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Thoughts on ActiveRecord Callbacks

15 Apr 2020

Guidelines I use for determining if and how I want to use everyone's favorite before/after hooks in Rails

Deploying Jekyll sites to Heroku with Rack-Jekyll

08 Feb 2012

Heroku is a phenomenal service for deploying small apps since they have a great free plan. Rack-Jekyll is a gem that makes deploying a Jekyll site to Heroku easy, but there are a couple gotchas with making the current version work.

How I learned to stop worrying and love REST

04 Feb 2012

Though it might be one of the most abused terms in web development today, learning and using REST correctly can make life much easier for you.

Rendering a collection of partials with layouts and content_for

02 Feb 2012

Partials in Rails are a powerful tool to create DRY-er code, but, once you go beyond the basic use-cases, you can quickly find yourself frustrated. Here's how I managed to solve one problem I ran into.

Using Decorators to improve your Inherited Resources experience

22 Dec 2011

Inherited resources is a wonderful, and powerful gem and with a few tweaks we made the base functionality much more generally useful.

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