October 20, 2018

Thanks Mr. Modi For Honouring Netaji Subhash Chander Bose

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Wanted Azad Hind Ghat of Netaji( Near Rajghat of Mahatma) in Delhi

OK ,we accept that Netaji was martyred in Air Crash in 1945 and his Ashes are in Renkoji Mandir , Tokyo.
But we want that a Azad Hind Ghat be built ( Near Raj Ghat ) in Delhi and Netaji's Ashes are brought to this Azad Hind Ghat.

 We want Republic Day to be celebrated on 23 rd January.( Netaji's Birthday )


Emile Schenkl Bose- The Real " Kaiser - E - Hind "

Queen Victoria of England was given by Prime Minister Disraeli the title of " Kaiser -e Hind " meaning in German " Empress of India " . Victoria had German ancestry and Disraeli took great pains to pl
ease her.

But for Indians the real Kaiser -E- Hind is not Victoria but EMILE SCHENKL BOSE the Austrian - German wife of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose,one of the most respected National Heroes of India .

Well , had events happened in India's favour and had India been lucky then Independence would have come under Netaji Subhash Chander Bose . The great " ARZI HUKUMAT AZAD HIND " ( Provisional Government of Free India ) based at Singapore would have become the ASLI HUKUMAT AZAD HIND based at New Delhi .

Then ,firstly , there would not have been any partition ( as Netaji , unlike the Congress , had full confidence and trust of Indian Muslims )

And secondly ( as I see in my dreams ) Emile Schenkl Bose ( with daughter Anita Bose ) would have landed in India and the admiring and adulating Indians would have been welcoming India 's real " Kaiser E- Hind " and Emile Schenkl Bose taking her rightful place as the First Lady of " Azad Hind " at the Rashtrapati Bhawan , New Delhi ( A glorious conclusion of Azad Hind Fauz ( Indian National Army's ) Onto Delhi-" Dilli Chalo " campaign ).


October 12, 2018

Student Terrorists in Jalandhar

End Gender Discrimination in Ram Lila s

It seems very odd that even in the 21 st century , female roles ( including that of Sita ) are performed by male artistes .

October 02, 2018

Happy Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti

Both our favourite leaders 


Lal Bahadur Shastri 's little known repartee to President Gen . Ayub Khan of Pakistan.

Gen Ayub was a burly , Sandhurst trained Pathan. Ayub Khan used to feel very superior because of his tall height compared to Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji 's .

Lal Bahadur
 Shastri ( around Indo- Pak War of 1965 ) -

"Gen Ayub Khan Kahate Hein Ki Yeh Hindustani Kya Ladengey. Yeh Log To Dhoti Pehentey Hain.

"Mein Ayub Khan Ko Kehta Hoon - Phir Kya Agar Hum Neta Dhoti Pehentey Hain. MERE JARNAIL TO PATLOON DALATEY HAIN. "

September 23, 2018

19 th Century 's Great and Devout Donor For Haridwar Pilgrims .

Lest We Forget

When I was young , I remember reading an old inscription ( near enclosed Zenana Ghats at Har ki Pauri , Haridwar.

The inscription was about when in 19 th century authorities imposed a Pilgrim tax of One Anna on all pilgrims visiting the Holy city of Haridwar.

This greatly upset a devout wealthy Hindu business man of that time. He vowed to undertake the responsibility on himself of paying the Pilgrim tax of all pilgrims and for all times to come .
So , he paid a sum of Rs. One Lakh ( a princely sum then ) in return for a promise that never again would any tax be imposed on the Pilgrims visiting Haridwar.
It seems the ever voracious tax collecting authorities ( not  sparing even pilgrims and the solemn promise given to the great Donor ) deliberately first, shifted the inscription plate to a secluded place away from public gaze and then may have removed it altogether .

Chohal -Punjab has Both Tata Steel and Reliance Inds. Factories

With India 's leading steel Company , Tata Steel taking over Usha Martin 's steel business , including Usha Martins steel ropes factory at Chohal , Chohal ( Hoshiarpur ) on the Chintpurni Road , has the exclusive distinction of having Punjab's only manufacturing Units of both Tata Steel and Reliance Industries Limited . These Units are next to each other .
( Earlier , JCT 's Polyester fibre Unit at Chohal was bought by Reliance Industries ).