Joe Roberts Signs With Team Hammer for 2014

From our Friends over at Cycle News:

Joe Roberts, the young road racer who turned the AMA Supersport Series on its ear in 2013, has inked a contract to race for Team Hammer in 2014. The 16-year-old Roberts will compete in the AMA Daytona SportBike class on an M4 Honda CBR600RRs.

Roberts made his AMA debut at the Barber Motorsports Park round in June and it came with stunning consequences as he fought back from a bad start to win the first of two Supersport finals by an unheard of eight seconds. The following day, Roberts won again and he did so three more times in 2013, ending the season a perfect five-for-five in the races that didn’t conflict with his Red Bull Rookies Cup racing in Europe.

Roberts ended up 14th in the 2013 Red Bull Rookies Cup Championship with a best result of fourth at Brno in the Czech Republic. This year was the third in the Rookies Cup for Roberts: He was 12th overall in 2011 with a race victory at Brno; and he ended up eighth in the series points in 2012.

Now the Keith Code protégé will get a crack at a full season of racing and a move up to the AMA Daytona SportBike class for 2014.

“I am very happy to have signed with M4 and Team Hammer for the 2014 season,” Roberts said via a team issued release. “It’s a championship-winning team, so it’s great opportunity for me. I worked with the team and my crew chief, Eric Gray this last season in SuperSport, where we achieved great results.

“DSB [Daytona SportBike] is going to be a new challenge for me and it will be interesting to see what the level is. The Honda is a very nice handling bike and I am confident that the team are going to get the bike where is needs to be for Daytona and the rest of the season. I want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me get to this point in my career.”

Roberts also plays bass with his brothers in the band Red Tambourine.

Credit: Paul Carruthers | Editor

Paul Carruthers took over as the editor of Cycle News in 1993 after serving as associate editor since starting his career at the publication in 1985. Carruthers has covered every facet of the sport in his near-28-year tenure at America’s Daily Motorcycle News Source.

Caselli Foundation Established

Courtesy of Caselli Foundation

Caselli Foundation Established
Murrieta, CA – KTM Motorsports and FMF Racing, LLC have worked together with the Caselli family to set up a foundation to honor Kurt Caselli, who passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident on November 15, 2013.

“My son, Kurt, loved to learn and he loved to race,” commented Kurt’s mother, Nancy Caselli. “He was inquisitive and investigative. I am hopeful that this foundation will initiate learning, inspire others and help raise the bar for increased rider safety. Kurt would be proud, as am I, to promote this foundation’s effort to better protect current and future racers for years to come. Thank you to all for your support in his memory.”
A portion of the Caselli Foundation money will go toward a scholarship for high school seniors. Caselli’s sister, Carolyn, works as an English teacher at Corcoran High School, and she knows how important it is to encourage students to follow their dreams. “My brother Kurt had an amazing job doing what he loved. He inspired thousands of young riders to follow their dreams,” stated Carolyn. “I believe, and I know Kurt would agree, that the beauty of living your dreams is not only in the courage to dream large, but also, and more importantly, in the learning, dedication, and hard work required for turning those dreams into reality. I am proud to create this scholarship encouraging the hard work it takes to live your dreams. In this way, Kurt’s legacy will continue forward not just in the off-road community, but in the lives of all young believers.”
The Caselli Foundation Chairman position will be held by Kurt’s fiancée Sarah White. White has worked with Factory FMF/KTM Team Manager, Antti Kallonen, to also use proceeds from the Caselli Foundation to help fund new technology for increased rider safety in off-road racing competitions. “Any racing is dangerous but especially desert racing because of high-speeds and the long distance covered. It is harder to receive help right away since it’s not a closed circuit format. We feel the Caselli Foundation would be a great opportunity to help find suitable safety equipment that can be used in any kind of racing in the US and across the world that can one day be compatible with all promoters and competitions,” remarked Kallonen.
All proceeds from the Caselli Memorial Ride Day will be given to the Caselli Foundation. All proceeds from any of the Kurt Caselli memorial stickers or t-shirts sold through FMF will also be earmarked for the foundation.
People interested in donating money for the foundation can send money to:

KTM North America, Inc.
c/o: Caselli Foundation
38429 Innovation Court
Murrieta, CA 92563
More details on the official site for the foundation will be released once developed.

Tips and Techniques for the Dirt Bike Ride of Your Dreams

Even if you’ve been riding dirt bikes for a while, sometimes the best way to improve your riding is to ask for advice from more experienced pros. If you are a casual weekend rider, than you may be just fine without any additional tips. But, if you’re really seeking to improve your skills on the track or trail, there’s typically always some simple ways to improve your ride.

While the need for speed is a goal with most riders, a surprising approach to many riding pros is to concentrate more on technique. The adage is that if you get the technique right, the speed will come naturally. Then you will be faster than you ever would have been otherwise…and safer too.

Techniques include becoming conscious of how you ride, rather than just riding for riding sake. Some of the best dirt bike riders use visualization techniques by really becoming aware of their body positioning and what they should be doing to get the best times and overall performance.

