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Google tries to quash antitrust lawsuit over Android

Before they force Google executives to cough up their internal email records and testify in court, two Android smartphone consumers suing the company will have to come up with more facts if they want to proceed with their antitrust case, a Read More →

What privacy will look like in 2025, according to Pew study

As the year winds down, we're being bombarded with predictions about what's in store for 2015. But a new report released today by Pew Research is looking further ahead — at privacy in 2025. The report comes in the wake Read More →

Peter Thiel taking human growth hormone to make it to 120

Peter Thiel is known for his big bets like PayPal and Facebook. With his campaign contributions, the Libertarian Thiel influences the Republican party, as Heather Somerville wrote recently. And now he is relying on human growth hormones in the hopes Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the Thursday menu. U.S. links Sony hack to North Korea, the New York Times reports. Wednesday, Sony announced it would not be releasing "The Interview." Experts are saying the Sony hack may be the Read More →

Oracle’s stock price jumps on earnings report

Shares of Redwood City-based Oracle - which closed at $41.16 on Wednesday - were up more than 8 percent in early trading Thursday, following the company's announcement yesterday that its second fiscal-quarter sales rose 3 percent from a year ago, Read More →

Quoted: Is Yahoo too old to grow?

"Sometimes companies have to act their age." — Aswath Damodaran, professor at NYU's Stern School of Business, on the nearly 21-year-old Yahoo. A New York Times Magazine story explores CEO Marissa Mayer's efforts to restore the Silicon Valley company Read More →

Off topic: Fake eyes, Jackie Chan’s style, pilots of Instagram, best ads of 2014

Look at this: How Disney Research is working on making realistic computer-generated eyes. How to do action comedy, an analysis of Jackie Chan's movies from Every Frame a Painting. The pilots of Instagram take beautiful Read More →

Media companies lose bid for video of Jobs deposition

A federal judge has denied a bid by several media companies to broadcast a deposition of Steve Jobs taken just months before his death in 2011, handing Apple another legal victory. Jobs was the star witness in an antitrust trial unfolding in Oakland federal Read More →

Samsung reportedly exploring an answer to Apple Pay

The peace between Samsung and Apple may prove to be short-lived. Just as the companies are winding down their patent battle and deepening their relationship in the supply chain, news has broken that Samsung may be exploring an alternative Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the Wednesday menu. Google detractors take fight against "Goliath" to the states, with the movie industry and others (including an organization backed by Oracle and Microsoft) pushing state attorneys general to investigate the company over privacy, copyright and more. Read More →
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