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Where is my Early Warning?

Posted by S. Malone, 10/09/2015

Michelle Quinn has a cute article about Earthquake Early Warning services in the San Jose Mercury News and what is holding it up.

Seattle URMs vulnerable to shaking

Posted by S. Malone, 08/10/2015

Earthquake information in Seattle:

The Seattle Times has a good article on City's old brick buildings could see huge damage in big quake.

Northwest Public Radio and NPR Stations KUOW and KPLU covered the visit of Senator Murray and Representative Kilmer to the PNSN labs on Monday and KIRO TV has raw footage of the press conference.

"The Really Big One" Public Forum

Posted by A. Ling, 07/31/2015

A public forum on earthquake hazards and preparedness in the Pacific Northwest will be held at Unviersity of Oreogn on August 6 from 7pm to 9pm. The event will be streamed live on the Internet via the UO Channel and you can follow the discussion on Twitter at ‪#‎TheReallyBigOne‬.

USGS Funding Boost on West Coast Earthquake Early Warning

Posted by A. Ling, 07/30/2015

The USGS announced $5 million in funding that will allow the University of Washington, California Institute of Technology, UC Berkeley, and University of Oregon to help transition the prototype ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system, under development since 2005, into a public-facing tool. The Seattle Times and UW News report the annoucement.

How to Stay Safe When the Big One Comes

Posted by A. Ling, 07/28/2015

Author of The New Yorker article "The Really Big One" Kathryn Schulz provides some advice about how best to prepare for the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami, and their aftermath that was missing in the first article. The Seattle Times also provide a great survival guide.

Seismology Rocks!

Posted by A. Ling, 07/28/2015

Wondering what we do at the UW seismology lab? Check out the UW Daily's new article featuring the PNSN.

Breaking Down the MEGA-earthquake Threat

Posted by A. Ling, 07/20/2015

PNSN Outreach and Public Information Director Bill Steele talked about the threats of Cascadia Earthquake to the Pacific Northwest on KING5 New Day Northwest.

Q&A on CSZ Earthquake Risk and Preparedness

Posted by A. Ling, 07/14/2015

Do you have any questions about Cascadia earthquake after reading the The New Yorker's article? You can find your answer on Reddit “Ask Me Anything” about ‪Seattle‬ earthquake risk and preparedness and KIRO7 Facebook post.

The Really Big One

Posted by A. Ling, 07/13/2015

An article about the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami from The New Yorker.

Deep part of Cascadia fault so slippery sun, moon trigger tremors

Posted by A. Ling, 04/28/2015

The Seattle Times and UW News have a report on University of Washington Earth and Space Sciences professor Heidi Houston’s research on slow-slip quakes in the Pacific Northwest. The study shows that the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon affect the ‪Cascadia Fault‬ a few days after it has started slipping.

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