It’s no secret that the elements you are riding in will change how you actually ride. Riding over rough terrain will be done in the standing position, so that your weight is distributed to a lower point on the bike and allow more control. When riding in the sand or mud, your weight needs to be to the back of the bike to prevent the front wheel from bogging down and to give you the better traction.


When riding in rough terrain you want to keep your back slightly arched, arms up, and elbows forward with your head over the handle bars. Many pros also try and keep one or two fingers on the clutch and brake levers and grip the bike with knees slightly bent.

While out watching the pros do their thing at competition events or just out practicing, it’s also fun to see what new designs and features their bikes have for the year. But, if you’re like many of us and on a tight budget, buying the latest model bike and features isn’t exactly in the financial forecast. That’s where upgrading your bike can come in.

At Rogue Motorsportz, we have performance parts and accessories for your dirt bike so you can upgrade and make it yours even more so than if you were to buy a stock, latest model bike. Overall, you can have the performance you seek and the comfort you crave without spending more than you can afford. We also have parts for ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles, PWCs and sport bikes as well. Currently, we are offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more to make it easier on the wallet.

Finding the Right PWC for You

It’s one thing to determine which Personal Watercraft manufacturer you prefer, because we understand that you may have a loyalty to one brand over another. But it’s quite another to decide which model best meets your particular needs, because there are a lot of variations out there on the market! So, how do you choose? Whether you are buying a new, latest great model or are looking for a pre-owned style that you can then customize to your liking, there are many types and features you should consider before making a final answer.

The first thing to factor in is what type of rider you are. You certainly will want a different model if you plan to race or have a solo need for speed vs. you just wanting to have craft to enjoy with family and friends on occasional lake outings. In many cases, riders will want to do a little of both, and luckily versatility is also an option with many models.

ZZ32869B95.jpgDecide whether you plan to ride solo or will most likely have a rider with you. If you have a rider, will you typically have an adult with you or will it be a child? Will you want a craft that goes for long distances or will you tend to stick with your favorite local spot? Of course, you’ll also need to factor in water conditions as well, so consider whether you plan to ride in a local lake or hope to navigate bigger waters like a bay area or even ocean.

Seat room, overall performance and maneuverability, and of course, price are all considerations you should make. And you’ll also want to decide whether you want something new or if you prefer pre-owned. If you like tinkering with upgrades and customizing your craft to be just the way you want it, we have the parts and options you need at Rogue Motorsportz. Of course, we carry performance parts and accessories for more than just PWCs. We also have what you want for your ATV, UTV, snowmobile, and motorcycle.

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Finding the Right Shock Appeal

One of the most common and satisfying upgrades to an ATV is with the suspension. Whether you are a recreational rider or a pro racer, having the right shocks for your needs can deliver the maximum performance, durability, and even comfort you seek.

Aftermarket shocks are typically available for nearly all ATVs, and are usually designed to produce the maximum wheel travel available with the stock suspension design. Competition configurations vary from the hobbyists, so finding what you need is typically only as hard as making the decision about what you want when determining how you want to upgrade your stock suspension.


According to an article in UTV Off-Road Magazine, some simple suspension tweaks you can make with your suspension system include:

  • Bottoming out? Increase the spring rate, preload on the same spring, and compression dampening.
  • Too much body roll? Increase preload on spring and spring rate and then install aftermarket swaybar(s).
  • Front end pushing through corners? Reduce front shock’s preload, compression dampening and spring rate while raising air pressure in rear tires, stiffening rear, and making sure swaybars are operating as they should.
  • Rear end kicking up higher than front going over jumps and bumps? Increase preload and spring rate on front shocks along with increasing front shock’s compression dampening; increasing rear shock’s rebound dampening; decreasing rear spring rate and front shock’s rebound dampening; and reducing rear shock preload.

Different companies offer different levels of shock adjustments, and it is ultimately up to you to see what you want to fix or enhance for certain conditions. At Rogue Motorsportz, we have top quality performance parts and accessories for your ATV, UTV, snowmobile, personal watercraft and motorcycle so you can get the truly customized ride you want.

We are currently offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more. So, whether it is suspension, or whether you want to customize your controls, fenders, exhaust, tires and wheels, or even engine, we have you covered!

Electric Motorcycles an Upcoming Reality

While most motorcycle enthusiasts love nothing more than the roar and power of a traditional gas-based motorcycle, the reality is that not everyone shares that positive opinion. The loudness combined with a sometimes unavoidable revving of the engine isn’t always well received by neighbors. Noise nuisance ordinances being invoked in many neighborhoods, combined with seemingly fewer places of land where a rider can enjoy some free time off-road , has signaled a need to manufacturers to develop a more silent bike for neighborhood and traditional quiet-time spins.

According to a recent article in Motorcyclist magazine, performance electric bikes are now being produced, although they certainly aren’t for everyone and aren’t yet available stateside. Nearly every manufacturer has developed an e-bike concept, but KTM is the first to produce one for the public.


