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Mag=7.2 Earthquake near Acapulco, Mexico today

Posted by S. Malone, 04/18/2014

An earthquake near Acapulco is strongly felt in Mexico City.  Several reports in USA Today, Fox News and NY Daily News. And official USGS Page.

Devastating sequence of earthquakes in Nicaragua

Posted by S. Malone, 04/11/2014

A series of large earthquake including the case where an "aftershock" (M=6.6) is larger than what was thought to be the "mainshock"  (M=6.1).  Many different news articles including: ABC news, Christian Science Monitor, CBS news, and others.....

What would happen if an earthquake hit in Kittitas County?

Posted by B. Steele, 04/08/2014

Earthquakes occur east of the Cascades. A recent study looks at the costs.

A ’64 Quake Still Reverberates

Posted by B. Steele, 04/07/2014

Fifty years after the landmark 9.2 Alaska earthquake and tsunami Chile experiences another great earthquake. The Alaska quake got scientists thinking about Cascadia. NY Times

Landslides May Be Inevitable, But They’re Not Yet Predictable

Posted by B. Steele, 03/27/2014

There was plenty of warning before the deadly Washington landslide. Why didn't it help?

Earthquake Early warning worked in California but...

Posted by S. Malone, 03/19/2014

A couple of reports of successful Earthquake Early Warning in California but state funding is not in the works, yet.  SFGate on March 19, 2014  and CBS News and the Los Angeles Times all talk about the M=4.4 earthquake March 17 and mention the EEW system's success. NBC News interviewed David Oppenheimer, USGS Menlo Park for a N. California perspective.

Three years after the Tohoku Earthquake is Seattle ready?

Posted by B. Steele, 03/11/2014

Q 13 News visits the PNSN to talk about our next big earthquake.

Sundays M6.8 quake, "A bullet dodged".

Posted by B. Steele, 03/11/2014

Despite the headline, Sunday nights earthquake off Ferndale California did NOT reduce the risk of future big earthquakes.

Large M 6.8 earthquake strikes off N. California Coast

Posted by B. Steele, 03/10/2014

The strongest earthquake to shake California since the Loma Prieta quake almost 25 years ago occurred late Sunday night 50 miles west of Eureka

What have we learned from the Japan earthquake

Posted by S. Malone, 02/27/2014

A Seattle Times opinion piece written by Tim Melbourne of Central Washington University compares the Pacific Northwest's earthquake readiness with that of Japan.  While perhaps stated with extra hyperbole he makes some good points.