Rules 8-ball billiards

Goal of the 8 Ball

Punch all the balls of your color (half or full balls) one after the other and finally sink the black 8 to win the game.
Play sequence

At the beginning of the game, ejection is determined, who starts. For this, both players hit the white ball to the right footband and then try to bring the white ball as close as possible to the left headband. The player whose ball is closer to the left headband wins the ejection and may begin. In multi-round matches, the loser of the preliminary round always starts in the following matches.

The whites may be placed freely in the headboard (the left third of the table). Both players try alternately to sink the balls of their own color (full or half balls) and finally punch the black 8. Pay particular attention to the messages in the news section! Here you will find explanations of the current game situation. If there is at least one ball at the start, the kick-off player is further off. Each player is as long as he punches bullets of his own color with correct blows.

1. Aim

You always see 2 directional indicators at the 8 ball pool hack. The one indicates the path that the hit sphere will take. The other roughly indicates the direction in which the white ball will run after the collision.

There is the “ghostball” as a target aid. This indicates where the white ball will hit. There are 3 possibilities for placing the ghostball:

a) Move the queue around the white ball with the mouse button pressed down until the ghost ball is in the desired position.
b) Just click where the ghost should be placed.
c) Move the ghostball to the desired position by holding down the Mapp key

Of course, you can also combine all the techniques, first click roughly near the ball you want to hit and then put the queue in the right position.

2. Fine adjustment

To fine-tune the shot direction in small increments, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

3. Impact strength

You can adjust the shock intensity infinitely. Click the desired position in the impact strength field. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys for up and down on your keyboard.

The impact strength is reset to a medium setting after each impact.

Tip: The impact strength does not increase in a straight line. At low shocks, e.g. Very fine gradations possible.

4. Effet

Use Effet to control the behavior of the white ball after the collision. To give an effect, move the red dot with the mouse on the large white sphere, or just click on the desired position.

The effect of the effect depends on many factors such as the impact strength and the distance between the white ball and the hit ball. Basically:

The further outside you hit the white sphere, the stronger the effect of the effect.
If the whites are hit (top spin or run-effet), they roll forward after the collision. The rebound angle from the hit ball is weaker.
If the white is hit at the bottom (back-spin or reverse-rebound), then the rebound angle is stronger. The white brakes more strongly, stops or even rolls backwards.
The farther away the ball to be hit is, the more weak the effect already on the way

A comprehensive explanation of the effects of the effect breaks the frame. Experiment in different situations with different effets to get a feel for which effect is appropriate in which situation.

In this simulation, Effet has no influence on the direction of the hit sphere.

5. Pushing

If you are satisfied with your settings, release the impact. To do this, press either the “space” key on your keyboard or click the “push” button in the game.


Normally, you take over the situation at the table as it is when you’re off. If your opponent finishes his shot with a foul, e.g. Because the whites have fallen, then you get ball-in-hand.

Ball-in-hand means that you can place the white ball anywhere on the table freely. Except for a kickfoot, there are no restrictions as with the “Bar Billard” (whites from above over the middle play or similar).

To place the whites, simply drag the ball to the desired position while holding down the Ma key. You can also change the position after releasing the ball.

Impact time

You have only limited time for each stroke. As soon as you turn, the clock begins to run backward. If you do not make a blow before the end of the impact time, this is considered a foul. The opponent gets ball-in-hand.

How to protect yourself against hacker

The most important first: The = sAz = Clan rejects all forms of BF2 cheats and hacks. Using a cheat or hack is like shooting a tailed bear: it does not require any skills, and it tells you something about your character. And anyone who disrupts BF2 Serverhacks while playing games, hopes to get a sense of power at short notice. Sad.

Protection against hackers?

Counter-hackers can be protected to a certain extent. In addition to the control by Punkbuster we are, for example, to PBBans and GGC, whereby a number of hacks are automatically or manually revealed. All servers that are connected to these vendors have shared banners. Who is banned because of certain cheats or hacks there has no access to the servers. Of course there is a constant race between hackers and the protective authorities.

Hacker, hackers, have to spend money, Buy a BF2 hack software, get updates, or even buy a new CD key if the old is banned due to cheating. For the normal player or operator of a BF2 server, the updates against hacks are free. This all remind me to the old Mobile Strike Hack that were leaked everywhere on the internet.

Here is a small selection of BF2 hacks and their mode of operation. You can see very quickly that you do not have any skills to make a few points in the game with this great “BF2 Hackz”.

How to detect cheaters at Battlefield 2?

That’s not always easy. A player who hits very well does not necessarily have to be a cheater / hacker. It becomes strange only when it hits out of impossible positions (behind buildings) or distances (despite fog). There are a number of BF2 tools that can be used to name Spoofer (BF2 name Hackbuster). On Punkbuster screenshots (PBSS) Game Rendering Hacks and Visual ESP Hacks. And with the Battlerecorder files one can look at the game process again in peace: if then a player (without Commander) always purposefully runs to the enemy, although none has shown it, it also succeeds to recognize a cheater at BF2.

Concluding remarks

Some offer Battlefield 2 Hack downloads, where you can choose to use all or only a part of the hacks and promise “hacking and cheating made easy”. Occasionally, they also transfer Trojans, so that their own computer becomes the Tummelwiese for all. And the duration is also limited. Because a so-called undetected BF2 hack is quickly known at Punkbuster – and thus again useless.

Unconfirmed is the rumor that there will soon be a Battlefield Hack, where you only joined the multiplayer server, everyone else falls dead and you automatically get 200,000 points as the winner. From the Cheater Community, soundfiles were also wanted, with great applause and calls like “Well done – you are the best” to be heard.

My Singing Monsters Game and Music in One

Our current app of the day is the game My Singing Monsters for Android and iOS, in which their singing monster must breed. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

My singin Monsters or even dragon-breeding games are available for Android and iOS yes some. Just think of Monster Legends or Dragon City. The special thing about My Singing Monsters is that the monsters have their own sound and thus provide variety in the game.

My Singing Monsters combines game and music

First of all, My Singing Monsters is a monster breeding game. This means you have to buy eggs that can be hatched and then placed on the island.

In the next step, you must grow food, which you can then give to your monsters, so that they rise in the level. As soon as two monsters have reached Level 4, they can be crossed together to create new monsters with different characteristics, thus expanding your “choir”.

The “choir” is created by the fact that each monster has different audio effects. One monster is considered a drum, another is “Bam”. The combination of this in My Singing Monsters gives a nice music background. Monsters that are not supposed to sing can be muted or reduced from the volume.

Decorations, other island and more

Since there will be some space in the game when too many monsters are bred in the My Singing Monsters app, more island can be unlocked. You can also place decorations in My Singing Monsters so that the monsters give more coins. There is also a memory game in which you have to tam four monsters in the correct sequence in the Simon Says mode.

Goals help in the game, because in addition to experience, a lot of coins and forage are needed, which is also offered by the goals. Similarly, My Singing Monsters is a lot of fun to grow the different singing monsters.