ZZ03686320.jpgThe idea behind it is to combine high-performance along with a nearly silent variety so that a rider can enjoy an early-morning ride or even enjoy a mini off-road experience in trails nearby neighborhoods without creating a disturbance. An added marketing tactic is that the bikes feature zero-emissions to appease growing environmental concerns. The European model features performance on par with that of a 125cc two-stroke, and a battery that is designed to provide approximately 40 minutes of hard use. Obtaining a full battery charge requires about 90 minutes, which will most likely lead to consumers considering a spare battery so rides aren’t cut short. KTM will debut its Freeride E in dealerships by year-end and then a street-legal, dual sport version and a supermoto-style E-Duke style will debut in the U.S. after that. It does give motorcycle hobbyists something to consider for the future and we will be watching the electric motorcycle market in the coming year as well.

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Your Ride is Calling: Time to Make it Truly Your Own

This is the time of the year when the temperatures and seasonal changes start calling your name to come out and play! Whether your ride of choice is an ATV, UTV, PWC, snowmobiledirt bike or sport bike, there’s nothing quite like feeling the sunshine while having the time of your life.

It’s one thing to own a performance sports toy. But, it is typically never quite yours until you truly customize it and make it your own. We are ready to play whenever you are, and have the custom parts ready for your order so that they can be shipped and on their way to you.

ZZ00D45F23.jpgRogue Motorsportz sells performance parts and accessories for your upcoming season of pure fun. If you seek products like aftermarket exhaust, tires and wheels, lights, nerf bars/pegs, grills, bumpers, intake grates, ride plates, sponsors, handlepoles, mats/hydro-turf, and covers, we’ve got you covered. We also feature protective gear/clothing, chemicals, video cameras, GPS/satellite, controls, batteries and chargers, and intercom systems.

Our easy-to-navigate website let’s you first choose your ride by type: ATV, UTV, PWC, snowmobile, dirt bike or sport bike. Then, you can view the parts and accessories we have available. Simply select your options, put in your cart, pay, and then wait for your performance parts to arrive! We ship quickly so you won’t have long to wait for your parts, and we even ship for free on all orders of $100 or more!

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Making Your Ride Your Own Has Never Been Easier

It’s one thing to make a decision about your choice of ride (ATV, UTV, snowmobile, personal watercraft or motorcycle), but then another to customize it so that it becomes uniquely your own. Most of us don’t purchase our ride with the intent of keeping it stock. We want to tweak it and change it up, perhaps adding power, a different look, or even just getting a cover to keep it clean and looking new. Of course, after you’ve been riding for a while, it may be time for upgrades or replacement parts. Regardless of your reason for needing parts, we have what you need at Rogue Motorsportz.

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Spring riding season is right around the corner, and it’s time to check out your dirt bikes, sports bikes, ATV and UTVs for prime time fun! We have what you need in terms of accessories, body, engine, controls, tires and wheels, tools, bling/billet, suspension, lights, and chemicals. We also have a wide assortment of protective gear and clothing too.

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The Site You Seek When You Want to Customize Your Ride

It’s one thing to buy the ATV, UTV, snowmobile, dirt bike, sport bike or personal watercraft you have always wanted. But it isn’t truly the ride of your dreams until you customize it to be exactly what you want. And that’s why we are definitely worth your time checking out!

Rogue Motorsportz sells performance parts and accessories for the ride you have to make it truly yours and yours alone! Our online store features accessories, and categories for body, bling/billet, engine, controls, tires and wheels, suspension, drive, protective gear/clothing, lights/electronics, tools/shop and chemicals. You can look through our offerings by vehicle, brand or equipment category so you can find what you are looking for quickly. That way you can place what you want in your cart, order, and go, and your package will be arriving promptly and in perfect, new condition!


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Making Your Ride Uniquely Yours

Any powersports enthusiasts knows it’s exciting to purchase an ATV, UTV, snowmobile, personal watercraft, dirt bike or sports bike. But if you are passionate about riding like we are, you know that part of the fun of owning your favorite toy is to customize and make it uniquely yours. That’s where we come in.


We have performance parts and accessories for all types of vehicles so that you can have the experience and exhilaration of your choosing. Whether you are looking for something for the engine, body, controls, tires and wheels, suspension and drive, looking for accessories, or need protective gear/apparel or lubricants and oil, we have you covered.

We know what powersports enthusiasts want, so no matter what you ride, we probably have what you need, or if not, we can find it for you or point you in the right direction. Rather than chasing parts all over town, we have what you need on our easy-to-navigate website so you can quickly find what you are looking for, checkout, and be on the lookout for a prompt delivery! Further, we offer free shipping on orders of at least $100, so you can stock up on what you want, and save even more. Also, if you are located outside of the state of California, there is no sales tax.

We make it easy for you to select the right part for your vehicle. Our website lets you manage your vehicles by type, make, model and year, and then look and see the offerings. If a particular vehicle or part isn’t on our site, please contact us with the details, as we are constantly adding new products to our selections and welcome suggestions.

Rogue Motorsportz is an online store for aftermarket parts and accessories for ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, sport bikes and personal watercraft. We are based in Corona, California. Our goal is to provide a better way to help you find the coolest stuff for your favorite toys.