Link marketplace selinks.com is a system that allows you to buy and sell text and context links from main and inner pages, as well as site-wide links. Low commission fee for Publishers - 20% only! No fees for Advertisers!
Automatic link sale from any page of your site.
Support of automatic set-up for most cms.
Sell links, set prices both manually and automatically.
No minimum amount required for payout.
Weekly payouts.
Low cost fee.
Simple and user-friendly interface.
Buy links both manually and automatically.
Buy links from the search engines indexed pages only.
Import multiple anchors from text files.
Check the purchased links several times a day.
Automatic purchase of links by the required parameters.
Buy links from the content of the sites.
Real time control of all site parameters.
Wide variety of filters for choosing a link placement.
Simple and user-friendly interface.
Simplicity and functionality

Webmasters can choose such modes in the system that require initial installation of the system code on the site and set the link prices.

The rest of the work is done by the system automatically.

All you have to do is regularly withdraw the earned money! Advertisers have multiple tools for their convenience.

You have numerous filters to help you find the most appropriate sites for your links.
You can also use the pre-set filters for optimization of your sites.

Efficiency and affordability

Selinks.com allows webmasters to generate earnings, and advertisers to decrease their spending.

Your sites will sell links from both main pages and inner pages.

Let every page of your site generate earnings! Advertisers, in their turn, buy affordable links on inner pages and save on linking budget.