It’s time for another mommy blogger spotlight round-up. If you are new, I highlight a different mommy blog in almost every podcast. As I said in the last spotlight, although the term “Mommy Blogger” is not without its controversy, I’ve stuck with it in a co-opting the enemy’s phrase kind of way (in other words, I’m sick of the term as a slight and want to use it as a compliment). If the term “Mommy Blogger” offends you, pretend like its a “Moms who write stuff I read and like” spotlight; as you can hear, that term is like peanut butter on the tongue; it doesn’t roll off very easily.

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The Idea Woman

January 29, 2011

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It’s January in San Diego, which means I’m in Spring cleaning mode; the lack of seasons has messed with my internal calendar. Oh, and Spring Cleaning is actually code for household project time. This is when I walk though our rental, glare at a room or wall and proclaim “We need to….” Dave hates these proclamations so much that he doesn’t even let me finish my sentence before exclaiming “No! Stop!” In fact, if I innocently look too long any place within the home he commands me to prevent an idea from even forming.

But I can’t stop myself. I am the self-proclaimed Idea Woman. During one of these glaring sessions, I came up with the great idea of redecorating our kitchen, which would involve paint and some craftiness. During another glaring session, I came up with the great idea of turning the wall in between the nursery and guest room into “The Riley Library,” complete with handmade plaque showcased above IKEA shelves housing Amelia’s books. My next project as The Idea Woman is a sandbox, completion date yet to be determined. [click to continue reading…]


A couple months ago I insisted on visiting a semi-local thrift store so I could find my still non-walking baby a pair of walking shoes. While there, I peeked at the other items I also didn’t need. Off in the corner a multicolored “learning walker” sat by its lonesome self with a reasonable fifteen dollar price tag. Sure, I read all the parenting books and articles about how all a kid needs are some pots and pans, maybe a few wooden spoons, and access to nature, but how could I resist fifteen dollars for a lights and sound multicolored “learning walker”! I bought it so that Amelia could learn how to walk in her new shoes. [click to continue reading…]


In Podcast Episode 24: Early Childcare from the Provider’s Perspective, I talk with Kate about the childcare philosophy at Community Children’s Center in Storrs, CT. My conversation with Kate made me 1) wish I lived in Storrs so I could check out CCC because it sounds awesome and 2) realize the importance of play in childhood education, whether you send your child to a daycare or stay at home with him/her. The focus on play is not new, but I’m not naturally a hands off type of person, nor am I the most inventive, even though I remember engaging in a ton of imaginative play as a child. I’m also a naturally obsessive person (this podcast is called (Over)Thinking Mom for a reason), so I wondered why play is better than drills. Everyone, including me, has been in a tizzy about Amy Chua and her book in light of the harsh methods she advocates for getting your children to achieve excellence, and although most people tend to disagree with Chua’s methods, few have questioned the results. Can letting your kids play rather than sitting them down with alphabet flash cards really be a superior learning technique? [click to continue reading…]

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Many working parents are often unsure what a good childcare center looks like. What exactly should kids being doing all day? In Podcast Episode 19 I talked with a working mom about how she made her daycare choice, but now I ask a provider, Kate from Community Children’s Center in Connecticut, about what makes childcare good. Should a center focus on early childhood education or on early childhood play, or, are those two things actually one and the same? Listen to find the answer to this question and many more.

Mentioned in Podcast:  You Can’t Say You Can’t Play by Vivian Paley

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I’m going to use this week’s Newsroom post as a forum for talking about the way we (okay, I) consume online media, whether this media be blogs, newspapers, or podcasts. If you are new to this whole internet media consumption thing and find yourself bookmarking every blog or newspaper you read online, you may want to reconsider your virtual time management. If the term RSS makes your head hurt, believe me, it’s actually easy peasy.  If you are a seasoned blog reader, you may not need the following information, so this is for the rest of you. Oh, and for the sake of disclosure, I’m almost thirty and didn’t know how to do most of this stuff until maybe six months ago. [click to continue reading…]