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With advances in technology, devices have become exponentially smaller and more powerful in their capabilities. As a result, portable devices are quickly becoming critical components for adding efficiency and convenience to many aspects of our lives. Whether it is to track our exercise habits, play music, or share information, these devices are designed to connect to a plethora of systems and even our vehicles. As these devices become more common place, we have become desensitized to their use, seldom asking ourselves whether we should be connecting them.



According to the Consumer Sentinel Network Complaint Data Book, there were nearly 94,000 auto-related complaints in 2015. With the high amounts of consumer complaints, the FTC and CFPB are on high alert. Is your dealership taking all the compliance actions it should to reduce its risk of a compliance infraction?

Ask yourself these three questions:

There may not be much your dealership can do to avoid disasters altogether, but there are steps that can be taken to minimize damage should an event occur. Take a moment to think about your workplace, do you know what disasters might befall you? If disaster struck do you know what to do? How to contact important resources? Or what systems are important to keep doing business?

Thinking about refining your compliance strategy within your F&I department to close out the year strong?



Managing compliance and fair lending requirements can be a challenge. What guidelines does your dealership have in place?

The Threat

Automobile dealerships are increasingly under attack by hackers that use social engineering to trick an employee into divulging confidential information or performing a particular computer action. Such information or computer action is used to gain access to the business’s computer system. Once the computer system is compromised, the hacker can use the computer system for his or her own benefit. It is important to educate your dealership’s employees about social engineering, so that your dealership doesn't become a victim.

Single-channel. Multi-channel. Cross-channel. Omni-channel. Are you running a cable TV station or a dealership? You almost need a station guide to keep them all straight, especially with new channels and buzzwords constantly cropping up.

The RouteOne platform offers a variety of tools that help streamline the workflow of the vehicle finance process for finance sources and dealers. Although RouteOne’s suite of solutions works together to help drive efficiency, the complimentary Text Messaging feature continues to stand out with finance sources throughout the process. If you do not yet support this complimentary feature within RouteOne, consider checking out the reasons finance sources count on it in list of benefits below.

Thousands of identities get stolen from unsecure databases. Hackers are becoming more creative with ways to access data. Is your dealership’s data secure? When your dealership has the responsibility to protect the identities of thousands of customers, your data can never be secure enough.

Threat Predictions

MacAfee Labs, a respected information security and ant-virus organization, just issued their 2016 Threat Predictions Report. Some of the emerging or increasing computer threats identified are: