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Musician and activist Tom Morello [official Tom Morello Facebook page]

Rocker Tom Morello blasted by Seattle bar owner for calling it ‘anti-worker’

Musician and progressive activist Tom Morello found himself in an online dispute with a Seattle bar and restaurant owner after denouncing the bar’s doorman during a recent visit.
Handcuffed Prisoner in Jail  (Shutterstock)

Private prison worker tried to have inmate murdered: report

First it was drug smuggling and sex acts with inmates. Now it’s murder for hire.
Jason Cox

After strip club video contradicts police claims, jury sides with Oregon man beaten by cops

“Sorry this happened to you,” said juror Justin Browning after the trial. “It must be vindication. I know you’ve been through a lot.”
Crime scene (AFP)

BREAKING: Southern California mayor allegedly shot and killed by his wife

The Los Angeles Times reported that Crespo was shot during a domestic disturbance at his residence. Bell Gardens is located about 10 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles.

The best and worst places in the world to grow old

Life expectancy at 60 is now at least a third longer than what it was in the middle of the 20th century in many countries.
Allen West speaks to Fox News on April 17, 2014.

Former agent thinks Allen West should be put in charge of Secret Service

“West has successfully demonstrated that he possesses the leadership skills of a combat officer as well as managerial and diplomatic skills of a congressman, exactly the traits needed in the next director,” Dan Emmett wrote.
A photo of a 9-mm handgun (Shutterstock.com)

Delaware 2-year-old shoots himself in the head while home alone with mother

New Castle County Police Officer Tracey Duffy told reporters that paramedics performed CPR at the scene before transporting the boy by helicopter to a hospital. He was said to be in critical condition.
'Gay marriage concept with hands and rainbow rings' [shutterstock]

MN man upset over hand-holding in gay bar shoots couple with BB gun, shouts Bible verses

A Minnesota man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly shouted Bible verses and shot a BB gun at a gay couple because they were holding hands.
Reality TV star Jessa Duggar (Screenshot/YouTube)

Reality TV star Jessa Duggar blames the Holocaust on the theory of evolution

On her Instagram account, Jessa Duggar said she visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky. She claimed that the fossil record proved that the biblical story of the great flood was true.