Podcast Guest Instructions

We are extremely excited to have you join us for an episode of our show! By the time you get to this page, you should have chosen a date and gotten a calendar invitation from our scheduling system. If you haven't, email help@devchat.tv and we'll make sure that gets cleared up.

There are a few other things we need you to do to get ready for the show.

Use the Zoom.us link in the email from ScheduleOnce to connect with the panel.

We record our shows via Zoom. In order to add you to the channel we need you to click on the zoom.us link. Go ahead and follow the instructions you receive in your email from ScheduleOnce.

Check Your Equipment

You don't need a fancy microphone to join us for a podcast. But, if you do it really does sound better.

If you don't have one, the microphone in the Apple Earpods sounds ok. Just make sure it's not rubbing on facial hair, shirts, or jackets when you move.

If you want a cheap, high quality microphone, I recommend the Samson Go Mic. It's small and will clip onto a laptop or monitor. Use the setting with the little upside down heart for your best sound.

If you're doing more than just our interview and want a very nice microphone, try the ATR-2100-USB.

Finally, Zoom has a free sound test service that I recommend you try before the show to make sure there are no problems with your setup.

Choose Some "Picks"

At the end of the show we take the time to make recommendations to our listeners. We call them "picks." Most people share 2 or 3, but you can do more if you really want to.

Your picks should be anything you like that you want to share. I can be stuff you made or stuff someone else made. We've had TV shows, coding libraries, tools, movies, and music. 

Watch For Our Email

We like to prepare before the show so we can quickly get to the point and go as deep as needed on a topic to give it appropriate coverage.

We'll send an email to you asking for resources we can use to get up to speed for the show. If you have a few conference videos, blog posts, or white papers that we can review, that really helps.

A Few Notes About the Show

Use headphones: Our voices come through Zoom, out your speakers, echo off the wall behind or above you, and back into your microphone. This causes us to hear a distracting echo. Wearing headphones prevents that because the speakers are on or in your ears.

Keep your microphone away from your keyboard: If you have mechanical key switches or a condenser mic (Most microphones are condensers) they'll pick up loud typing. 

Mute when not speaking: Especially in a noisy office, many microphones pick up ambient noise and/or noise from fans and air conditioners. Muting keeps the sound clean. We recommend Shush for Mac OS for push-to-talk.

Open the text chat in Zoom: While we're talking we have a back-channel going in Zoom. There's a little speech bubble icon once the audio call starts that will open the text chat in Zoom.

The show format is a free-form discussion: We like to prepare and sometimes layout the flow of the show, but we can and probably will ask questions that are not in the materials provided. You can choose not to answer the questions and we'll just edit them out. We'll start by introducing the co-hosts, then the guests, and then we'll have our discussion.

We record the show: You don't need to record your end. We've found coordinating recordings is more work that it's worth. Chuck will record the show or arrange for someone else to do it if he won't be there.

The show is edited: Because it's edited, you can back up and try again if you mess up. Just say "Editor, please remove that last sentence" or other instructions as you need to. Also, long awkward pauses get removed.

We chat a bit before and after the show: We like to warm up and settle into a rhythm before we get started. Jump in and participate! We also often stick around for a few minutes after the show to talk. 

Once again, thank you for taking the time to talk to us and our listeners.