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  1. “My firm would be profitable, if not for the existence of competition within a free market” is my favorite excuse.

  2. Trump who has five kids from three marriages today added a new phrase to describe black communities: "broken homes."

  3. I just entered the & could $2,000 of workstation upgrades! Learn how to enter here:

  4. A new epoch for Federal infrastructure funding has been launched: cycling, transit and pedestrians are prioritized.

  5. Florida we gonna landslide TRUMP....wear'n red at polls... We gonna be watch'n fer shenanigans...& haul ya away..

  6. True story. Ended day as 1st Mayor in world chauffered by autonomous w/ CEO

  7. Pausing the Jays. Time to tip my hat and heart to .

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  8. I really thought they were going to keep the Holocaust denial for the last minute October push.

  9. The Secret Service is aware of the comments made earlier this afternoon.

  10. Amazon unveils first freighter "Prime Air" jet, first of twenty to be leased from Atlas Air

  11. LOL, apparently Trump acted like he was doing a service by the following American Disabilities Act:

  12. China has actually built that elevated bus that travels above car traffic by

  13. That's literally a right the Constitution grants & protects

  14. Loving the new chrome UI! So much more polished.

  15. He is so absolutely despicable, this man. It never ends. November cannot come fast enough.

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  17. it's time to hold accountable for stealing from independent creatives like , me & so many others

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