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New 60 Minutes Poll Says Radio Is How Most People Consume Music

Posted by on April 10, 2014 at 1:43 pm

Study on how people consume music

A new poll by 60 Minutes shows that almost half of the 1,017 adults nationwide that were polled get their music from the radio. It made me do a double take and then I thought…wait a minute, 60 Minutes is for olds!

Maybe it's because I live in NYC where we have no major rock station, and mostly have pop and hip hop stations but I never listen to the radio. I will put on SiriusXM occassionaly, but otherwise I am my own DJ. I am using either Spotify or iTunes.

There was no information on what parts of the country were polled or the average age of the submitter, so I thought we could conduct our own informal Metal Injection poll. Please take a moment to vote below, I'm curious about the outcome:

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  • I purchase most of my music, but rip it to my PC. My external is filled to the brim with tunes and I love being able to listen to it on 5.1 surround sound on my Foobar2000 (fuck iTunes). With that being said, there is no better way to listen to music on a nice summer day, with the windows down, jamming the heaviest shit you can think of. There is no USB port in my car, so I go the old fashioned way, by staring at my music selection and seeing which album I feel like listening to that day. Today was Obscura for this beautiful 65 degree day.

    • chance

      Fuck yeah thats how you do it! I cant stand the radio, same 20 song playlist all fucking week. Its my Ipod all day long, in the morning, in the truck, all day at work, all day everyday

  • Terry Miller

    Seriously?! If all people think exists is what's on the radio, they are missing out on some really great music. I NEVER listen to the radio. I have a huge range of music interests and very little is ever heard on the radio. Popular music hasn't changed, to me, in the last ten years or so, anyway. It's mostly mindless drivel. I do like a few bands like Stone Sour, the new Avenged Sevenfold, and a few more, though, I'll admit. But I go more for Veil Veil Vanish, Wartapes, Crashdiet, Wildstreet, Jettblack, Reckless Love, Minerve, My Silent Wake, Eluveitie, Lowe, Blacklist, and the list goes on. It's not because I want to be the "I'm cooler than you" type. I just think the majority of popular music is terrible. If radio is all I had, I wouldn't be into music at all.

    • stevekaez

      where i live there are a few metal stations that i always listen to when driving. they play everything from lamb of god to bfmv, devil driver, Metallica, amon amarth, slayer, they play everything metal and nothing else.

      • Terry Miller

        Must be nice haha Nothing like that here. I need to look into an adapter to connect my player through my car stereo…problem solved lol

  • Cory Monster Cereske

    I use just about every service I can in order to find new music but it pretty much all comes from my computer first.

  • mitchell271

    To be fair, the majority of us don't get our music from radio because we all listen to, let's be honest here, a niche genre. The only kind of metal that gets played is stuff that's not really heavy, like Avenged Sevenfold or Stone Sour.
    Considering the amount of listeners pop stations get and its pop music's ubiquity, that poll makes sense.

    • pageantcrack


  • 60 Minutes + CBS + Music Poll = An age demographic that skews to a much, much older crowd than the average internet user. When you view the poll with that perspective, it becomes much more easier to understand why all of the figures seem so off.

  • Frank the tank

    youtube is my best friend when it comes to new music.

    • Lateralus

      theneedledrop is my friend

      • Chris Simopoulos

        Cal Chuchesta is a key factor too. But, 100% this^^

        • Lateralus

          Hahahahah, yup :D

    • big dick 412769

      YouTube is shit cus most modern metal is shit thus most uploads are shit. Best source to find new bands is seeing what bands your fav musician likes/is influenced by

      • Chewymidget

        That solves that then, thanks 'Big Dick 412769' for clearing that up for us!

        • Rusty Hermiston

          When your view is judged by a big dick, then we all start to worry.

  • CynicalMushroom

    I about shat when I heard Bring Me The Horizon on the radio in some guy's car. I agree that our respective genres are pretty off the beaten path of the mainstream "Metal" scene.

