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Parks Brothers Farm Inc. predominantly focuses on wholesale as Parks Wholesale Plants. We grow a wide variety of bedding plants and other season color, perennials, vegetables, fall pansies and mums and poinsettias for our wholesale customers. We offer custom growing programs for qualified customers/orders as well.

Our old website of www.ParksWholesalePlants.com has been incorporated into this site. If you are a garden center, landscaper or other wholesale customer, follow us below on our wholesale social media for updates and pics of our seasonal crops.

The information posted on our wholesale social media accounts is for our Landscaper and Garden Center customers and not necessarily applicable to the customers of our garden center.

Parks Brothers Garden Center

Parks Brothers Garden Center is open seasonally. We open in early February for the spring and keep going until we sell out or until it gets too hot in July. We are closed for all of August. In the fall we open after Labor Day and stay open through the poinsettia season in December. We are closed in January.

In addition to the plants we grow, the garden center also carries additional items such as roses, shrubs, berry plants and trees.

Our Garden Center uses social media to keep in touch with our customers. Pricing and items on these accounts are separate from our wholesale pricing and availability.

The information posted on these accounts are directed to the local customers who shop at Parks Brothers Garden Center.

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Parks Brothers Farm Seasonal Color

Spring Plants

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Spring is everyone’s favorite time to plant flowers. It’s also the best time to plant your garden. Even if you don’t have room for a garden or you don’t have any flower beds, you can still brighten up your home with hanging baskets, patio pots or grow houseplants inside.

Our first crops are ready early March and subsequent plantings are available through late May.

Follow this link to see what’s New for 2024.

Follow the link to see our list of Spring Plants we grow in the spring.

Fall Plants

Fall is an excellent time to replant to continue to enjoy year around blooms.

It’s also one of the most popular seasons for decorating your yard and front porch for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Our fall plants are available early September to early November.

Follow the link to see the list of Fall Plants that we grow.


Poinsettias have been popular Christmas decorations for a very long time. We grow three sizes of poinsettias that are colored up and ready to go in mid-November.

We predominately grow red poinsettias but we also grow pink, white and a few novelty colors as well.

Poinsettias are available mid-November through mid-December.

Follow the link to see all the colors and sizes of Poinsettias we grow.

Why Choose Parks Brothers?

Parks Brothers is dedicated to producing top quality plants for our landscapers and garden center customers. We closely monitor all crops during production to make sure each tray that goes out meets our quality benchmarks.

We focus on plants that are best suited to our local climate and to the climates within our 600 mile delivery area. We trial new releases before adding them to our production to make sure they are suitable for all our customers.

We stay on top of the current trends in gardening and do our best to provide our customers the most recent varieties. We grow the most popular plant brands in the USA and have our own branded lines as well. Click on the links above for more information about our season color programs.

Contact Us Wholesale

Please Contact Us for more information about becoming a wholesale customer and for more information about the products we grow and pricing. You can also use this link to request to be added to our wholesale customer email contact list to receive weekly availability and seasonal updates.

Contact Us Garden Center

Got a question for our garden center? Please follow this link to message us on Facebook Messenger or click the Contact Us button to go to our Contact Us form.

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Wholesale Current Availability

During our shipping seasons (Spring, Fall and Winter Poinsettias) we publish a weekly availability for our wholesale customers to download.

This link is to a pdf of our Current Availability.

You can also view, search, download and print a database list of our Current Availability.

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