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  1. Non disclosure ofsuch a massive breach qualifies as bad behavior from & it is a complete & utter management/leadership fail.

  2. This is a list of things Donald Trump said TODAY.

  3. Why does Mike Pence always look like he's about to introduce legislation to outlaw the X-Men

  4. REMINDER: Only two presidents created millions of jobs while reducing the deficit in the last 50 years.

  5. Trump denies existence of climate change. Clinton acknowledges it as a major threat. Whoever u vote for, know THAT.

  6. On 9/11/2001, Donald Trump boasted that his building was now the tallest in lower Manhattan

  7. this may the only version of collective bargaining Uber allows drivers to engage in

  8. are you kidding me

  9. Only 90s kids will remember these

  10. Can't get any better :-) We're sorry. The laptop and USB containing Clinton's email were "accidentally" lost.

  11. Surfing through the galaxy, looking for the perfect breakfast... BACON CAT! 😼🍳

  12. Not sure about these new Spotify playlists.

  13. "In terms of happiness, alcohol offered the greatest boost in people's day—outpacing yoga, exercise, & socializing."

  14. Funny how we thought PCs performance had totally overshot, and then cars and VR/AR turn out to need 10x or 100x more computing power

  15. The best things in life are usually expensive

  16. “My firm would be profitable, if not for the existence of competition within a free market” is my favorite excuse.

  17. Trump who has five kids from three marriages today added a new phrase to describe black communities: "broken homes."

  18. I just entered the & could $2,000 of workstation upgrades! Learn how to enter here:

  19. A new epoch for Federal infrastructure funding has been launched: cycling, transit and pedestrians are prioritized.

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