  • nosense

    This survey doesnt make sense and is basically worthless. I think it was built by dinosaurs who don't understand the music biz at all. Redeem yourself by finding a survey by someone actually in the marketing or music business.

    First of all, I listen to shoutcasts on my computer. I call this radio. The only reason you might not call it radio is if you think radio means "FM radio". It has more in common with radio than other things: it's an uncontrolled, curated, stream of music. I could listen to them on my phone, as well…

    I listen to siriusXM also. I call this radio. Same reasoning applies. But some people might think it means "digital music service", if they think "radio" means strictly FM.

    I listen to my local metal HD FM radio station (yes, believe it or not) on shoutcast also, because I don't have an FM HD receiver in my house. How do I classify this?

    Now, if you use a "digital music service", do you use it on your "iPhone", or on your "Computer"? Which of those do we pick?

    What if you use it on your android phone? Not an option. What are you going to pick?

  • Colby Stearns

    I used to listen to the radio, but not so much these days. Much of my music consumption comes from my iPod and the computer, though I always like to buy CDs (have 300+ of them) and play them in my car and boom box sometimes, since I want to keep that format afloat as much as I can.

  • anaszombie

    CD player if i have the CD, mp3 if im out and computer to find new music..never radio..

  • Lateralus

    Maybe it's because we are actually interested in music, a lot of people don't even care and just listen to whatever (which turns out to be the radio).

  • Pachoot

    Already more people then the other "poll"

  • Jacob Shane Sereno

    I live in Dallas and we have great community radio stations I listen to alot. Knon 89.3 has 2 great shows that play nothing but metal. One is tonight, Hard time radio. listen in on you computer!!!

  • Benjamin Kadaffi

    This is exactly why We started our show about underground bands.

  • pat

    The only radio I listen to is the Bridge and the metal channel(which mostly blows) on Sirius in my girlfriends car.

  • Sam Feist

    Where's the "RIP Dime" option for the poll?

  • Death2Jesus

    I believe it

  • RipperRipperRahj

    I would rather listen to talk radio than any "music" station. If I didn't have my phone in my car for whatever reason, I think I would just rather drive in silence than "all of today's greatest hits"

  • Brandon Harris

    i hate the radio… radio doesnt play METAL case closed

  • Jules Lynch

    I think there's a huge sample bias here. Obviously people that participate in surveys conducted by 60 Minutes are likely to be old cvnts, therefore listen to a lot of radio broadcast. In the same vein, Metal Injection participants are likely to get their metal fix in places other than radio, due to there being no good metal stations (in my country, at least). Pretty stupid survey if you ask me. It's like going to your local butcher and conducting a survey to find out how much of the population is vegetarian

  • Cherish

    I've lived in two major cities; Phoenix had one "rock" station and they only had metal from like, 7-9pm sunday nights. Philadelphia I haven't found any! But of course, a larger percentage of people that are perfectly complacent with pop & rap/hiphop are going to listen to the radio more; that's the demographic that they cater to!

  • Minnesota Madman

    I haven't listened to the radio since 1999. 93X Clear Channel and Cumulus media can lick my balls.

    • Headcrusher2014

      Yeah here in middle Missouri we had one 'rock' station 100.1 the buzz, it was alright if no option was possible but cumulus changed it to talk radio then country. daytime for the channel sucked but late nights they played older Slayer and whatnot.

  • Kentus

    There is not even "Rock radio" in my country (France), The most brutal sound you could hear is Nickelback…

  • Joshua Chap

    The only radio station I ever listen to is my local college radio station if there are no other options, but that is pretty rare. At this point I think more people listen to music on there music channels on their tv then listen to radio.

  • Alex Everingham

    Phone + Spotify = Greatest combo ever.

  • rob

    What's radio?

  • Jure

    From a statistical point of view, doing this poll on the Metal Injection website is not really getting an accurate sample from the community. Granted, this is good for finding out what metalheads use to listen to music. However (while I still believe it to be inaccurate), those at 60 minutes/Vanity Fair did collect from a larger spectrum of the community. I do agree that this poll should be redone, but probably not on this website.