How does Government suffer from Cyber attacks?

Don’t you think that other than cyber security agencies this is the duty of government to provide protection to its every citizen? Their record should be safe in the systems of government so no one can take advantage it.

What if the government is unable to protect the systems from the hackers and who are doing a cyber crime? Here are some of the reasons through which government can suffer just because of failed cyber security.


Due to the insecure systems of the government, it may happen that people who belong to some different country and who are trying to crash down the economy of your country can be successful in their mission.

They can have all the secrets and information about the economy of the country and can leak it to the other people. They can stop the major websites of the country and for a certain time government is going to be in big trouble.


Hackers are capable of attacking the things which are under the control of the government. If hackers are entering into the systems of government through malware or phishing then they will take control of all the business.

To prevent the attacks of hackers on the major firm, a government needs to hire the top cyber security companies which will be able to deal with the hackers and which can detect the changes in the systems immediately.


Hacking can lead to the terrorist attacks as well. Due to the no protection of cyber crime, terrorists may reach to the patient record and to the map of the hospital from where they can start entering into the place.

This is not a safe thing for the citizens as well because hackers will be able to get the data of any individual by hacking the system of the hospital and they can harm the people just due to the negligence of the government.


Banks are the main sector of any country and when it comes to the economy and business of the country then it all starts with the bank. By hacking the systems of the bank hackers will be able to know about the investments and business.

Banks hacking can destroy the government and in few cases, just by hacking the bank systems hackers will be able to transfer the amount from the banks to their country or in their accounts which are going to be a major loss for the country.


In order to save the country from any kind of damage which can ruin the government, there should be several steps taken by the rulers of the country. For further information, you can go for dfars 252.204-7000 government regulation assistance.

The government will be able to understand how things are going to be protected and how they can keep the hackers away from the sensitive agencies of the country. The government needs to meet the companies which are expert in providing cyber security to the country to make the residents safe.…


The Political System Of Russia

The land of snowy mountains and Vladimir Putin- Russia certainly possesses a unique awesomeness that makes it stand on the edge of the world. The political system of Russia is one of the most recent systems to clinch democracy. However, it is essential to note at the same time that the political system of Russia remains flawed deeply in terms of its massively influenced personality and power of a single man, Vladimir Putin; democratic credentials and overwhelmingly tainted corruption. Russia is described as a federal presidential republic with the adoption of the new constitution in the year 1993.

The President

There are strong powers granted to the President of Russia. The President possesses the authority to issue directives and decrees that come with law enforcement without any legislative reviews. However, it has been laid down by the constitution that the directives and the decrees issued by the President should not contravene other laws or documents. Thus, it can rightly be said that the Presidency of Russia is a very strong one. The power of the President in practice is underlined by the President’s power of making the appointments of the most important officials. The employees of several state-owned companies are directly under the control of the President. As per the Law on Presidential Elections Russia, it is important for the winner to get minimum 50% of the votes cast. In case, no candidate is successful in receiving over 50% votes cast, the top two qualifying candidates face each other in a run-off election.


The Executive

It is the President who appoints the Prime Minister in Russia by taking the suggestions of the Duma. The Prime Minister is first in line to the Russian Presidency in case of resignation or death of the Russian President. The role played by a Prime Minister in Russia was quite subservient in comparison to that played by a President. Nevertheless, everything changed in this field when Vladimir Putin pledged as the President of Russia in March 2008.

                                                                                                               The State Duma

The State Duma is the lower house of the Russian Federal Assembly. The State Duma is a very powerful house because all bills and even the ones that are proposed by the Federation Council are first considered by the State Duma. Nevertheless, the powers of the Duma into forcing the resignation of the Government are completely restricted. The Duma might express a vote of no confidence in the Government through a majority vote of all its members, but the President possesses the power of disregarding this vote. There are a total of 450 members comprising the State Duma and they are called Deputies. Previously, half of the seats in the State Duma were elected through proportional representation and half of them were elected through single member districts. But a decree passed by President Putin in November 2007, made it mandatory that all seats in the State Duma will be elected through proportional representation with minimum 7% of the vote required for qualifying for the seats.