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  1. A fact you won't hear from Trump: automation has caused 85% of manufacturing job losses in the US. Not trade.

  2. A sign of wisdom is an ability to disagree with someone w/o necessarily thinking they are dumb. There can be good arguments on both sides.

  3. Finally found a place for my CAT-6000E. Going to talk to the LANlord about a subleasing contract.

  4. Carrier parent co's top 6 execs make $43M "Dealmaker" Trump couldn't convince them to take a pay cut instead of shipping jobs?

  5. Just spent the last hour doing a float! It's also referred to as a sensory deprivation tank…

  6. Few know this unfortunately, but extreme poverty is declining in relative and absolute numbers

  7. Donald Trump has criticized CNN for reporting that his claims about voter fraud are baseless - which they are

  8. If Trump had won popular vote by over 2 million but lost electoral college, I'm sure he and GOP would be super chill and gracious.

  9. Fun Fact: Right turn on red lights began in US during 70's oil crisis as a fuel saving measure - estimating saving 1-4 seconds for drivers.

  10. Cities often think of trees as just ornamentation...the evidence suggests that we should think of trees as public-health infrastructure.

  11. INT. FACEBOOK EXEC 1: Well we’re out of share prompts EXEC 2: Not so fast. When is the birthday of time zones EXEC 1. You goddam genius

  12. Hey Americans! If your printer is broken happy to lend this sweater! 🇨🇦

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  14. Want to carry Shelfies in your store? We'd love to chat 🤓

  15. Wash State (ex-Seattle) in "Restaurant Recession." Biggest Loss of Food Jobs This Yr Since '09. Now 43% Min. Wage Hike. What could go wrong?

  16. Facebook is now in the awkward position of having to explain why they think they drive purchase decisions but not voting decisions

  17. Twas ever thus. (From 's review of the original MacBook Pro from 2006.)

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