100 Snack Shacks
Project to create 100 different snack shacks - this should be fun.
Spirit Animals
What's your Spirit Animal? I am Dropbear! Character design for a range of Spirit Animals starting with the lethal Australian Dropbear
Profile Avatar Update
Personal profile avatar update for 2015
Food Patterns
Just been working of a project designing cute food characters. All these illustrations are designed to be repeating patterns so they can be used on a range of products like bed covers, pillows, and other homewares. It’s been a fun project but drawing food all day makes me hungry especially when it’s ice cream.
Illustration Burger
Logo and illustration work for Illustrationburger.com
Birds of Wisdom
Some wise birds once said some wise things. A series of motivational and inspirational posters featuring birds sharing their ideas and thoughts.
Zombie Food Characters
Zombie food characters for art exhibition, final images printed on one of canvases. This is what happens to your food when you don't follow the 5 second rule, you get Zombie Food.
'40 x 40' Exhibition
These little scenes and characters kept popping up in my day dreams so I decided to paint them so everyone else can also peep in to their world. Painted in December 2013 for an exhibition called 40 x 40 held at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne. Each gouache and acrylic work is painted on a wooden panel measuring 35 x 40 cm and is ready to hang.
New Bear Characters for Kinder Spelletjes
Designed two new bear characters for Dutch online games website www.kinerspelletjes.nl
We're off to see the Wizard
Family portrait of the gang taken just before they went to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.
At the Comma Store
A couple of weeks ago I just finished illustrating another Word Plays children’s book for Benchmark Education. The main characters family go to their local comma store and they learn all about commas. There’s also the awesome band the Comma-Dores playing. Get it
Muck Children's Clothing
Muck Children's Clothing. I worked on a collaboration with a children’s clothing company called Muck Clothing from The Netherlands. We produced a new range of clothing for boys and girls using characters from my Chocolate Log theme. It was an interesting project to work on, for the photo shoot they created life size characters that the children interacted with. Also a colouring-in competition was used for marketing with the Disney Club magazine and hundreds of entries were coloured in and submitted.
Water Buddies
Water Buddies - Flavoured water for kids (and the young at heart) I've been designing some cute characters with design studio Mount Deluxe on a new range of healthy flavoured water drinks for children called Water Buddies. It was for a client MMC Tradelink based in Auckland who export NZ products throughout the world. I had previously worked with them on packaging for infant formula. Everyone is really happy with the result and they all look super cute and fresh. The range will be released soon in New Zealand so I believe this would be a great and healthy option for kids compared to some drinks currently out in the market.
Sky's New Home
Sky's New Home A children's book illustrated for Macmillan Education telling the story about Sky's new home and all the fancy new high tech devices inside. Will Grandpa be impressed?
Metal Man Project
Metal Man Project. Collaboration with other artist to illustrate our own version of Metal Man. All the final illustrations were collected and printed in a book. Further info www.metalmanproject.com
Tiki Characters
Character designs of 4 Tikis based on areas around the Pacific.
Apple and Pear fruit snack packaging
Client: Fruit Company Agency: BRR Limited Project: Packaging design An apple and pear character designs for new packaging for a fruit based children’s snack product.
Wedding Magazine Cover
Magazine cover for Ponsonby News for a special issue featuring articles about weddings and civil unions. Client Testimonial: “I’ve used Onno for several covers and have been impressed with his response to my briefs, his attention to detail and our readers just love seeing illustration being used on our covers.” Martin Leach – Ponsonby News
Cute Star Sign Characters
Concepts for stationery proposal. Brief called for modern crisp and colourful characters based on Greek star sign (Zodiacs) in a Japanese Kawaii style.
Birds in a tree
Birds in a tree. Concepts for stationery design proposal. Brief called for modern crisp and colourful characters based on native New Zealand birds.
Dinosaur Day
Dinosaur Day The story is about three friends Dan, Greg and Lin as they go on a school trip to the dinosaur museum. At the museum they go on a treasure hunt to find a dinosaur egg. By using all the provided clues they find the dinosaur egg and win the prize. The prize was a giant life size dinosaur model! This children's book was produced by Clean Slate Press and published by Scholastic
Out in Space
Out In Space The story follows three siblings Dax, Kora and Geo as they travel through space and to other planets to find their missing pet; a robotic dog. This children's book was produced by Clean Slate Press and published by Scholastic.
Robot Race
The story follows the adventure two robots who work in the widget factory. Despite their differences they find a way to work together and become friends. A children's book published by Clean Slate Press and Learning Media LTD.
The Lost Apostrophe
The Lost Apostrophe The story follows the adventure of Abe the Apostrophe as he gets lost in the printing factory. Part of a series of educational books published by Benchmark Education teaching children grammar and language.
Cookies & Bunny
A very cute bunny a short film called “Cookies & Bunny”. The very short film (approx 10 seconds) was originally part of the TAIS Bunny Jam screening 2011.
I Think I Have The Flu
These three characters I created are called Chicken, Pig and Dave, they are best friends and they work together in the same office building, misadventures normally follow. This very short film of 10 seconds was originally part of the TAIS Chicken Jam screening at the NFB Cinema in Toronto. It plays on the outbreaks of swine and bird flu. Screenings: - The TAIS (Toronto Animated Image Society) Showcase 2009 at the NFB Cinema in Toronto - Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2009
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