual


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Fashion Faux Paus

Ok, so we’ve probably all done it and you know who you are. Just please don’t do it again


There’s no doubt these lil leather loafer thingys are comfy but don’t be tempted by this fashion no-no. With so many fashionable sandal options available, there is simply no excuse for going anywhere in these.  

lesbian_flannel_no_noFlannel shirt

Flannel was probably invented for keeping lumber jacks warm and cozy in the winter while they busied themselves downing timber. You won’t be going down on anything in this dowdy number. So forego flannel, unless of course you’re a lumber jack.

lesbian_denim_dontDenim Shirts

Denim is superb for blue jeans but was never really meant for shirts, unless you like the look of wearing bottoms as a top. Worse yet are those ones with a stitched doily, flower or butterfly or whatever the hell else they’re customized with. You know, like the ones Rosie wears. Anyway, denim shirts are a definitely don’t


Short in the front and long in the back is not the way we like it. If you’re at all worried that your hair looks even slightly like a mullet; it IS a mullet. Make a decision already! Do you want long or short hair? You cannot have it both ways silly girl! Besides a mullet is a fish not a style.


dont_wear_this_outSports bras

Sports bras are for wearing under your clothing when you’re working out. For example running, lifting weights, roller blading. Please do not wear them under your everyday attire or out and about at Dinah or pride. It may be hot outside but it’s just not hot.


pleats_are_deadPleated Pants

Pleated pants are for straight people and you don’t want anyone confusing your orientation. Stick with flat front pants, shorts and skirts. Besides your grandma wears pleats doesn’t she? Oh, and when you go to the drycleaner be sure to specify no creases ;)


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