The Republican convention begins on Monday, and the Democrats get their turn the following week. Writer Thomas Mallon gives Linda Wertheimer a reading list to prepare for the conventions, including mentions of Norman Mailer’s Miami and the Siege of Chicago and The Armies of the Night.

From Danielle Mailer:

The New York Times is doing a story on my mural project which is supposed to come out Sunday the 17th although you never know. [This is a] 3-minutue video Pete made of the year long process to make this 186ft mural install. We will start in two weeks attaching piece by piece the entire mural to the back of this long white wall that will soon be painted blue as the backdrop for the mural. I have raised 70k mostly state grants and private foundations and have a team of 5 installing and painting wall — not to mention the 50 people in the community who have been my painting interns. So all pretty exciting. Even the mayor an here City officials have come by and done a few brush strokes.

See more at Project Fishtales.

Book Your Rooms!

I have just this afternoon received notice from Monmouth University that Friday through Sunday is now its Family Weekend. This change was made due to Monmouth’s home football schedule. Saturday is a particularly busy day on campus with a home football game and family programming around campus. The 2016 NMS Conference runs from Thursday through Saturday.

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