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Email: sales@guitarsalvage.co.uk or telephone (uk): 07596 533687.

We are always looking for used spare parts and damaged electric guitars. Contact us and let us know what you have for sale.

The guitars we sell are lovingly assembled from the best bits we have in stock so each guitar is a custom built instrument. We have sold Fenders that have been rebuilt using pickups from Manson guitars and have assembled some awesome beasts using brand new, unmarked bodies (damaged guitars that have broken necks) marrying them with vintage necks and hardware.

These days it is difficult to find a reasonably priced, custom built guitar, everything on offer appears to be a cheap Chinese import. For the price of a factory built 'same as the next one' guitar we can offer something a little different and unique. Our prices start from £85.00 upwards.

Are you closing down your music shop?

If you own a music shop and want to retire and you need to dispose of your stock or have a quantity of 'B stock' that you can't shift and a storeroom full of used or unwanted spares, then get in touch with us.

We would be more than happy to talk to you and discuss a fair price and maybe buy some or all of your surplus stock.

Email: sales@guitarsalvage.co.uk or telephone (uk): 07596 533687.
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Hohner L75

The products we make or resell are fit for purpose and are good enough to do the job they were designed to do. They might be old or preowned or made from a combination of new and recycled parts but (if treated with respect) they should offer their new owner good service.

We have new Telecaster type guitar necks in stock

  • Made from maple and fettled in the UK
  • Smooth guitar fingerboard edge
  • Satin finish and lightly oiled
  • Installed with double style truss rod
  • Email: sales@guitarsalvage.co.uk or telephone (uk): 07596 533687.