January 18, 2019

Land Rover Saves Husband of British Queen

Land Rover Does India Proud

British Queen Elizabeth's husband ,Duke of Edinburgh ( 97 years old ) was absolutely unhurt in a road accident because of the the safety features of the Land Rover he was driving.

Land Rovers are made by Jaguar Land Rover  , owned by the renowned Indian Company ,Tata Motors.

December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas Greetings From Punjabjalandhar.com


Merry Christmas 

Memorable Moment of Great Pride

Dewan Brij Kumar IFS ( Maternal Uncle - Mamaji of the blog writer) and Mrs. Pushpa ( Maternal Aunt -Mamiji)  with the Pope. Dewan Brij Kumar was India's Ambassador to the Vatican.
( Dewan Sahib went on  to become  India's First  Consul General in Chicago and later India's High Commissioner to Maldives )

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November 29, 2018

Dera Baba Nanak Corridor- We are Thrilled-Jalandhar Thinkers

Before Partition , Dera Baba Nanak was a very important , Highway / Railway  line ( with its Railway Cum Road bridge over River Ravi ) linking Delhi /Amritsar / Jullundur routes with another strategic town - Sialkot.

From Sialkot the Highway split- to Jammu and via Muzzafarabad ( Jhelum Road to Srinagar . The main highway connecting Jammu and Srinagar ran through Sialkot and Muzzafarabad .

From Sialkot , a narrow gauge train ran ( Via Ranbir Singh Pura ) to Jammu.

Old Jammu station ( in derelict condition ) stills exists on the Right Bank of River Tawi.

When , broad gauge railway line was built by India to Jammu , the new Railway station ( on the Left of the River Tawi ) was named JAMMU TAWI.


All his life Baba Nanak’s teachings were simple…one of the most significant message he gave was that ’there is no Hindu, there is no Muslim’……all were equal in the eyes of God……Yet, the heart breaking truth of the real world is that the ‘Janam bhoomi’ and the ‘Karam bhoomi’ of Baba Nanak stands divided and estranged by man made borders carved out rather brutally.
We are thrilled at the joint efforts of India and Pakistan for opening up the access to Gurudwara Kartarpur Sahib.
Leaving behind their sacred shrines in Pakistan has been very painful for Indian Sikhs.
In their " Ardaas " Sikhs pay their obeisance to those Gurudwaras in Pakistan " JEHRE SAANU VICHHODA DE GAYE ".
This VICHHODA was man made and can , hence , also be rectified by Man.


Restore Broken Rail Links With Pakistan ( Like With Bangladesh )

Like with Bangladesh , India should settle , amicably , all pending issues with Pakistan so that foreign Powers like USA , China etc do not play one country against the other.
Revive broken Rail links.
To begin with restore the Empress Bridge over Sutlej at Ferozepur and restart Ferozepur - Kasur - Lahore Railway Line. Next Dera Baba Nanak rail link


Dera Baba Nanak Bridge on the river Ravi

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Jammu–Sialkot line

November 18, 2018

Our Tribute to Brig Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri MVC

ndia 's Lawrence of Arabia
Mahavir Chakra Citataion
Gazette Notification: 18 Pres/72,12-2-72
Operation: 1971 Cactus Lily
Date of Award: 05 Dec 1971
Citation: Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri was commanding a company of the Punjab Regiment occupying a defended locality in the Rajasthan Sector. On 5th December 1971, in the early hours of the morning the enemy launched a massive attack on this locality with infantry and tanks. Major Chandpuri exhibited dynamic leadership in holding his command intact and steadfast.
Showing exceptional courage and determination, he inspired his men moving from bunker to bunker, encouraging them in beating back the enemy till reinforcements arrived. In this heroic defence, he inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy and forced them to retreat leaving behind twelve tanks.
In this action, Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri displayed conspicuous gallantry, inspiring leadership and exceptional devotion to duty in keeping with the highest traditions of the Indian Army.
 " MEN WHO BRING US VICTORY ON THE BATTLE GROUND ARE PRIZED OVER ALL OTHER MEN "- Favourite dialogue from the epic movie " Lawrence of Arabia " It is said by Arab Chief Faisal about Lawrence after Lawrence captures the strategic port of Aqaba from the vastly outnumbered Ottoman Turkish troops,


God Bless the Bravery of the entire 23 rd Battalion of Punjab Regiment