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  1. it's time to hold accountable for stealing from independent creatives like , me & so many others

  2. This aspiring cop killer still has ....but said "mean things" to people so he's banned.

  3. Hey, . I've reported several accounts for threatening actual physical harm to police officers this week. Why didn't you act?

  4. Just posted a photo @ Lake Shore, Toronto

  5. 1/2 Council is voting on our 15 year network. In 2017, an updated version of this long-term plan will come forward.

  6. Here at my second find me in the grass tee!

  7. Uber exec: What’s the absolute bare minimum we can do to seem sympathetic this week? Uber exec 2: I HAVE AN IDEA

  8. Did an awesome interview with for her Start Something Big podcast, check it out (& all her other shows!)

  9. Facebook has now completely blocked me from reporting gun pages. Their commitment to gun safety is a lie.

  10. Soulja Boy was only 17 when he made crank that

  11. This Tweet is unavailable.
  12. Wow. This says volumes about voters. HT

  13. It's like Canada is the concerned child watching her aging mother and weirdo big brother descend into chaos, unsure who to worry over first

  14. Exciting day tmrw with the markets! Unknown territory..

  15. Subways are infrastructure that last 100's of yrs. Goal is to make Scarborough Center a true urban place.

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