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Oath of the Indie Musician | Artist Development in Verse Form

Roughly five years ago I sat down to write a document on what I felt were important guidelines in building a successful, independent music career.

I really wanted to create and publish an “oath” or “creed” by which indie musicians everywhere could live. My focus was on what had worked, not only for me, but for other artists whom I knew were making a sustainable income.

Oath of the Indie Musician was originally published January 21, 2010. Just 12 short lines, containing less than 90 words, dubbed the “Artist Development Program in Verse Form.”

Oath of the Indie Musician

I am an indie musician, this is my livelihood.

I have developed a concrete plan with specific goals and dates.

My skills are honed, my mind is open.

Self assessment, investment, and promotion are mandatory.

I am my own niche, rising above generic clutter.

Writing, recording, and performing require detailed critique.

Fellow artists are my colleagues.

My fans are my life’s blood.

I am actively involved in my community.

I am surrounded by good people.

My network was built by helping others.

I am an indie musician.

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Take the Oath

This free music business education guide contains the articles written to expand the meaning of each verse of Oath of the Indie Musician. Includes additional resources.

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