Ship Earth Fault Indicators Working With simple Diagram

Earth Fault Indicators
          Ships 440V and 220V isolated system should have insulation indicators in order to indicate the presence of earth fault in the system. Generally two types of earth fault indicators are fitted onboard, Earth fault indication Lamps and An instrument showing Insulation with respect to the earth (Ohm meter). 

Cold Starting /Warming Up/ Initial Starting and Stopping Procedure for Boiler

Cold Starting or Warming Up or Initial Starting Of Boiler
         Cold starting means starting off the boiler from a state of comparatively lower temperature and pressure than normal working values. In other way we can say that cold starting is  starting the boiler for the first time in its lifespan. It is ,indeed a very critical operation because the variation in temperature and pressure may lead to thermal stress resulting in cracks of tubes. Below you can find the step wise procedure of cold starting

Short cycling in Refrigeration system, Causes, Remedies

Short cycling in Refrigeration system, Causes, Remedies
 Continuous starting and stopping of the  compressor is called short cycling in refrigeration system. Plainly speaking short cycling means the constant repetition of refrigeration cycles within short intervals. This may be  caused by a low pressure cut out or high suction pressure cut in, during short time interval.

Safeties In Refrigeration And A/C System Onboard Ship

Safeties In Refrigeration System Onboard Ship
> HP cut out: Trips the compressor if the pressure rises above  the working level
> LP cutout: trips the compressor when the pressure goes below the working pressure
> Differential lube oil pressure cutout
> Relief Valve in the condenser

Refrigerant Leak Detection Methods In A/C and Refrigeration System Onboard

Electronic leak detector
Today  electronic refrigerant leakage detection device is very common in marine field  owing to  the ease of usage. It is very crucial that one should take care of certain aspects regarding its usage , before using it.

Marine Hydrophore system Working With A Simple Line diagram, How to Charge Hydrophore ?

                       In ships ,fresh water is used for various purposes, like cooking, drinking, cleaning etc. Have you ever imagined  how the continuous water supply is made a reality, also  with enough force to meet the various demands in a ship?

Fresh Water Generator Principle, Working, Line Diagram, Parts and Functions

        As you all are aware of the fact that freshwater having a lot of uses on board ; it is used on board for drinking, cooking ,washing ,cooling medium, boilers,  tank cleaning etc .And because of all these reasons there is no wonder why freshwater consumption is  very high on board ship. Generally 100 litres are considered  as per day consumption of a man on ship.

What Is TDC Of a Piston? 7 Ways To Find The TDC Of an Auxiliary Engine

            TDC (Top Dead Center) means the upper most position of piston in the cylinder of an engine. It is the point from which ignition system measurements are made and the firing order is determined. Engineers are using different methods to find out the TDC of an Auxiliary engine. Here  you can have a look at some of the  methods to find out the TDC.

SOLAS Regulations For Steering Gear, Relief valve and Steering Gear Control

International Maritime Organisation (IMO) conventions regulates the design of steering gears. You can have a look at  the main points of requirements here.

Open Circuit, Short Circuit & Earth Fault, Effects And How to find Circuit Fault

Open Circuit Fault
       An open-circuit faults is due to a break in the conductor, as at A (Fig), so that current cannot flow.
Effects:- An Open circuit fault will not allow the motor to start. If the fault occurs in 1 phase when the motor is running, the current in other two phases will increase and burn out the motor