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“Faith is not Intellectual…”

Well, if we are being honest… it is not intellectual. At least it is not entirely intellectual. When we try to make faith any one thing we put it into a box that both limits its abilities as well as its purpose. Faith is a matter of the head. But, it is also a matter of the heart and the hands.

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“Church is Boring…”

How often have you heard those words from your students? Church is boring. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a dozen times. I’ve even heard it in my own house, from my own kids! So is it? Is church really boring? It is when we miss the point for why and what we’re gathering to do.

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“Christians are Hypocritical!”

Yep, they sure are. They’re also liars, thieves, players, bullies, sluts, druggies, cheats…you get it. But isn’t that true for every type of group? Take Christians out of the title and insert atheists, sports players, teachers, Muslims, gays, music lovers, pacifists, gun enthusiasts…you get it again.

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7 Ways to Attend NYWC on a Budget

Every youth ministry could use budget saving tips and ideas. We wanted to showcase a few really great ways you can save some cash when attending NYWC so you’re not maxing out your already limited budget.

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5 Ways To Get The Most From NYWC

The National Youth Workers Convention is amazing for a lot of reasons but if you’ve never been before, it can feel a little overwhelming with all the options for training, inspiration, and resources.

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