Lynx Insights is an investigations firm that finds facts in a world of opinions, diversions and misinformation.

We work with law firms, corporations, investors, organizations and individuals across the globe, helping our clients solve problems, assess risk and maximize opportunities.


Lynx is an innovative professional services firm that combines cutting-edge technology with decades of investigative experience. Our clients are attorneys, deal-makers, corporations, government agencies, nonprofits and media channels who seek insight and resolution to their most critical issues.

Our investigative practice combines sophisticated public records research capabilities, online data-mining and cyber techniques, and a unique track record of obtaining actionable information from witness interviews and field investigations. The principals of Lynx are Giles Miller and Josh Lichtman, each of whom have over 20 years of investigative experience working for top litigators, Fortune 500 corporations and financial institutions.

Practice Areas

  • Lynx provides litigators with hard-to-find facts that are specifically relevant to their case. Learn more.

  • Lynx brings you facts about executives in potential deals, so there are no surprises down the road. Learn more.

  • Lynx helps you evaluate and respond to allegations of fraud, corruption and workplace misconduct. Learn more.

  • Lynx conducts asset searches to provide you with a financial snapshot of your opponents. Learn more.

  • Lynx implements intellectual property protection programs for media, luxury goods and pharmaceuticals. Learn more.

  • Lynx assists corporations who are the targets of online abuse and fraud by hackers and cyber-criminals. Learn more.

  • Lynx identifies, preserves, collects and reviews electronic information for legal disputes and investigations. Learn more.

  • Lynx identifies, monitors and archives social media in a format that is admissible in court. Learn more.

  • Lynx helps filmmakers and podcast creators to identify witnesses, round out profiles, and solve problems. Learn more.




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