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CalFinder Remodeling Magazine is a new experience for the remodeling world. More than that, it is a tremendous resource for the homeowner at any phase of residential remodeling. Chock-full of ideas for every space and surface of the home, the Remodeling Magazine covers important topics on safety, energy efficiency, style, technique, and more. Each article is unique and reflects the trends you seek to make your vision of a remodeled home become a daily reality.

Browse through our online magazine pages or get new remodeling ideas delivered to your RSS reader daily. In contrast to traditional magazines that come out monthly and require a trek to the bookstore, these magazine articles will arrive in your in-box FREE, every day. While you save paper and spare yourself those pesky subscription fees, you will also get planning advice and direction straight from remodeling experts!

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Lighting

Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee on a rainy day, listening to your family’s happy chatter, or cooking up a romantic evening for two, the kitchen has become one of the focal points of the home. If you’re planning a... Read More »

Landscaping the Small Yard

A small yard can present some landscaping limitations, but there is no reason why you can’t still enjoy your own backyard paradise. Assuming you are starting from scratch, it helps to sketch out your design ahead of time. Your... Read More »

Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets: Essential Steps

There have never been more options, services, or products available for cabinetry and its improvement than there are today. Upgrading your kitchen for increased value, repairing damaged or worn cabinet faces, or simply improving... Read More »

Helpful Advice to Control Kitchen Clutter

Oh, the clutter! There are few things that put a damper on your motivation like a disorganized working space. Do you feel like you spend half of your time just trying to control the mess? If you’ve had enough, here are some helpful... Read More »

Hot Tubs: Pros, Cons, and Installation

Nothing quite hits the spot like a relaxing soak in a hot tub for weary, aching muscles. But is an occasional soak worth the high investment and heavy maintenance? The Pros. The hot water, pulsating jets, and relaxing ambiance... Read More »

Installing Your Outdoor Cooking Stove

Outdoor kitchens are becoming quite popular, especially for those who love to entertain. Many of us avoid cooking on hot summer days and the thought of escaping the stuffy confines of the house to the great outdoors is a welcome... Read More »

Kitchen Color Palettes, from Darker Hues to Bright and Airy

Is your kitchen in need of a makeover? Are you looking to spice it up with a dash of color? Well, some of the following ideas may just be the ingredients needed to infuse your kitchen with flavor.Begin with evaluating the overall... Read More »

Islands for Every Kitchen

Adding an island to a kitchen is a wonderful way to utilize extra space or create some much-needed workspace. Islands can be small and portable, or large and elaborate.Sometimes, you just need a bit more elbow room to spread out... Read More »

Kitchen Window Options

In times past, windows in the kitchen served more of a practical purpose, that of lighting and ventilation while a busy housewife spent hours cooking, canning, and washing dishes. With the invention of modern appliances, processed... Read More »

Landscaping in Hilly or Sloped Areas

Landscaping in hilly or sloped areas can present some challenges, but there is no reason why your yard can’t be just as beautiful and awe inspiring as a level yard. When done correctly, landscaping can actually prevent soil erosion... Read More »

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