Reputation Audit: Amazon

Amazon share price

When does a bad reputation just not matter very much? Amazon is no stranger to controversy over its working practices. A few years ago, it was various global media outlets raking the online retailer over the coals for the working conditions faced by warehouse employees. Last month, it was Amazon’s office workers that took the […]

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Trust and PR: is PR dead?


I’ve just finished reading Trust me, PR is Dead. As someone who’s only ever worked in a small PR agency, and one which operates and thinks along the same lines as the author does, the arguments made in the book just seem like common sense to me. Why would anyone not want to run an […]

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The reputation of business matters to everyone


Research from Populus and (presented at the recent Trust and Reputation conference in London) shows that 64% of people in the UK think that big business will rip people off, if given the opportunity. Perhaps because of that, 71% of people think that big business should be more closely regulated by government. 68% of […]

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Actions, not words, build reputation


At the Trust and Reputation conference in London on Thursday, the focus was very much on action-led communication. To establish a reputation, you have to do stuff, not just talk about it. In her opening remarks, conference chair (and chairman of Populus) Rita Clifton called reputation “reality with a time lag”. Communication is important, but […]

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What can brands do when they make embarrassing mistakes?

Response tweet

Google has been in the spotlight for the last few days for an appalling mistake made by its facial recognition software. Now, when you upload images to Google Photos, Googles AI tags them with what it deems the most appropriate word. This caused an issue earlier in the year when it was reported that Google […]

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Broken promises: what happens when brands let fans down?


Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the most anticipated games of the year, yet its release has been met with a tide of social media scorn as many PC players find significant issues with performance. It turns out that the developer, Rocksteady, worked with an external development partner for the PC port of the title, […]

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PR: it takes all sorts

early office view

Having just read Rebecca Reid’s experience of working for an unnamed public relations firm, I feel the need to give her points some consideration. First, it kind of goes without saying that the Telegraph article describes her experience, and that just because other people’s experiences may be different, it doesn’t invalidate her own. (Second, I […]

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Mindfulness at work: five ways it can help


Practicing mindfulness helps you tackle stress, anxiety and depression. It improves your interactions with others. It helps you focus, and it allows you to be more creative. It’s not a fringe movement anymore. Companies like Apple, Facebook and Google provide mindfulness training to their employees. Even the US Marine Corps is using mindfulness to help […]

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