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Artist Biography: Torn Images The collaboration with OCMA (Orange County Music Awards) 2013 nominated producer Jon O'Brien and live sound engineer/drummer Tyler De Young in October 2012 create...]]> Artist Biography: Manilow Artist Biography: Annika Forrest Project Annika Forrest is a mystic on a shaman path, weaving stories of healing, transformation, and courage throughout her creative expressions as a singer/songwriter and guitarist. Her love of nature and spirituality converge both in her music and her paintings. Annika grew up in the mountains of Oregon's coastal range. Surrounded by artists and musicians she began singing, playing clarinet and piano, composing and performing at an early age. She began playing guitar and writing songs at the age o...]]> Artist Biography: Optikonz After living and touring the United States independently for about 9 years (San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Baton Rouge), Shamari Rockca relocated to Berlin, Germany after landing in Germany on March 24, 2011 in which thereafter he started living in an area between Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg and touring Europe as he often travels between Scandinavia and Germany. His pa...]]> Artist Biography: Dismal Beeches Artist Biography: Katagi I make simple music that comes naturally to me. Whatever words flow naturally, and whatever melody feels good is what I record. I don't think about anything, I just vibe with the music.

Making music is a kind of therapy for me. Whenever my mind gets too busy is when I put pen to pad and press record on my iPhone. 

I love all kinds of music. Everything from indie rock to rap to metal. The thing that ties most of my favorite artists together is honesty, and I make honest music...]]> Artist Biography: Michael Cullen True Believer is Michael Cullen's long awaited follow up to his critically acclaimed rst album, Love Transmitter. Nine new songs recorded on tape, mostly at Space junk III and Studios 301 in Sydney between 2010 and 2013 and mostly written in a burst in 2010/11. Co-produced by Michael with timEbandit Powles (Tim Powles, of the Australian masters of guitar atmospherics, The Church). Five songs, 'Black Dog', 'Cha ...]]> Artist Biography: Noa May|May Noa May has a voice like Jekyll and Hyde. Her breezy lilt can be heard whispering on one side while the monster on the other passionately spits her poetry. California-based Bracket -- comprised of vocalist/guitarist Marty Gregori, bassist Zack Charlos, guitarist Larry Tinney, and drummer Ray Castro -- got together in the early '90s and first showcased their power pop and punk sensibilities on the self-released 7" Giant Midge EP. Playing all around the...]]> Artist Biography: Spiral Jetty Club Spiral Jetty Club is an experimental project consisting of CK Sanders and producer Craig Levy of Little Pioneer Cider House,  as well as a rotating cast of musician friends. A finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for their song "Aztec Soldiers," they just returned from a UK tour. Watch the new music video for "Sex at Dawn" here:

JUNE 16, 2014 -- Brooklyn,...]]>
Artist Biography: Akrasis Max Bowen raps and plays the guitar solo on 'prolegomena to no future'. Mark Mckee created the instrumentals and plays trumpet. Camille Dozier did the artwork and Laura Udelson rendered it in photoshop. Safari Al (Alex Kollman) raps on 'just friends'. Clavius Crates (Evan Haywood) raps on 'reality is my girlfriend'. Miles Serber mastered th...]]> Artist Biography: Four Fours We're The Four Fours, an alternative rock trio from lovely, hilly Derbyshire in the UK.

How would we describe our sound? Very to the point. We're certainly not Prog. It's kind of crunchy, but smooth and drivey too. We reckon it's ridiculously catchy, but that's not really for us to say.

Matt and Chris, our singer and guitarist respectively, met at school jamming together in dusty music rooms with smashed up classical guitars... fingers bleeding... voices breaking. We've known our ...]]> Artist Biography: Mailman His humble acoustic open mic beginnings at age 18 quickly led to collaborations with friends and to his first band project Emporia, which allowed him to explore and develop his song writing abilities. He later went on to study music production at university with a view to figuring out how to g...]]> Artist Biography: Identical Homes Artist Biography: Spookshow Inc Artist Biography: Metropolis Artist Biography: Hawklords