I'm Nona Jordan


As a leadership coach and holistic mind-body guide, I support women in business who are committed to growth and success, yet secretly wonder why the same unhelpful patterns keep showing up right when they feel ready to take a big leap into the next evolution of life and/or business. Based on cutting edge coaching psychology, the latest neuroscience, and ancient mind-body healing practices, my approach empowers you to shift the core patterns that stand between you and inspired, consistent action.  

Too many women who are on fire to do meaningful, life-changing work they love end up (or try to push through) anxious, and exhausted — depleted physically, emotionally and spiritually from over-striving. However, success that feels abundant, aligned and alive in the day to day doing is a natural expression of focusing on creating a strong foundation of strength and resilience to grow the life, and the business, that you envision. Expect transformation.

Tap into your authenticity, your Truth and your aliveness.

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Let's Talk About You.


You are committed to the change you wish to see in the world.

You are in the business of coaching, creating, leading or healing and you have a vision for the change you wish to see in the world. As powerful as your vision of change is, you find yourself depleted, stuck or plain worn out: emotionally, spiritually, physically or financially. I promise, when you do the quiet, slow healing work and integrate it — right action emerges naturally. This is the essence of abundance and the very heartbeat of soul-level success.

What I see in you…

Your brilliance is rooted in the challenges you’ve walked through.

Our hardest moments define us in so many ways. You’ve grown stronger and wiser as a result of what you’ve experienced. And, as you focus on the legacy you are creating, you may find that the lingering effects of the challenges you’ve faced and overcome are preventing you from moving forward. From a disregard for your own foundational needs, to dismissive and destructive self-talk or a deep fear of being seen, it’s time to own the power of your past and move forward with courage.

You are ready to know and experience the power of tapping into your innate resources. 

You are resource-rich and infinitely worthy: taking this stance is absolutely critical to your success. Naming, and tending, your vast array of sacred resources dissolves scarcity and amplifies wealth for you and yes, the world. Knowing and claiming the fullness of your resources inspires powerful action on behalf of your vision. There are no shortcuts but when you tap into, and trust, your wealth of resources, the effort becomes effortless.

You want your business to be a beacon of your deep wisdom.

Traditional business advice need not apply. Here’s the thing — you are not following the typical life-path. This is not business as usual, but a call to knowing and moving into the work that is yours to do in a way that is aligned with your deepest knowing. When you commit to the holistic healing, you will find your wisdom unshackled and trust your own Knowing as the blueprint for the success you seek.



It's your time

I am committed to helping you create strong foundations for your success. 

Because sister, the world needs the fullness of who you are and everything you have to offer.  

Let’s Stay in Touch.

As a woman who is growing a business of meaning let’s stay in touch. You will receive regular missives that inspire you to share your brilliance, and do your best work in the world.