Impact of Brexit on Work Today

The votes are in! The United Kingdom has officially decided to leave the European Union. Mavenlink CEO Ray Grainger shares the impact "Brexit" has on the future of work. 

Thriving in the Service Level Economy

This article is excerpted from the exclusive Mavenlink ebook, Thriving in a Service Level Economy.

Growth Strategy: 3 Signs Your Tech Company Needs a CFO

 A CEO wears many hats. At a services firm that’s in high-growth stage, the CEO often performs functions that a CFO provides, including accounting and bookkeeping. But today’s CFO provides much more value beyond accounting. The CFO structures an organization’s business to support growth and scalability. He or she develops models and strategies for various financial performance scenarios. He helps turn new services into profitable and sustainable offerings. It’s pretty nice to have a CFO at...

The Surprising Truth About Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is a major issue, especially at small to mid-sized companies where the cost of losing employees is a lot to bear. Retaining employees means ensuring their success within your organization, however they define their success.

A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

Here’s what your day will look like if you become a project manager, from veteran project manager Sam Malik.

Victim of Scope Creep? Here’s How to Cut the Creep

If you provide project-based work to clients, you’ve no doubt encountered scope creep. Scope creep is the tiny request your client asks you to do once, outside your agreed-upon contract, that can balloon into many requests for which you aren’t compensated.  

Monday Blues? Research Reveals 9 Ways to Get Better Sleep

Mondays are better when you come in refreshed. It’s all too common to see people with Monday blues, feeling ill at ease, having trouble focusing and thinking clearly, or generally seeming less motivated. When that happens, your projects become at risk: You may be slower to spot issues and less sharp at resolving them. In fact, here are all the ways poor sleep could contribute to a reduced quality of work.

Launch New Offers Profitably | Mavenlink Checklist

New offers get the innovative juices flowing amongst services teams. But, they can also create a lot of stress on your business model — it’s hard to be innovative and profitable. Not to mention that with the pace of change in professional services today, many PSOs are feeling the need to accelerate time to market for new PS offers to capitalize on industry trends.

5 Tips for Effective Global Resource Management

The services industry is seeing professional services leaders take additional steps to effectively manage their global talent pool. As the SVP of services at Mavenlink, I stand by all of these tips for more effectively managing your resources globally.

4 Steps to Improve Utilization Rate

Increasing utilization can have a huge impact to both your top and bottom line. For a 100 person services team, increasing billable utilization by one hour per week per person at an average realized bill rate of $200 per hour increases your annual revenue by $1M.

Ebook: Turn Projects into Profits

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