Setting @thestand4rd with @spookyblack @ALLANKNGDM @bobbyraps @psymun

I saw The Stand4rd last Thursday in Chicago. The sold out show had a line wrapped around the door as eager fans waited in the cold hours before the quartet was scheduled to start.

At 26, I was definitely one of the oldest people at the show. The venue (Reggie's) was packed with diverse teenagers in bucket caps and hoodies up, singing along loudly to OG Maco's "U Guessed It" by the opening DJ set from...


Ten Tunes for Tuesday

Are you seeing the growing trend here?! All of the songs mentioned (except one), which all feature vocalists (except one), are first credited with the producer. These are all producer-driven projects or collaborative projects. Could this be a shift in the game where the producers are finally getting the credit they deserve, dropping their own projects with featured artists? Is 2015 the year of the beatmaker? Is it finally cool to shout-out the producer first? ...


Five Videos Because it's Sunday

Dance (in the rain) until midnight because on Sundays, you can do whatever you want.

Nosidam. – Turn the Lights Off

“Turn the Lights Off” is one of the smoother tracks that R&B singer Nosidam has dropped this year and now it gets the visual treatment....


Bells & Whistles with @BlockheadNYC

I need 800 more listens before I can properly review and analyze Blockhead's newest instrumental LP, Bells & Whistles, his sixth in ten years.

Constantly progressing and experimenting, Blockhead has entered the realm of six minute...


Get L_ST with @Black_EL

Boston full-time rhymer and part-time cosmonaut Black EL delivers with his debut full-length, L_ST.

While at times he rides around in his whip and hits the scene ('95 White Maxima'), the majority of the time he is auto-tuned, floating...



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