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Squibs Finds Vocal Takes in Thrift Store, Creates Split Single

Kansas City producer Squibs is pleased to release a split single simply known as A/B. While split singles happen all the time, this one is a wee bit different. I'll let Squibs tell the story himself:

As a producer I don't really have a voice - so being at a thrift shop and finding these vocal takes on a flash drive was really crazy. It was like meant to be or something.



Tracking Ten Tunes: Summertime Sunglasses

It's been eons since I did a single song round up on the Mishka Bloglin. Usually my posts are dedicated to more fleshed out projects or visually stunning music videos. That being said, plenty of songs have been released recently that deserve some love on the blog. Some have 100 plays while other have surpassed a million. Some have been out for a few days, while others have been out for months. There's no rhyme or reason other than all ten of these songs contain good...


Aminé's Yellow-Tinted, Tarantino Heavy "Caroline"

Portland is heating up with this one. Rapper Aminé (don't you dare forget the accent mark) released the visuals for “Caroline”, which is steadily approached half a million views. Rocking a Pulp Fiction tee with plenty of yellow surroundings, the high res video showcases a buzzing talent who shows no signs of going away any time soon. Eat a burger, put on some brightly colored shorts, and dance out of the...


Rikki Blu + Free P + Elevator = Flow River

If you're unfamiliar with the channell, an Elevator video can do no wrong. And neither can a song by Rikki Blu. So when the two linked up for the video for “Flow River”, it was a guaranteed match.

Produced by Free P, the video shows Rikki Blu vibing up on the top floor, reflective and euphoric. Explore the rooftop vibes with this one and be sure to check out Blu's EP,...


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