58 Minutes of Mishka Records: A Mix for Summer (@thrdsuk)

(Photo by Ryan Dorgan)

Fashion and style website THRDS out of the UK recently reached out to me about doing a mix for them.

Being as THRDS is a site that focuses on apparel and brands, I decided to take the time to craft a mix featuring only releases from Mishka Records.

While most of the tracks are from 2015 releases, I also included a handful of my favorite past...


Mishka Records Presents: W3NDCH3LL, Pt. 3 (Slap)

It is with bittersweet emotions that I release the closing piece of W3NDCH3LL today.

It has been one hell of a week, one that I will hopefully remember when I'm wrinkled and slower to get out of a chair. Thanks to Via Rosa for all three pieces of art and Kawaakari (of production duo Meniskos) for mixing/engineering all three releases. 

Spread throughout the week, W3NDCH3LL is a three-part instrumental series capturing the...


Tonight: Hot Sugar and Ben Aqua at Chicago's Berlin Nightclub (@T0TAL_THERAPY)

What the hell are you doing tonight? If you're logical and well versed in the social world of Chicago, you'll know that tonight is the last Thursday of the month and that means Total Therapy at Berlin Nightclub. If you aren't familiar, cancel all of your plans. Let me coach you.

We've seen numerous big acts stop by Total Therapy throughout the year, but the party seems to continue to grow.



Hanging Around with Kembe X (@KEMBE_X)

I'm not entirely sure how the new music video for Kembe X was shot. The camera was upside down and so was Kembe? My brain hurts but I can't stop grooving.

Done in one take, the newest visual piece by Kembe is one to listen to more than once. Featuring production from Hippie Sabotage (a good combination that we have seen...


On My Own: The New World of Brooklyn's blasé

Definition of blasé: unimpressed or indifferent to something because one has experienced or seen it so often before.

Step inside the world of blasé, a new duo seeping out of Brooklyn's competitive and creative music scene. If the definition up above is any insight into their outlook, it should be clear that this duo is going against the grain, focusing on originality rather than simply...



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